Venus square saturn chart

Venus In Pisces Square Saturn In Sagittarius – Tinkerbell Hits A Wall

Venus is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Mars is nearby.  This stellium in Pisces is highly prone to writhe around and fantasize. Saturn in Sagittarius is coming in comes in hard with the truth. It’s a bit like seeing Tinkerbell hit a wall. I have been the wall in some cases.  But last night I was Tinkerbell.

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How To Break Pattern Of Unrequited, Destructive Relationships

Dear Elsa, I have Venus square Neptune. My experience with Venus square Neptune: Unrequited love. I’d rather fantasize about having a wonderful relationship instead of putting forth the effort to obtaining one. The foot work is way too difficult. Plain and simple. How do I stop this destructive love pattern. Dream Lover Dream Lover, you

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