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Consequences Of Collective Delusion

Do you remember Jupiter conjoining Neptune in Aquarius? This was around 2009. I wrote a bunch of posts about worldwide delusion. Legions of people began living in this huge idealistic, imagined utopia. The truth all but disappeared. Addiction expanded as well. This was probably the beginning of true “Internet addiction”.  People were addicted to the […]

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Jupiter Conjunct Neptune In Pisces

The Jupiter Neptune conjunction will be exact tomorrow, April 12, 2022. I appreciate all the interesting comments on my recent posts about this. It’s a giant topic with no beginning and no end. Any one manifestation of this  of this is probably not more important than any other. I think this conjunction can bring us

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune In Pisces: The Good, Bad & The Ugly

There are endless ways to read the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces.  These are my views on this. I don’t think they’re common. I do think they’re “food”. Here’s the intro: Here’s part two – “Revelation after maximum illusion” – Don Click to see the chart of the exact Jupiter Neptune conjunction. And here’s my conclusion…

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