Pluto in Aquarius

What to expect when Pluto transits Aquarius!

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Cost Of Reducing Your Social Interaction

Recently, I was thinking about how people rarely argue anymore. I’ve noticed this since Saturn went into Pisces. It’s too draining? It is draining, so this seems a reasonable response.  Put your own gas mask on, blah, blah, blah.  But then I started noticing a downside. This prompted me to start a thread in the forum to […]

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Mars Conjunct Pluto In Aquarius: Feb 14, 2024 – Trigger

Mars will conjoin Pluto in Aquarius on February 14th. I’ve already covered this, as far as Valentine’s Day. See: Comin’ In Hot! This will be more personal; to me but also to you. When Pluto ingressed into Aquarius, my lifelong friend, Ben, had a devastating stroke.  He’s a Scorpio with an early degree Aquarius rising.

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Out Of Bounds Stress Wreaking Havoc

With Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, the Mercurial signs, Gemini and Virgo can become quite stressed. Saturn in Pisces distorts reality and dissolves a person’s sense of control. The Cardinal signs are challenged. Uranus in Taurus is messing with the Fixed signs. Pluto in Aquarius in on it’s way, sure to exasperate the situation. All

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