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Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn: We’re Nearing The End Of This Ordeal!

Back in May of 2020 I wrote about the retrograde planets in Capricorn. Jupiter, specifically, which rules the truth!  We were all frustrated with lockdown and delays. I let the horse stuck in the hole, represent the truth. I felt it had to be rescued and released.  Clearly, not the easiest thing to manage.  Here’s the


When you’re at your best…

My husband has the ability to think about something deeply. He can reason out an issue and come to a conclusion that has a spiritual component. You might call it supernatural logic, he processes through his gut. He’s at his best when he takes the time to stew until something (hopefully) inspired can be pulled

Pluto card

Does Your Life Have Meaning?

 Friday, talking to the soldier with Jupiter conjunct Pluto… “It wouldn’t do anyone any good to have you die, P.” I didn’t answer because I was stewing, deeply. “P?” “Yeah, I’m here,” I said. We were on the phone. “I am not worried about what is good for other people,” I said. “I do too

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