Why Does Venus Fall in Virgo?

Venus is entering Virgo, the sign of her fall. This is Venus’s least favorite place to be, the place where she must accomplish her Venusian tasks using Mercury’s tools. When Venus is in Virgo, we are driven by the need to discern, serve, and perfect. And while that has its merits, it can also be […]

Venus in Virgo red dress

Learn About Venus In Virgo

Venus will ingress into Virgo on October 2nd, 2020. You may worry about Venus in Virgo, the sign of it’s Fall. When looking for information, it always helps to check different perspectives on a topic. Here are some choices: What’s wrong with Venus in Virgo? What does a man with Venus in Virgo want? Venus

What’s Wrong With Venus In Virgo?

A man sent me this: But here’s the thing – and I’ve wanted to say this forever: I’ve seen you talk about this Saturn/Venus thing for a long long time, and it’s true. Saturn is a killer. Venus can be crushed (or bolstered!) by Saturn… we’ve seen both things happen. But Venus in Virgo is

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