What does a man with Venus in Virgo want?

Of all the Venuses capable of a madonna/whore complex, this is the one that stands out. The 2nd earth Venus after Taurus, this Venus likes to be sensual, but only after careful consideration of her suitors. So if you love a man with Venus in Virgo, be like Melanie Griffith in “Working Girl”… have a “head for business, and a bod for sin”. This man’s Venus in Virgo falls in love with brains first, then the earthy sensuality can follow. He has what I like to call “well banked fires”.

Venus gets such a bad rap when in Virgo, I just feel I have to point out the good. Yes, she can be picky. Ok. But let’s talk about what discrimination gets you! If a man with Venus in Virgo finds you attractive, it says a lot! He likes your mind, and he wants to have sex with it.

This Venus is not fussy or prudish when she feels truly at home and safe. Like all the earth Venuses, the sensuality is there, and Virgo Venus brings refinement to the more gluttonous appetite of Taurus. A man with Venus in Virgo doesn’t like ostentatious displays of sexuality, he likes subtlety, even a little bit of mind games is just fine with him! He also appreciates sensuality accompanied by good hygiene. In this case, cleanliness is next to godliness, but is that so hard?

As far as how he spends his money, he’s going to need to see some purpose and usefulness to what he purchases. This is not a Venus prone to impulsive spending, so if you want a man who will buy you that shiny bauble…. uh— no. He’d be more inclined to ask you WHY you NEED that, instead of understanding the idea of you want what you want just because you want it. That doesn’t make sense to him! If you want something with this man, appeal to his sense of logic. If he finds that a purchase is practical and has purpose, he’s likely to buy the best there is. More than likely, he owns tools, and they are well kept and of very good quality. So if he finds a reason to buy that bauble for you, it’s not going to be the cheap version.

If you’re a well organized woman in daily life, he’ll respect you and be more than likely glad to have your assistance and input into his life as well. Be aware that if he seems “checked out” or removed, it’s because Venus in Virgo needs to retreat into its thoughts periodically. That’s how this Venus recharges. I suppose this is one of the reasons why Venus in Virgo is sometimes labeled “cold” but once you understand the signs that he’s gone into his mind and needs a few minutes to himself, the reward is rich. Venus in Virgo appreciates the fine art of “understanding” more than any other Venus.

If you love a man with Venus in Virgo, help him. If he’s doing yardwork, pitch in. If he’s cleaning the house, look around and see what you can do. If you’re not the type of person that likes to be a helpmate, it will hinder progress because this is his love language. The companionship of working side-by-side does more to turn him on than sexy lingerie… although after the work is done, and he feels he can relax and unwind, by all means, do the Dance of the 7 Veils.


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  1. I don’t really understand why Venus in Virgo men want me . I am a sagittarian mess. I joke that I am a clear fixer upper project. Frequently I’ve had men whose moon or Venus falls between my Uranus and Pluto – possibly that’s it? I’ve learned to stay away bc as I jokingly say – I’ll eventually get Venus in Virgoed.

    1. It’s probably not Uranus or Pluto. I’m almost sure it is the square between Virgo and Sagittarius. It can’t be really known without knowing the degrees. But I know that I find women very beautiful, who have the Sun or a stellium square to my Venus. Or trine to my Venus. A trine is also possible between the beginning of Virgo and the end of Sagittarius. I know that I have to consider the whole synastry, but if your men didn’t know that…

    2. I feel the same way about men with Venus in Libra. Duuuude I have no fashion sense and you’ll whine eventually

    3. Ah, they see you as a project. You’re right to avoid them, because in the end, they’d be frustrated and you’d want to shove their organizational charts where the sun don’t shine!

  2. My older son has this venus in 7th house too. His sun, merc and mars in Leo and he’s not your typical Leo, I think it must be because of his venus(now progressed to 8th house)He’s convinced he doesn’t want to get married (he has considered becoming a priest but that’s on hold too)He’s logical and enjoys teamwork and yes he has the whole tool set thing going (he’s only 16 years old!!!)He’s great at cleaning, mowing even cooking, (his last purchase was a set of oven gloves!)His jupiter is in 4th house but that’s another story. . . great posts Diane, I love your humour and style – “although after the work is done, and he feels he can relax and unwind,by all means, do the Dance of the 7 Veils.” made me smile 🙂

    1. Of all the Venus signs, I see more unmarried (at later in life) Venus in Virgos than any other Venus signs. Sigh. I myself have Venus in Virgo and as I like to say, “I’m ruin’t”. I just got too used to living alone, after 2 marriages. We truly can be like camels in the desert, but your son has Venus in the 7th, so I doubt he’ll avoid relationships entirely!

      1. I’m Venus in Virgo as well. I was bit by the “partnership bug” early on – I have a stellium in Libra – but I found myself alone for loooooong stretches of time. It wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I realized I needed that down time. I go off and disappear into my thoughts, and God help the fool who disturbs that.

        I’m happily married to a Sag Venus (not square my Venus) for almost 20 years. He doesn’t like people invading his space either, so he gives me plenty.

    2. My Sag daughter’s former crush is a Virgo Sun with Virgo Venus (not conjunct). He’s a HS junior (in all AP classes) and has never dated. He wants to be a doctor. Their friends say he’s “picking himself off the planet”, but I see his career coming first. This is a guy who probably won’t marry until he’s in his 30s. He’ll be good for a career-oriented woman – not good for my Fire daughter with no Earth.

  3. anonymoushermit

    I love this Venus series.

    I believe Venus in Virgo people want someone who doesn’t settle. They may even respect you a little if you show some discernment in your tastes and who you interact with. I guess they may see your discernment as a way of self-respect, but that’s my guess.

    1. Thank you… and *absolutely*– if Venus in Virgo sees that you’re picky, she feels special if you pick her! Also, yes, I definitely think discernment is a sign of self-respect, although it can get carried too far and then it gets labeled paranoid! LOL, it’s a fine line!

  4. My SO and I both have Venus in Virgo. He chased me off and on for 15 years. Discernment on both our parts to say the least. He was to young and wild when he started the chase. Now older and more refined he is a keeper. He’s tidy, organized and we are having a ball planning our future co habitation. He volunteered to clean the bathroom! Sorry Ladies this ones mine.

  5. My friend has Venus in Virgo and yells at me when I order too much food and don’t finish it…

    I have a bit of trouble attracting this type because their standard of cleanliness is uh… a bit high. But they don’t care about your fashion sense!

  6. my sister is married to a virgo venus, I don’t attract them either. in the past they are curious cause they feel my Capricorn and Taurus, I think and also the pisces, so they go…ooohh hmm interesting… the trine and opposite will get them going. lol and then it falls short. in my sister’s case, she has aries sun, Taurus moon, aqua venus. I think he helps her with the finances because she can make big bucks and he will help her balance it out, cause honestly she is not good with keeping a tight rein on finances. he is good at it though and we’re glad for it.

  7. I have Venus in Virgo in the 12 house, this describes me so well. I like to be very clean and minimalistic, I hate clutter with a passion. My sense is smell is very strong, and if I dont like someone’s natural body odour, I will be repulsed, no matter what they look like. It’s not so much they need to shower twice a day every day and be a clean freak, I just need to like their natural smell. I know how weird this sounds but I’m telling you lol. Also very true about needing alone time to recharge. Especially with my 12 house Venus, it is pivotal for me to have some space and privacy and escapism even within a relationship. Other than this, I think I am actually very easy to please. I ask for nothing much, just mutual caring, loyalty, basic stuff. I’m not into romantic gestures, I just want to feel secure and reassured and that’s what makes me happy. I like to please and take care of my lover with day to day things, cook for them, clean, wash their clothes, make like comfortable for them and be on top of things. So yes, LET you Venus in Virgo serve you, they love to do it, all they want in return is your appreciation. Also, I like men who are clever… but more STREET smart than book smart. I am book smart enough, but I am not that street smart so I like when a man knows that stuff. 🙂

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    Sheila Smith

    I met a Virgo Vensus/Gemini Moon on an online dating site over 10 years ago. My moon is in Taurus and Mars in Libra. Initially, we only communicated online or via telephone, I found him to be annoying, and critical. So, meeting him in person was not a priority. Finally, after 10 years he finally convinced me to meet in person last year. And surprisingly he was more relaxed and charming in person. I loved his energy and we are planning our second meeting. Curious on what you think concerning our compatibility? Thank you.

    1. Thats great ?my son who is 8 m old is moon in taurus . He loves his food and his bottle ?? of formula milk . Everytime he sees the farls baby biscuit , he is getting so excited . He loves his toys too . He is pretty giddy though ?? i guess thats just his age . Im Sun and venus in taurus . You must be very easy going . I hope things will work out . ?

  9. My husband has Venus in Virgo. He is Gemini sun/ascending/moon. My Venus is in Leo and I’m Virgo sun/moon with Libra ascending. My Mercury is Leo and his Mercury is Cancer so sometimes we have fights because of the way something was said. Are Venus in Virgo prone to getting upset if you don’t do chores? I try but with my pelvic pain and abnormal bleeding that’s been going on for 16 days now I can’t do much of anything. Plus only had painkillers for a few days so I’m basically just stuck laying in bed being grumpy from the uncontrolled pain now. He is being distant and today he said he feels depressed and doesn’t want to talk about it.

  10. Sorry I just reread the article and I guess they do get really upset if partner doesnt do chores. I just wish he’d understand obviously I’m dying or I’d do more! It already bothers me that I feel useless >:(

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