All about Cancer. Sun, Moon, rising, etc…

How Will Pluto In Capricorn Affect Cancer Sun, Moon Or Rising?

Hi Elsa, here is a question that is all about me but I thought other Cancers/Cancer Rising/moons and their friends might be interested too. I was thinking about your discussions about oppositions; they are pretty interesting, and about Pluto in Capricorn. This puts all Cancers heating up at one time or another in the next […]

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Cancer – Another Sign That Gets Dogged…

Someone or a few someones said no one ever says anything good about Cancer, so here goes: First, cooking is power. I can cook, by God. That means I can eat anything I am in the mood for and I don’t have to rely on anyone and yet you call Cancer “dependent”. What about all

I’m In Love With a Gay Man

Greetings, I have found myself in love with my gay friend. We have been friends for the past five years and about a year ago, I told him that I knew he was gay. He was devastated as he said he wanted to tell me on his own, as he had another agenda. You see,

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