Chiron in Pisces


Chiron In Pisces: The Endlessly Seeping Wound

Having Chiron in Pisces, I’m well acquainted with the “endlessly seeping wound”. This came up in a consultation yesterday. It’s quite a phenomena; someone can strike you at some point in your life, including verbal abuse, criticism, cruelty or whatever.  You’re left with a sensitive spot, susceptible to being triggered.  Someone pokes you there and […]


Effects Of Chiron In Pisces Opposite Pluto

I touched on how oppositions work in today’s video. I wanted to ask about the oppositions in your chart and how you see them manifest. To facilitate this, I thought I’d write about Chiron opposing Pluto in Virgo which is the only opposition in my natal chart. If you have Chiron in Pisces opposing Pluto;

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