All about Pluto! Aspects, transits, position in your natal chart…

What Makes You Uncomfortable?

My friend, Ben came up with the term, un-comfort”, twenty years ago. (see tag) He said I put people in their “un-comfort” zone. They either liked me or they didn’t, based on how comfortable they were, being uncomfortable. It was a revelation at the time. Now it’s understood.


The Values Of Your Generation

Life seems designed so you’re part of a generation, which holds certain things dear. The next generations come up and they have things they hold dear.  If you’re part an older generation, you’ve got to come to terms with this.  That your values may not be shared by younger generations. For example, my generation is


Is Your Life A “Busted Flush”? What A Concept!

I ran across the phrase, “busted flush”.  It was used to describe a man’s life and I was just floored. I realize this may be my own weirdness. I played a lot of cards when I was young…when I was a kid. I know what it means when your flush gets busted. It means you were holding

What Makes A Person Feel Repulsive?

Sometimes I feel pretty good about myself. Other times, ugh.  This week’s transits have hit my chart hard. The Pluto station has been quite incredible. There have been a lot of distractions as well. Attacks (from hackers) come and go behind the scenes. The site is quite well protected but occasionally there will be a wave.


When you’re at your best…

My husband has the ability to think about something deeply. He can reason out an issue and come to a conclusion that has a spiritual component. You might call it supernatural logic, he processes through his gut. He’s at his best when he takes the time to stew until something (hopefully) inspired can be pulled

pluto in a quadriga

A Corpse With Bad Makeup

My Lupus is flared at this time. I’m not sure if there is a reason (sun, stress…) or I’m just so pressured, there would be no way for it to not flare up. I am not too worried about. I simply have to get through the next week or so. Once I do, I can take

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