Alcoholics and co-dependents…

Threatening To Amputate: Scorpio, the 8th House and Alcoholism

Surviving crisis – life, death and alcoholism – NC-17 content. This was filmed Dec 22, 2007 during one of the peaks of Pluto’s transit to my Moon. To update, sadly this friendship did not survive. I’d known the gal and her family for 9 years… Related: What’s The Deal With Scorpio Freezing You Out, Or

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Saturn In Virgo – What About *Not Controlling Conversation?

I made a video awhile back about how to discredit someone. All you have to do is say they are a drunk and that’s it! Walk into the room and everyone looks you up and down and thinks, “Here comes the alcoholic”. Doesn’t have to be true and I’d know because this is exactly what

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