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Three Outer Planet Transits, Simultaneously

Sometimes I talk to someone who has all three outer planets transiting their chart at the same time. I’m not talking about opening up the orbs so wide, this situation becomes usual.  I’m talking about tight orbs; three hardcore outer planet transits hitting you at once. This was a common scenario back in 2019-20 when […]

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How to Prepare for a Uranus Transit

When looking at upcoming transits, people often cringe when they see Uranus coming. This is understandable! We spend so much time laying our foundation, getting our lives exactly the way we like them, settling in and getting comfortable. And then Uranus comes along and shakes our shoulders and yanks the pillows from under us. No

What Are The Effects Of Outer Planet Transits?

Outer planet transits hit hard.  They change your life. When Pluto transited my Sun, I wrote on an astrology mailing list about my encounter with the business end of Scorpio. It had been years since I ran into such intensity.  I was simultaneously wrecked and empowered, but above all, I was changed.

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