Moon in aspect to Pluto. Square, trine, opposition, conjunction…

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Murder And “Stigmatized Homes”

The Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski’s property, previously priced at $154,000 is now for sale, price reduced to $69,500. It brought this old post to mind. My new book caught my attention on the first page talking about how we as a collective get rid of houses where horrible crimes happen.  The author mentions, “The Oxford Apartments” […]

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Natal Moon: Denying Cultural Roots

Most know we are not a PC type household, this is something I am proud of. We acknowledge our blood, our culture, our genes and whatever else you can think of. We boast and gloat and mock ourselves and others regardless of whether you approve of our conversation. In short we act like Italians and

Harvest moon soup label

The Moon In Astrology: Mess With Blood And Whoosh!

I’ve seen it a few times now. Someone attacks me and my sister, Annalisa flares and strikes. Someone attacks her and I do the same. I don’t think we can help this, you’re messin’ with blood. I cop being fascinated with the Moon, especially the Pluto-flavored Moon, detriment or no. Seeing The Moon (The Cultural

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