All about Venus! Aspects, transits, position in your natal chart…

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What About True Love & Soulmates?

My husband and I met as teenagers. We had a significant relationship but failed to marry! We went our separate ways but got back together, more than 20 years later.  This conversation was recorded in the truck when he was moving cross-country to join our lives, forever. “It’s hard to believe we’re here,” I said.

Interpreting Venus In A Man’s Natal Chart

Looking for insight into how to attract a man via Venus in his natal chart? Diane O wrote this series on how to attract men via their Venus sign.  These are great posts! What Does A Man With Venus In Aries Want? What Does A Man With Venus In Taurus Like? What Does A Man

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What If Venus Is Badly Aspected?

Hi Elsa! You write about ‘frustrated mars’ quite frequently. How bad is a jacked up Venus, compared to that, in a chart? Thanks from India Good question, India. While a poorly aspected Venus can cause a lot of problems, I do see Mars in a different class. This is because Mars is a malefic planet. 

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