Pluto in Aquarius

What to expect when Pluto transits Aquarius!

How Society Views Violent Crime: Pluto In Capricorn vs Pluto In Aquarius

Did you know there is no such thing a (violent) crime of passion? Up until 1980 it was widely believed that people went crazy and committed violent acts. They were out of their mind and this thing happened. They killed someone or whatever. Many people still believe this. If I ever sit on a jury

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Astrology & The Metaverse

By now, everyone everywhere has heard someone suggest that we are living in a simulation or some kind of matrix. Facebook changed it’s name to “Meta” and Zuckerberg released his vision of The Metaverse, which you can watch below. “Metaverse” means different things to different people. I thought it should offer a definition of the

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