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Gemini: Talking About Gossip

The sun and Mercury in Gemini has me wanting to talk about gossip.  I’m always interested in the topic.  If you click the tag, you’ll discover posts that go back a dozen years. There is so much to say! A couple weeks ago, my husband and I were talking to this gal; she’s a known

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Gossip is a mortal sin

Last night I was reading about how gossiping is a mortal sin. I’ve never liked  gossip and I’ve never liked people who indulge in it. But I’ve never seen it treated in quite this way. The writer, Daniel A. Lord calls it the “commonest fault” and the “meanest of human instincts.”  He considers it cowardly,


Pisces Likes To Confess

“That’s why her hair is so big: it’s full of secrets.” –Mean Girls Sometimes someone says something really simple that changes your perspective forever. I remember Elsa saying to me, after I’d told her something really personal, “Pisces loves to confess.” That is so simple, 12th house, transcending the hidden, with a distinctly spiritual connotation.

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