I Have A Man But I’m Hot For Another

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Dear Elsa,

Ten years ago I met a man who I fell in love with. We had an amazing rapport. Electric.

Six months after we met, I moved out of the country… and for the next 3 years we phoned each other and wrote regularly. We were both in relationships so it was always an exchange of energy and ideas–and while the ‘vibes’ may have been there, we were never sexual with each other.

Fast forward to 2001. I was single, and finally told him how I felt. He told me in no uncertain terms that he ‘didn’t want my love.’ Okay. I hurt, but I moved on and I met the man I am with now. We’ve been together for over 5 years, and I am committed… except suddenly, this man is back in my life.

It is a good thing, as I am a writer and artist (he is a painter) and the exchange of ideas we continue to have is extremely important to me but here’s the kicker. I still, after 10 years, want to screw his brains out. It’s driving me NUTS. I have a really hard time not feeling guilty about this.

Part of me wants to tell my SO, because he is a fantastic person and has always tried to encourage me to accept that fantasy life is okay (my guilt is legendary). But what do I tell him? He’s asked me before if we’ve ever dated and I said no but the emotional bond is something else.

What I mostly struggle with is that after so long, I still carry a torch for this man. There. I said it. It may be a torch in my groin, but it’s still there. And still the thought of losing the kind of love I have with my SO terrifies me.

I can still keep going on like this, but I know that I am prone to sudden moves that incinerate what’s important to me and I’m worried if I bottle my feelings (sexual and otherwise) any longer, I’m going to ruin myself.

Motor Racing

Dear Motor,

I definitely wouldn’t tell my current lover about my fantasy lover – the man I want more than I want him – unless I wanted to end the relationship. People often say they want information like this but if you give it to them, the (eventual) result is generally the demise of the relationship.

Beyond that, this is your burden not his so I don’t think you should pawn it off on him. It is you with Venus and Mars in Aries who wants to conquer the challenge. It is you with Uranus in aspect to Venus and Mars and prone to these sudden attractions – impulsive love that comes on like a power surge.

Now if you are right and this man you’re hot for does not want you… and if I am right and telling your current man will cause a problem and hurt him deeply… where does that leave you?

Well if it were me, I would masturbate – and I mean I would masturbate a blue streak – until I got this out of my system and furthermore with a chart like yours, I would consider it “maintenance”. I would also cut contact with the guy if you are really serious about keeping the relationship you have.

Good luck.

2 thoughts on “I Have A Man But I’m Hot For Another”

  1. This is the best advice ever. Can’t believe no one has commented, but man, Elsa, I hope that worked for her.

  2. great advice for her. that venus and mars in aries, hoped it calmed a bit and she didnt lose her current man for a long distance imaginary lover who isn’t really there.

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