Saturn In Pisces: Defenses Dissolve

Saturn will ingress into Pisces on March 7th of 2023.  Saturn rules barriers or blocks of all kinds. This is fine but when block Pisces, the energy seeps through anyway. It’s like water, flowing like feelings, under the closed door.  It’s mesmerizing to witness but it can also terrify you and I’ll try to explain.

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Resistant To Evil?

A society can be or not be resistant to evil.  Boy does that sentence pack a punch! Just think about it.  A bad thing or a bad person or bad people enter you sphere. This group or entity or whatever it is, spreads. Your sphere may be your family, your neighborhood, your city…whatever.  So then


Gaslighting, Self Defense For Pisces & Other Sensitive Types

I had a nice person tell me I had some kind of pathology yesterday.  I defended myself and I  thought nothing more of it. Today, I’m working on tomorrow’s newsletter which will dealing with all the planets moving into Pisces over these next weeks. It made me think of an old video which I’ve not

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Saturn girl

What do you defend?

Yesterday someone told me about how their children defended their filthy rooms. If you have a teenager, you probably know what she means. The kid sits in the middle of all their crap and says, “But I like it like it this.”  Or they tell you that it’s their room. Anything to avoid having to

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