Fear! Conscious, subconscious, paralysing, overcoming…

total eclipse

Getting A Grip On Life In The “Now”

I’m caught at the moment as the astrology community is in an uproar over the April eclipse.  If you’re looking for clicks, this is the way. I feel it’s distracting and damaging.  Rather than do something productive or self-improving, you wind up, transfixed, waiting for the sky to fall. It steals your time and energy. […]

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lion roaring

What Do You Fear?

Everyone has fear. Everyone has that one slinking, insidious thing that stalks the darkest corners of their mind. The beauty of Halloween, and of horror in general, it that is allows us to engage with symbolic representations of that fear, to explore and experiment in a low-stakes environment as we attempt to grapple with what


8th House: Jealousy? Fear? Possessiveness? Mothering Gene? Survival Instinct?

Re-running this from 2008. Kingsley was obsessed with analyzing the interaction between my husband and I. That aside, this is interesting.   Kingsley writes on Men, Women. Venus And Mars In Nature: “Jealousy is the anger about the prospect (scare) of being rejected. It could be a way in which you keep together Elsa. It would

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What Rules Fear? Saturn Or Pluto?

 Elsa, Saturn fear vs Pluto fear. I’m trying to define the difference. Saturn may be more crystallized and holding on in nature, while Pluto fear feels like the bottom is dropping out kind of terror. After falling asleep and being jolted awake ten minutes later feeling an uncomfortably anxious, subconscious fear, is that Saturn or

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