New Angle On Venus Pluto Aspects

Pluto and persephoneI’ve been writing about ex-lovers (corpses) coming back around when Venus aspects Pluto.  Venus, Mars and Pluto are conjunct in Aquarius at the moment.  A longtime client hired me yesterday.  She wanted to talk about something I wrote in a consultation back in 2012.  Specifically, this:

“In this mail, you reveal yourself as a woman who wants a strong man but is scared she will be left if she’s with a man she doesn’t dominate. You have built an elaborate defense against rejection.”

Yeah, I know.  I write like that. And apparently she did not relate to this at the time so she set it aside. She continued to hire me, many times over the years so this was all unbeknownst to me.

I don’t know what brought this about on her end, but she went back to read all out our consultations. When she got to this statement, she was struck.  She could see it.

On my end, I don’t think about what I wrote in 2012, unless it comes back to me somehow.  But I can remember dialogue so it comes back to me quickly.  In this case, I could remember writing this and as it says, the evidence was in her notes. I recall it being very strongly wrought as well. It was undeniable. I was literally stating the obvious.

Twelve years later (Jupiter cycle), when she was confronted with this a second time, her writing was available too.  She could read her own words and this time, she could read her own words.  You can imagine what this felt like, with the Venus, Mars, Pluto conjunction. WHAM!

I’m putting this out here because it’s so deeply layered.  I had no idea she rejected what I wrote back then, for example.  She forgave me this error and our relationship continued, which is a testament to it’s strength.  There’s a good deal of depth in our interaction.

Back to Venus Pluto; that email is a corpse in this situation.  Mars dug it up to be confronted so that she might be healed (Pluto) and liberated (Aquarius). Lighting strike to the soul.

It wiggled something deep in me, as well. I don’t think I can articulate it, or maybe I don’t even want to try.

Who can relate?

7 thoughts on “New Angle On Venus Pluto Aspects”

  1. This dynamic is smack on Venus-Pluto.

    I have this energy in my own chart. Pluto in Libra, conjunct Saturn.
    I crave a strong / psychologically strong partner to my 4 Scorpio planets, but I am also strong myself, so anyone with heavy Scorpio energy simply cools my jets.

    The best partner for me is on the Cap/Cancer scale. Cardinal enough to take the reins and emotionally tuned in enough to feel my vibe.
    Add a dash of Libra and Gemini, and I’m almost set for a happy future.

    (Ha, I am just kidding, life isn’t that smooth with Scorpio energy at all, but it does sound nice, yes? :P)

    I think the truth can be hard to hear. But I have always thought (unless we’re talking frenemies) that I’d rather hear some ugly truth from a person I respect, than be led along and have no clue!

  2. That quote describes me so precisely in my relationship history. As I became aware of it, I learned painfully of the fine balance between subtly dominating vs actually breaking.

  3. I couldn’t relate until I could! Like you’d longtime client I received an email (that if I could I’d erase… from my memory) But I read it, and it raised a “corpse “ and now as you suggest I have a choice to heal and be liberated from the old relationship. How I do this is the trick.

    Forgiveness? And flush? The layers this corpse burial involve other loved ones too. How deep to shovel? Wow Venus Pluto is gnarly.

  4. Interesting read. I can apply some of your wisdom anytime I read your emails. THANK YOU for taking the time to share your pearls of wisdom.

  5. Pluto (and the rest) hit my niece’s 12th house Venus;the boyfriend (Sag) has ‘disappeared’ again…she is a week or so away from her 12 month sober anniverasy and to make matters worse, she has also been told her rent is going up again…this does not surprise me –it is a re-run of when Pluto first entered Pluto in March 2023. I tried to warn and prepare her. Some of that went in–l hope. Dangerous times.

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