Chiron in Pisces


Chiron In Pisces: The Endlessly Seeping Wound

Having Chiron in Pisces, I’m well acquainted with the “endlessly seeping wound”. This came up in a consultation yesterday. It’s quite a phenomena; someone can strike you at some point in your life, including verbal abuse, criticism, cruelty or whatever.  You’re left with a sensitive spot, susceptible to being triggered.  Someone pokes you there and […]


Chiron And Authenticity: How I Learned To LOVE Myself – And What Does That Even MEAN

Chiron in Pisces explored hidden damage in ourselves and how we connect to all of life. This encompasses cultural programming and the ways we hurt ourselves behind the scenes. In Aries, Chiron has crossed that divide from the end back to the beginning. We’re starting over in Chironic spring on the Aries point. We are

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