Childbirth and the Baby’s Rising Sign

On the topic of Astrology and a Person’s energy in a room, separate but related, when I was pregnant with my first baby another astrologer told me that when a baby is born, their energy comes into the room in a profound way.   She said if I paid attention, I’d be able to feel it.  Who is this baby? Who is this new person coming into the world?

She said it was rising sign of the soul that would fill the room. The rising sign is the first handshake and this seemed to compute.  As I mentioned in the last piece, it’s the Jupiter on my ascendant that fills the room, initially.

My daughter, my first baby was a Scorpio rising with Pluto in Scorpio conjunct. And sure enough it was a life and death situation when she was born. Her life and death. I was fine.

It was a natural birth but towards the end, things went awry and then very awry and no one knew why.  The baby was stressed, they knew this via the monitoring, and when she was born it became very obvious what the problem was. There was a knot tied in the umbilical cord, it looked just like a pretzel.  Not a knot around her neck – an actual knot in the cord.

And there was a lot of flipping out, but she was okay. And at my six week check, my doctor told me he had delivered 1000 babies and only seen six babies born with a knot in their cord. “The other five were stillborn” he added.

So there you go. If you ever have a baby or are privileged to witness a birth, pay attention. It really is something when a new soul takes their first breath. Right at that moment, they are already the individual they are going to be. They are in the room and don’t you forget it!

Got a birth story? Tell us!

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  1. That’s interesting Elsa. My birth was traumatic. I came out feet first and two months early and my mum was in a bad state afterwards, because noone believed she was giving birth until they saw my feet sticking out. They did not expect me to make it. But I turned out to be tiny but round and well-developed, not like other premature baby’s, and I only spent a few days in special care. I have Jupiter on the ascendant too and cancer rising.

  2. I’m scorpio rising too. My mother spent 3 days to have me, finally they had to use the forceps because I stoped breading, I was suffocating, and they actually breaked some of my cheak(sp?) bones. My father said I came out purple.
    To this day I hate neckless’ in my neck, anything thight around it, I hate turtle necks.

  3. My best friend has given me the honor of being in the delivery room when she gives birth next month, and I’ll definitely be paying attention.

    My son felt like a vaccuum, like his birth absorbed all the energy in the room and filled him up. We call him the old man. 🙂

    My daughter on the other hand, crowned with her cord wrapped tight around her neck, but she wasn’t stressed. It was like she was waiting, like a bubble right before it pops, and once the cord was cut and removed, she just glowed. And she hasn’t stopped. 😀

    I really like this topic, Elsa!

  4. Unfortunattely, I wasn’t in the room when my niece was born (I had went home to nap – she took 20 hours to arrive!). Since my estimated fertility is around 10%, that was prolly my last chance to experience this energy myself.

    But all of the stories here are so interesting! This is an awesome topic. 😀

  5. Mars on Aquarian ASC in 1st. I was FAST. So fast, there was no time to get to a hospital. My mother had me in the bathroom, my father cut the umbilical cord, I was rushed off to emergency. Very Mars-like, no? Surprisingly, mum rated the pain of the birth (her first) a 4/10.

    I still like to do things as fast as I can.

    Also, b/c of this, I wonder how accurate the birthtime on my birth certificate is.

  6. My “volcano baby” Pele Rose, was born after more than 33 hours of labor, much of it hard labor. She started out at home (and I wouldn’t change that), but I was tired because of circumstances, and having had very poor sleep the past several weeks, and the labor just dragged on and on, despite my best efforts, so we transferred to a hospital just for painkillers because I was too tired to cope.

    She was overdue by 10 days, and finally came, luckily vaginally, with nothing amiss, after a grueling labor. She’s a double Sag with moon in Taurus, (err, I think she has a stellium in Sag).

    She’s born exactly in between my two younger Sag sisters on Dec 13. (their birthdays are Dec 6 and 20)….quite interesting since my Scorpio mom commented/joked ‘I wonder if she’ll be born exactly between Eve and Claire’, and she was!

    It’s interesting how the circumstances around a person’s birth really seem to play into the experience. For the record, having a baby during a Pluto transit is quite…intense.


    p.s. I was born very quickly, and the cord was around my neck as well.

  7. 3 babies…3 completely different individuals. My Scorpio daughter w/Taurus rising held her head up after being on the planet about 16 hours..the peditrician even commented that it was pretty amazing…his exact words “she’s tiny, but very strong willed”. My youngest..the Aquarian/Pisces rising was born blue (he’d inhaled a bunch of fluid), but everyone was so calm I didn’t know there was a problem until he started crying and I saw the nurse visibly sigh in relief. My oldest Cancer/Sag rising had the entire family present with a few extra people ..the whole day was a party. Yeah…I’d say your friend was right.

  8. Wow… Dylan was born with pluto on his scorpio ascendent. There was a respiratory specialist there and it was VERY tense (he pooped in the water).

    Emma has 4 planets in her twelfth house with aquarius rising at 29. She was born with the cord wrapped round her neck three times, blue, and not breathing. We nearly lost her. It was quite a shock after no problems with the pregnancy to have such a traumatic labor/birth (I had to labor on my hands and knees to register any heartbeat at all… and they had to get her out FAST).

  9. Wonderful observation, Elsa, the rising of the soul fills the room. It must be like a really cool person showing up but like way, way, . . .way cool, and more of a pure, radiant soul than a person (as we know them. grin.)

    so, that is what happens to those guys who have a kid and are there for it. I have always wondered what it was. they’ll always have that and love that child even if it grows up to be Sec’y of State or VP. it makes a lot of sense.

    The mothers feel it, too. But for the men it is brand!-new. the women are already expecting a miracle, which really it is, even the ones that grow up and supervise freeway construction are miracles at the outset.

    thank you for passing that along. (and really, i am sorry. it has to be said.)

  10. A guy I know, I’m not sure what his rising sign is but I do know he is a Libra, came out of his mother like this:

    She was eating at a restaurant, her water broke, they drove her to the hospital, with ten minutes of labor he came out and she still had time for dessert.

    I was a Cesarian and am an Aquarius Rising. My mom said I looked at her for a while. Examined her or something.

  11. I love the concept. The posting are very interesting. My oldest child has a scorpio rising. I was two weeks overdue and the doctor induced labor. She twice went into stress. The second time, they had a hard time getting the baby out of stress. So they wheeled me down the hall and did an emergency c-section. Her apgar was very low at birth, two. But it went up. When I woke, they presented the baby to me. She looked at me and was the most alert baby that I have ever seen. My m-i-l commented on the same thing. This tiny little girl was alert and aware.

  12. It took my mom 2 days to deliver me, I just wouldn’t come out. I think for her it was very intense, my sisters birth was scary as well. My mom was told all through out her pregnancy that my sister wouldn’t survive… She ended up giving birth to a healthy little girl.. We are both Scorpio risings. I have uranus conjunct my Ac, and my sister has pluto LOL I wasn’t so life or death like my sister.. just being a pain in the ass as usual.. my sisters birth was very scary for my entire family.

  13. I am not sure of my youngest brother’s birth chart but he came out with his hand stretching out first. Weird!

  14. I kept my mom in intense labor that lasted for days, and when I finally came out she was hemorraging so badly that she needed a hysterectomy. Meanwhile, I was perfectly fine and healthy. Neptune-Scorpio ASC conjunct.

  15. When I read this I was like wow!

    I’m a Scorpio rising and my mother had a very hard delivery with me. I was very sick had to have blood transfusions and she ended up with a major infection, we both stayed in the hospital for a long time afterwards.

    I in turn had a horrendous labour and birth experience with my son, he is also a Scorpio rising. We were both ill afterwards and had to stay in the hospital for 8 days afterwards. I got post natal depression and PSD afterwards.

  16. I’m an Aries rising, and my mom was in labor for an hour only. She had to rush to the hospital and the doctors and nurses had to hurry because I was so impatient to be born.

  17. My mom was in induced labor forever and I have Cancer Mars smack on the AC – emergency C-section.

    When my son was born, I called the time of birth actually. He was delivered by a midwife, a nurse, and a doula who was holding my hand – that sort of explains his Virgo (and moon) rising to me. It felt pretty earthy. Now, he was perfectly fine, but *I’m* the one who almost died after a hemorrhage right after that. I can’t find anything in the chart about that, except maybe that the moon (his moon, really) squared Pluto shortly before he was born. and then the Moon squared *my* ascendant and Mars… maybe that was it.

  18. This column has me thinking. Are people with scorpio moons a little psychic? My husband is Mr. down-to-earth. But there has been several times when his hunches have been correct. I wanted to do natural childbirth, but he asked me to go to the hospital. Of course, her birth was traumatic as I said. Years earlier, we were leaving down. My youngre brother was staying at our house. My husband was really concerned about my brother. He told him not to drink and drive. He warned him to make sure he had an id on him. My brother had a motorcycle accident that weekend. Lastly, I had a stressful pregnancy with my youngest. First, the doctor told us that she had trisomy 18. Later, it was growth retardation. Richard told me one day that he had a dream about the baby. It was a little girl and she was really smart. Of course, my double aquarius daughter with her gemini rising was born perfectly healthy.

  19. Jessica,

    My husband is a virgo sun, moon and rising. His mother almost died during his birth. he was completely fine.. but her health wasn’t good at all and she was asked not to have anymore children after him. So he is an only child. He has saturn and North node conjunct his Virgo rising.

  20. my baby girl (born with saturn conjunct mars in cancer) and Virgo Asc. came out in literally 3 pushes- the first push there was her head… she came early- but i thought she would. controlled action-(saturn conjunct mars) just perfect (virgo)!!! and her cry was so delicate and soft.

  21. Lunalie, my youngest did that too. He was born at home in water and was the best birth experience of the three. He stared at me for ages once he was out.

    My oldest son was six weeks early via c-section due to complications with the pregnancy. Everyone held their breath until he took his first. He was fine but the doctors cut an artery and had to put me under and fix me. I didn’t realize what had happened until my mother told me years later.

  22. My middle child is Scorpio ascendant with Pluto conjunct. Her birth was uneventful but was a less than ideal hospital birth. I don’t remember much about the moment she came out as I had asked for some pain meds due to the doctors interference. She was fine and healthy though. She hated everyone except me for the first few years of her life. Thank goodness she grew out of that.

    Pluto is one degree away from her ascendant on the 12th house side. I wonder about the other stories here. Were the near death Pluto ascendants on the 12th house side or the 1st house side.

  23. My oldest sister was born with spinal meningitis and the only thing my mum could say was “something feels weird…”she felt my sister’s energy, and it took a good day for the nurses to believe her (she was in hospital a week early with phantom labour). My sister is Leo ASC, and my Mum has Pluto in Leo near the same degree.

    I was apparently the easiest labour of all, 3 hours from start to finish, no painkillers or anything. Wooooosh out I came, the only baby in the maternity ward and I apparently got cuddled something rotten, I met everybody.
    I have Sagittarius ASC.

  24. Oh this is a great topic….I went into labor with my firstborn (daughter) before 8:00 am and she tried as hard as she could to come out, but her head was too big….my doctor finally said we should have a c-section because it would take many more hours for her to push through my pelvis with that big head of hers!!!…She came out yelling and she does have a beautiful head….even to this day I remark on her beautifully shaped head….she is Aries rising.

    Another interesting little thing was that the day before her birth, I was ironing my blouse to wear when I accidently brushed the iron across my belly (it was huge, and I couldn’t see) and it left a burn mark on my left side of my belly. When my daughter was born, the nurse remarked about a birthmark on my daughter’s belly that looked exactly like my burn mark on mine…..I remember asking the doctor is I could have burned her, and he said no, it was impossible…just a quirk that she had that…..I don’t think so….she still has that birthmark and I smile when I see it…

  25. Wow. I’m impressed that y’all iron. My version of ironing is putting something in the dryer with a damp washcloth, man.

  26. My son was also born with Scorpio Asc and Pluto conjunct. I’ve actually grown to understand that the “danger” I felt in the delivery room was more my perception than real. I had been in painful labor all day (when the hospital had told me that morning that I wasn’t). Looking back, it was a horrible experience for me because I was alone. I was in a foreign country (foreign language included). It was my first child. My family was an ocean away. My husband (now EX) left me a lone all day, then took me to the hospital because I was crying and then he went home. So I was all alone in the delivery room except for the hospital staff. Once they got me to relax (with an epidural), the birth canal opened up and it was a huge rush to get the doctor in the room for the delivery. Once my son was born, the secretive side of Scorpio ruled the room – I actually felt like talking to my newborn son should be private. Because I didn’t start talking baby-talk right away, the doctor was worried I was rejecting my son.

    Things were totally different for the birth of my Aries Asc daughter. In the country of my birth, family available, supportive husband. It was first thing in the morning and a scheduled c-section. I had plenty of energy to be alert, confident and excited.

  27. Stacey….I felt sad that you were left alone while birthing your first born and on top of that you had a language barrier…how insensitive of your ex… I also did not talk baby-talk to my daughter….I sang to her alot though…I sang to all my babies…and it felt like a private communication to me too.

    Elsa…that’s funny about the ironing!!

  28. “Wow. I’m impressed that y’all iron. My version of ironing is putting something in the dryer with a damp washcloth, man.”

    LOL that’s how my mom taught me how to “iron.”

  29. Oh, my daughters birth still fairly fresh in my mind as she’s only 6 mos. old. Shes a sun scorp, pisces, moon, virgo rising. I started having labor pains on a Thursday evening, I finally had her via c-section a little after 1 AM Sunday morning, because I just wasn’t dilating. She was head down but she was facing my side. They found that out during the c-section, which they had to put me out for, since the epidural didn’t work, no numbing for me. Through it all though she was fine, no distress. I can’t say much about her energy, I was so spacey and foggy between the lack of sleep and whatever they used to put me out.

  30. this is very interesting… i am a scorpio rising as well (first decan) with pluto in 1st who also had a traumatic birth. 2 weeks early which is not that weird in itself but at the time was wrapped up in umbilical cord like a mummy, they thought i was gonna die, etc, it took 2 days, the doc finally used foceps and broke my mothers sphincter. so yea, another notch in the traumatic scorpio rising births. does anyone have a good source about this this? cuz apparently its a theme

  31. My mom almost died giving birth to me. She started hemoraging(sp?) and I was born C-Section,but healthy. My mom turned out to be fine.
    I have no idea what in my chart would show that.
    Sun conjunct Mars conjunct Mercury?
    I’m Scorpio sun/Virgo moon/Gemini rising 29′

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