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“How Tragic Is Your Scenery?”

With the pressure brought on by the conjunction in Capricorn, I’ve noticed something remarkable.  Ten years ago… five years ago, fifteen years, people spent a lot of time and energy, looking back.  They would look at their childhood, past relationship breakups, whatever difficulties they had. They’d sift through these things looking for a variety of

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Jupiter in Capricorn: Controlling The Narrative

Libra Noir has a thread in the forum: Narrative. The concept of “controlling the narrative” came up in the thread. I hear that phrase, daily, these days. I see “the narrative” as the “story”.   Stories are Jupiter-ruled and they should be true.  I’m just attaching the astrology. We all know the “narrative”, at this point,

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Jupiter In Capricorn Sense Of Humor

I wonder if you’ve kept your sense of humor with Jupiter in Capricorn. Theoretically, this transit would suppress your jovial personality.  But Capricorn is known for their particular brand of humor. Their humor is generally considered to be self-deprecating but it’s more complicated than that. Satori covered this once.  This is a great piece:

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Humbling – When You Find Out You’re Wrong…

It’s astounding, how wrong we be about things and people. With Jupiter in Capricorn, know-it-alls will be humbled. I wrote this with Saturn in Sagittarius, which is the same sort of energy. The problem we have with this has gotten much worse, from what I can see.   Here’s the original post. I was working on the

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All About Jupiter’s Transit Through Capricorn

Are you looking for a crash course around Jupiter in Capricorn?  It’s time to get serious about your future and security matters! Plan and then follow through, taking real steps towards goals that will set you up, further down the roads. Plain-spoken (Capricorn) truth (Jupiter) is in vogue. These posts will help. What to Expect From

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