What happens when Saturn transits your 8th house?

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Pluto Transit Conjunct Descendant With Saturn Transiting 8th House

I’ve had a streak of of clients with late degree Cancer risings. This put transiting Pluto conjunct their descendent with transiting Saturn heading into their 8th house. This is just a heads up. I have talked to half dozen people in this circumstance over this last week.  I don’t think people are putting these transits together


An Anomaly In The Collective- My 8th House Informs The Young Woman What She Is In For

This is what happens when the Moon hits my Capricorn and transiting Saturn, natal Pluto in the eighth house. “If this is everything you know,” I said with my arms out, held in a circle. “Then this is your paradigm and everything you run into you, you’ll try to fit it into this space.” She

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