Jupiter in Capricorn


Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn: We’re Nearing The End Of This Ordeal!

Back in May of 2020 I wrote about the retrograde planets in Capricorn. Jupiter, specifically, which rules the truth!  We were all frustrated with lockdown and delays. I let the horse stuck in the hole, represent the truth. I felt it had to be rescued and released.  Clearly, not the easiest thing to manage.  Here’s the […]

jupiter enthroned

“How Tragic Is Your Scenery?”

With the pressure brought on by the conjunction in Capricorn, I’ve noticed something remarkable.  Ten years ago… five years ago, fifteen years, people spent a lot of time and energy, looking back.  They would look at their childhood, past relationship breakups, whatever difficulties they had. They’d sift through these things looking for a variety of

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