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How To Learn Astrology

Start with the Sun and the Moon, also called the “lights”. The Sun shows what a person has to do to be vitally alive. The Moon shows way they need to feel secure. Sun is the Male side, Moon the female. The Yin and Yang of a person’s nature. Read, Live Your Sun, Satisfy Your

What Is A Conjunction In Astrology?

When two planets are near each other as pictured they are considered “conjunct”. Last week I had a client who knew some astrology. She was asking about her Venus in Pisces. Her Venus was in Pisces but Mars was also in Pisces and the planets were tightly conjunct. When planets are close together in a chart,

The Glyphs Of The Signs And Planets

“I don’t know what all this stuff is,” says the beginner, feeling overwhelmed. Can you learn astrology without memorizing the table below? No. That would be like learning to read of write with no alphabet. If you are new to this and don’t know this basic info – print this out and use it as

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