Scorpio Friend

Ben asked me something, yesterday. I fired back my answer. We’ve been friends for thirty-five years. I woke up this morning, afraid I might have offended him. I emailed to apologize, in case. I got this back:


Saturn Opposing Uranus And The Case Of The Girl With The Ugly White Boots

I wrote several posts over the weekend about the so-called freedom-loving progressives (Uranus) who actually try to oppress and control (Saturn) other people. You are going see a lot more of this as Saturn opposes Uranus (first exact aspect is on November 4th, 2008, election day). Now I am going to hammer on this upcoming

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Freed Slaves And People Who Begrudge Other People Their Happiness

So to flesh out my theory… I asked myself why people would not be happy for the slaves that are freed. Because the slaves are going to be happy for sure. They will be giddy like the soldier and I. So why isn’t the collective happy for the slaves? Is it because we need slaves?

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