8th House Exchange Of Energy: Absorbing The Other’s Pain

8th houseThe 8th house is all about energy exchange.  This includes, pain, which can readily be passed back and forth. I wrote about this in January but I wanted to add to it, because I think In have untapped potential in this realm. If so, I want to bring it forth.

The things I wrote about in this post occur subconsciously for the most part.  It’s automatic. I want to see what I might be able to manifest, if I put my mind to it. Or my hands (Mars Mercury).  This is from January:

I take a fair number of crisis calls, especially lately. I don’t mind it because I designed for it. I want to go into this because I feel the astrology is interesting and the whole situation is illuminating.

If I pick up the phone and you’re sobbing, I immediately start taking in your tears.  It’s not a conscious thing. It just happens. I am saying it’s automatic. I came to understand this about twenty years ago, when my sister explained it to me.

I tend to run with Scorpio a lot, mainly because this is who can stand me, lol. But I mean LOTS of Scorpio.  Large stelliums in Scorpio. My sister is a Pisces; she also likes Scorpio but will only deal with Sun in Scorpio… and that’s it! You are not allowed more than that or she’s out.

She also won’t go near Scorpio moon, where I favor them.  My husband’s moon is in Scorpio, I’m just setting this up here.

So I had this boyfriend, the AMF, for those who may remember. He had Sun, Venus, Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio.  We had a fight one time, followed by a make-up and my sister was observing this.

Scorpio stelliumI told her the AMF had come over to my house to get back together.  She asked me if he put his hands on me.

“Uh… yes?  He hugged me.”

“And he held on, didn’t he?”  She’s psychic, you know.


“He had no choice. He needed to ground. I see these bastards do this with you all the time. They use you to ground all their emotion. I know. I’ve done it myself. You can feel it, can’t you?”

I thought of my then boyfriend holding me, standing under a tree, for a very long time. “Yes, I can feel it.”

My mind rushed to this “ground” that was outside my bedroom window when I was a kid.  We kept getting lightning strikes, so my father rigged up something to attract the lighting, run it down a wire to ground via a huge stake in the ground. I think it was a car axle, actually.  It worked!

Occasionally, it would storm, lighting would strike and I would see the blue electricity zip down the wire and disappear.  Scary but cool. My window was just a few few from the wire. It cracked and seemed to shake the windows.

This correlated with the rush of energy I could feel, coming off my boyfriend, to run through me to be quickly neutralized.  See how the elements work?

It was good to better understand that. I don’t think about it a lot, but with the crises all around, I am getting these intense calls. I onboard the person’s emotion, because it comes natural, but this is also so that they can talk and we can work on the problem.

You know how Pluto is. It makes it so you can’t speak! The pain and grief steals your voice and I don’t even want to think about how a call like this might go, if the person was left to deal with their energy alone, which is impossible and the reason they are calling!

hot flashIf it’s not obvious, I am Earthy. Very Earthy. Enough to ground all that Scorpio without suffering any damage, which is another thing my sister mentioned. Specifically, she said she would need a week in bed is she dealt with a major bug, which is what she calls Scorpios; she’s married two of them. I can easily understand. I know her and this is her limit.

I wrote this to write it, but also, because I have had this experience so often these days, or perhaps because the intensity is so high, I’ve noticed some of you are “hot”.

I am saying, your energy is very warm. Like a hot flash?  And while 95% of the time, I can do this without being fazed in the least, some of you are really hot. I have got off the phone a few times and the flushed feeling can linger.  It can stick for an hour!

When this happens, I just think, whew! I’m glad the person called because it’s clear they needed to dump their energy.

To be transparent, I have been on the other end of this. I used to go puke all over my therapist’s office, back in my 20’s, when “puke” means emotional release. I felt much better when I left, then I did coming in. It was because the therapist absorbed my pain.

I think of this like being a pickpocket of pain!  Here, let me take that off your hands! Pain-eater.. like “sin eater”, which is another phenomena.  Search the blog, I’ve gone into it.


Over the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about the way a poultice works. I used to make poultices for my grandfather, who told me they draw the poison out.  This seems the same as drawing out a person’s emotional pain, but in the physical realm.

I have a pretty strong feeling, I can do this or rather I should be able to do it.  Thinking this I have to try somehow and see where it takes me.   I know things like this are possible, because of my Red Hand Truck.

I also know it’s possible because my husband’s grandfather healed the wife of a Head of State.  These things are possible.

28 thoughts on “8th House Exchange Of Energy: Absorbing The Other’s Pain”

  1. I’m amazed at your endurance and grateful you have made a grounding pad for us, Speaking Scorpio here. It’s important as you say to write your experience because hey, didn’t we just witness how you keep holding the flames… keeping this Earth Ship alive

    Like the leviathan of a living ship in the old tv series whose name I don’t remember.

    What this also does is confirm how hot it does get to live with so much Scorpio all the time; what happens when more than one Scorpio enmesh; how and what grows us/them. For me, at this stage of Scorpio what helps ground me (when a phone call to you is not affordable) is root medicine… healing herbs harvested, tinctured, or roots cooked and eaten. Earth Linking ❤️ Grounding the heat.

    Glad the ship still sails, Elsa. Thanks to your crew!!

    1. Yes! Thanks for pointing that out! Earth Ship.

      I’ve been thinking about this for a couple weeks. My husband was here, I was flicking my (mercury mars hands), and he looked at me.

      “It’s hot. Not me, it’s the gal on the phone. Woo, she had some energy.. it’s okay. I don’t feel bad but that gal was hot and now I’m hot…don’t worry, it will dissipate. I don’t feel bad, just hot and it’s from this gal. I don’t know if she knows how hot she is – she’s burnin’!”

      We also have the planets in Pisces so I’m probably absorb it even more.

      1. Thank you very much Elsa!!!!
        I have an 8th house mars and a north node in scorpio
        I search deep communication and exchange of energy in both sides and loyalty… I want loyalty for sure…
        Thank you a lot
        Take good care of yourself

  2. ….people’s pain and and Country’s pain ~ it is mourning as of late!

    Tears just start flowing, I give it a few minutes then I dust off pull up the boot straps set the boundaries and back to work.

  3. Please write about the transiting Pluto in
    aquarius 0 degree in my 12th house opposite my natal mars in Leo 0 degrees in my 5th squaring my natal venus in scorpio 3 degrees in my 7th. Thanjs so much.

  4. Ground energy… Earth sign. I mean EARTH! GROUND!

    It’s so funny.

    And yet, I know how this feels. 4 personal planets in Scorpio here.
    10th house. Very public/visible.
    I always share info with passionate vigor for example. I am like that electric charged lightning, striking. Boom

    And afterwards I feel invincible, invigorated and balanced. Moon square Mars too… I’m an energy power house! For the same reason I can’t abide other Scorpios LOL.

    My BF has an earth ascendant, Mars/Saturn in Virgo and Sun + Merc in Cancer. He is also a Libra Moon, so we can talk things over afterwards.

    He has Pisces on the 3rd house though. When his emotions run high, he is tongue tied. I have begun to ask him to play a song that reflects his feelings when that happens. It works like charm!

    1: He is being let off the hook
    2: He won’t explode from the emotional pressure cooker either.

    Double bonus!

  5. Yes there is something about Scorpio placing that does my head in. I am Leo sun saggy ascendant and Aquarius moon. I also have scorpio in 12th house maybe that’s the link. (I’m still learning loads). Dated sun pisces scopio moon and think virgo ascendant. Never had this experience in my life before. Within 2 months rush world wide scenario. We met online and within about 2 weeks met in person. Suddenly he moved in practically. He was all kind caring and very chatty. Then the mood changed slowly and the real person was revealed. Critical stony silence no kissing hugging intense and I mean intense energy from him and dragging me down. I felt overwhelmed sitting next to him. I didn’t know why. I was very shaken … so very dramatic as I’m not like this at all. Long story short, I asked him to leave my place for good. When he left my place the heavy feeling lifted. Its was bliss. Was it his Scorpio moon or was he just an narcissist! Either way I’m glad I escaped that one!

  6. You are so brave and resilient Elsa and like a rock! You gifted me a reading when I was very low. Soon after that I went to London to see my Scorpio friend for Christmas because thought it best that I wasn’t alone for the holidays. Saw her Traditional Chinese Medicine Accupuncturist because my friend thought that if she would take me on I should plan to stay in London for the winter. I agreed even though I dreaded being there for the winter. The first time I saw her and we talked she started crying. I asked her to think about it and there was no need to tell me right away. She’s a Libra and my moon and my friend’s moon both Libra 🙂 She worked on me and said I was numb and decided to open my emotional channel. That’s a whole other story 🙂 I also knew after that 1st session that she would not be taking me on. She treated me a few more times and then I returned home. She couldn’t and I knew she couldn’t and there was never anything to talk about. It is astounding to me that you can do what you do.I am in awe. Love, gratitude and respect.

  7. Hey Elsa– Love this post. Virgo Sun, Libra Rising, Aires Moon here. Our conversations in the past, when considered in context of this post – I needed the shocks…you provided the blue electric charges I needed to take action. When I get off a call with you, I feel the charge for quite a while, like Wow, what just happened?? but then I move my A@@. thank you.

  8. I always felt. Much more grounded after having a reading with you Elsa. Though I have a Virgo Moon/Pluto, Capricorn Venus and Taurus S. Node, I have lots of Water 💦 in my chart. I don’t know if my energy is hot?

  9. This needs to be consensual!
    We are all learning these days about “emotional labor” and as a Cancerian female, I am beyond wary of people (especially men) who see my open heart or open ear as perpetually available for their use.
    At least you are being paid, Elsa! And by the sound of it, you know how to let it move through you and exit.

    1. I agree. In my case, nine out of ten times, the energy goes right into the ground or otherwise dissipates.

      I am wiped on the rare occasion, but this is after five or six hours on the phone, in a stretch, or a number of long phone calls with someone in crisis over a period of days or weeks.

      Point is, eventually, even my boundaries fail. But I also bounce back, without fail. I come to a point where I am wiped for the day, but the next day I am refreshed. I think this is Jupiter with my 8th house.

      There are also certain scenarios, more likely to slay me. Loss of a child or a young person who has lost one or both parents is a good example.

  10. You said:
    “I am Earthy. Very Earthy. Enough to ground all that Scorpio without suffering any damage, which is another thing my sister mentioned.”
    Earthy people help other people ground. In that same vein, what do you think Fiery, Airy and Watery people help others do?

  11. Wow. My back feels better after reading this thread. I ‘ve been out of my head with back pain this winter and it makes sense now. I have a stellium in the 8th- Taurus Moon, Saturn, Mercury . Uranus and Jupiter have been there charging up the intensity. When the weather allows, I ‘ve been able to get in the garden and get my hands in the earth. Last sunny day ,I laid on a board inverted, arms out touching ground above my head. I thought it was microbe support( virgo ascendant conjunct Pluto), but now I know its discharge! Thank you Elsa. I ‘ve always cried around other’s emotion, when someone asks me a personal question, or when I see a baby. Tears stream uncontrollably. I

  12. Boy, did this resonate!

    I’m earthy with a Scorpio stellium whewwwwww am I always emotionally grounding other people. They will even say it out loud, “Oh, I count on you for validation, I always feel better after talking to you” and it’s exhausting.

    1. Thank you! This is interesting. The idea it drains you. I bet you could change this. I understand I’m out on a limb here, but what it I saw that lightning ground (over and over) and it taught me something.

      I wonder if you could consider this… become a conduit to the energy runs through you. I think this is a Virgo trait. Please see:

      I am occasionally drained, but it’s less that 1%. Maybe one person in 200, but I do feel the energy move.

      I mention this on the chance you’re be interested in honing your skill.

      1. It feels good at the time, what I find it draining is that I don’t get replenished that way from others. I wish I could!

        Very cool article, thank you for sharing.

        I’m very interested in honing my skills, please let me know how I can.

        1. Based on what you say, you’re absorbing and storing tge energy. The idea is to run it into ground as you go. You want to neutralize it as you go, if possible.

  13. With my Moon-Pluto & Uranus in the 8th, I love reading these insights. I feel there may be something extra in that house I need to be tapping into. I have learned so much about the 8th from this site, and continue to do so 🌞.

  14. I am a Scorpio moon but in 4H, I feel deeply other people’s pain but don’t make it mine.. it would drive me crazy..

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