35 thoughts on “Taurus, Famous For Their Self Esteem”

  1. My Moon is in Taurus which is a fine place to be, but it is squared by Sun/Saturn/Mars and opposed by Neptune so in terms of self-esteem, it’s really reallly hard…It is trine Pluto so I dig deep. I feel like I’ve been working on this self-esteem issue all my life and will be until the day I die.

  2. Yes though not super charged. Leo stellium in 6h. Fixed no matter what. Colored though lens of daily self evaluation and pondering….moon/saturn conjunct IC opposing MC.

  3. Oddly enough…most people perceive me to have very low self-esteem, but really, I have a rather healthy opinion of myself. I see all of my faults, take them for what they are, try to improve what I can. I’ll give up ground to a point, but then I put my foot down. *shrug* I actually quite like who I am, and hating how large my thighs are ..well, that’s not WHO I am, it’s just an aspect of me that I rather don’t like.

  4. No Taurus in the chart….I like who I am, I know who I am, but I could use more self confidence….. or a healthy dose of extraverion….I would like to be less self contained….

  5. my MC is in taurus as well– I think I project a strong self-confidence which may be what makes me such a target for character assassination.

  6. mercury. it’s hard to shake my confidence in my mind. lots of other things, sure, but that’s rock solid.

    i guess it makes sense.

  7. South node in Taurus.

    I have for self esteem what feels like a deep fissure in what otherwise would be solid rock. I’ve said before that I think I’m like one of those pieces of marble discarded at an ancient Greek quarry site, because it had some fundamental flaw and couldn’t be trusted to provide support as a column or hold shape and beauty as a stature.

    I think it will be a life long project to figure out how to work around that.

  8. MC in Taurus also. I think I have a healthy view of myself too. I love myself enough to treat myself right, and command that others treat me the same. But what makes me love myself the most is that I treat others in the same manner. If anything gives me my self-esteem, it’s being proud of my soul.
    But I do have that crazy Moon square Saturn thing that distorts reality and makes me want to hide under a rock every now and then.

  9. Althera,

    deep fissures in rock that make it unsuitable for structural stone are often filled with beautiful one of a kind crystalline mineral expressions…. there would be no mineral crystals without the vugs….

  10. My moons in Taurus but I don’t think my self esteem is any better than average. Whatever that is. I guess my self esteem comes and goes. I try not to compare myself to others, then it’s much easier to feel good about my self no matter what.

  11. Much better self esteem in later life than in early life. Sun/Merc in Taurus in 2nd opp. Saturn in Scorp in 8th. I love the way he put it, “No one can ruin my self esteem, not even myself.” Pretty true nowadays. I don’t care what anyone thinks of who I am.

  12. My self-esteem is variable. On the days it’s good, it’s unshakable! You could build houses on it. When it’s bad, though, nothing will make it work.
    I have Chiron in Taurus/11th. I don’t know jack about Chiron.

  13. I’m a Taurus, with Sun/Moon/Mercury all squared with my ascendant and opposing saturn/pluto. It’s hard sometimes. Ruts are baaaaaaaaaad.

  14. I have sun in taurus, but rotten self esteem. I have moon exact square the sun in leo, which I don’t think helps.

    But I think the biggest culprit is chiron in taurus. I saw this described as being wounded thru having a feeling of ‘not having or being enough’. I feel this every day.

    With a ton of fixed planets, it’s not easy to adapt this!

  15. I don’t think about self esteem much. I think of self confidence as developing a realistic view of oneself and the attitude that you should and can continually work on your weaknesses. One can always take pride/satisfaction in any hard work and self improvements made. Capricorn w/lots of Saturn action.

  16. I have Taurus sun and venus. Unfortunately, both in the 12th house, so constant second guessing…

    I think my Aries moon and mars kicks my wallowing ass back up onto my feet. Good thing…

  17. I’ve got moon in Tarus. Just finished my thrid bowl of oatmeal, feeling insecure about my latest creation, self-expression. Sag Sun in the third quincunx Moon Taurus in the 8th.

  18. ASC, Mars, Venus, Chiron & Mercury in Taurus, but I’d def say I have issues w/ self esteem. Although, I think I’m a bit similar to Kashmiri, in that I can usually find about as many “good” things as “bad”, depending on the situation. I’ve always attributed this to my Jupiter/Sun conj. but maybe its all the Taurus?

  19. I can call myself a sloth and glutton, and pretty much act those two out too, but never for a moment mean it to mean that I’m belittling myself.

    Off to the kitchen now 😀

  20. I have no planets in venus, my 2nd house is empty and my venus is conjunct saturn (trined by ever changing uranus) :(, I’d not say that my self esteem is solid at all. However, all my progressed planets are in or moving into my second and I think that I am finally learning just a bit of my value 🙂 I am happy for this, it’s been a long haul without knowing,

  21. Chiron in Taurus *crawls away and hides* 🙁 And 8th house stellium, I’m trying to move towards this 2nd house polarity but it’s a steep learning curve !

  22. Taurus ascendant, and not a single other thing in either Taurus or the 1st House. But the ascendant is trine the my Sun. I guess that means I seem more confident than I am.

  23. Sun and Moon conjunct in Taurus, second house. I really know who I am and as I like who I am. Now I am older, I am ready to sayh that!

  24. Sun, Mercury, and Saturn in the 2nd House. I’ve always had problems with wavering self-esteem issues. The older I’ve become though, the stronger my self-love has grown.

  25. Yes moon and mars… I used to joke about myself.. being lazy and not very sharp etc etc… but i realized people take it as lack of self esteem and i was collecting a lot of patronizing friends… my leo ascendant doesn’t allow that and so now i no longer have a sense of humor… lol

  26. oooooh hey shell my chart has that too MC in taurus and mars square saturn … it just makes working and getting things done or moving things just a little very very difficult

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