Pluto, Scorpio, the 8th house: Intensity, False Accusations Of Rape, Etc.

This is from 2007 but on my mind today so… Neith writes: “There is this whole dynamic w/Mars in Scorp particularly, that attracts the submissives looking to get walked on…” Neith, thanks for writing that on my blog! I have said many times if I were a man I would be very wary of being […]

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Vintage postcard

Violently Attacked? Defend Yourself Effectively At Your Own Risk: Scorpio, the 8th House and the Shadow Side of the Collective

satori and I, still talkin”, circa 2007… “I’ve taken out more than my share of perps,” I said. “But in a lot of the scenarios I can think of, I’m pretty sure I’d be struck, frozen in fear with the rest of the masses. I don’t have any judgment about that, it just is. Some

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Carrying The Shadow For The Collective: Scorpio, 8th House, Pluto Types – It’s Relentless

Regarding the 6 year old hero who fought off her rapist or whatever happened (there is no link to the story)…. I wanted to make another point. I have already made it but I want to make it again. If you’re six, and you’re effective then I guess that is fine because you are cute

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