Which Zodiac Signs Are Controlling?

cardinalAre the Cardinal signs controlling?

Yes they are! So are people with lots of planets in the Cardinal houses (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th) but you should not assign this a negative connotation!


Yes, your Capricorn mother may try to control your life. But she may just as easily opt to control herself, and her own life.  Her example may teach you how to control your own life. This would be a positive.

I have some emphasis on Cardinal signs and I control this blog. If I did not have the ability and the willingness to assert some control, this blog would not exist!

Do some Cardinal types try to control others?

Of course! If it bothers you then stay away from them.

Control is a complex phenomena. For example I have a terrible time making decisions courtesy the Libra in my chart. I am greatly relieved if you choose the restaurant where we eat!  If you choose what I should order from the menu, I will appreciate that as well.  This is a situation where I will readily give up control.

You can’t look at a chart and assume the energy you see described is poorly played. If you believe otherwise, you probably know less than you think you do!

Are you controlling? What’s the astrology?

54 thoughts on “Which Zodiac Signs Are Controlling?”

  1. i’m beginning to appreciate the cardinal energy, and houses. “all energy is neutral until it’s directed.” 😀

    or everything is stagnant (fixed) or all over the place? (mutable?)

  2. I’m sure I have this tendency when stressed. When I’m centered I am just in control, not controlling. I see a distinction. And I’ve noticed the more Im able to regulate my own energy the more of an impact I have on my environment. I have three planets in libra. Sun and pluto conj 10th house. Capricorn rising.

  3. Hubby is heavily Cardinal. And he does have a control streak. So do I. My Cardinal planets are in Cardinal houses. Yeahhhh, it’s fun butting heads with a Taurus loaded with Cardinal energy…. 😀
    He gets what he wants, most of the time.

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