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Pessimists vs Optimists 

Tonya wrote on Venus Inconjunct Pluto – Projection: “The bottom line is that not everyone is an optimist. There are those of us that are pessimists or what I call realists. The crap seems to keep coming and no matter what one tries to do to stop it, it keeps coming. Troubles are multiplying for […]

Venus in Aries Opposing Mars in Libra – Dealing With Anger and Projection

I had quite a few people contact me about today’s blog post, How Nice Can A Person Be, When They’re Infuriated  in combination with yesterday’s newsletter, which you can read here: It’s Your Fault I’m Oversensitive, So Control My Hurt Feelings, I Mean Your Hurt Feelings, Please, Or I’ll Hurt You. Most of the emails and questions were

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My Bad Temper Ruins My Relationships

Dear Elsa: All my life I’ve struggled to find stability in relationships. I’ve gone from one relationship to the other. And when each one ends, I’ve had to begin from square one: moving, changing residence, etc. I spent some three years single and extremely lonely. Then I fell in love with a guy and we


Venus Conjunct Mars Interpretation

 I got some questions about this aspect on my Venus square Mars post, so here you go… There are three main types of Venus conjunct Mars depending who has the upper hand. When the pair is in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn you get a Mars heavy type.  These are the warriors with an aesthetic sensibility.  These

Mars Roller Skate

Venus Square Mars

Venus is what you want. She is your desire. She is your pleasure receptor. She is the voice in your head that says “oh yeah, that looks good, lets get that.” She is also pretty lazy. She doesn’t do much of the actual getting herself. She is mostly concerned with the shopping and placing orders

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