The 8th House, Religion, Death, Inheritance & Dependency

With Venus square Neptune in my chart, I have lost a lot of money in my life. I give a lot of money away. People steal it from me, they trick me out of it or I let them trick me out of it. It simply leaks out or disappears, one way or the other.

This doesn’t bother me. I don’t know why it doesn’t bother me, exactly, but it doesn’t.

Having a family complicates things. I have a responsibility to my family so I can’t just run around giving away everything I make, though I am pulled to do that.

I was talking to my husband about this the other night,  He also gives a lot of money away, but he’s worried about me. He doesn’t think he’ll live long enough to be a burden to anyone. He figures he will die working, basically.

If he does come to a point where he is a burden to society or to anyone for that matter, he says he’ll go out into the woods and live under a poncho until the animals eat him. He’s serious, I’m sure. But what am I going to do?  He thinks I should consider this.

His point was well taken, but it did not provide me with clarity.  Both my mother and my grandfather died with virtually nothing.  See –  Inheritance. 

My grandfather (Henry – in his own words) had strong Buddhist leanings. My mother was Catholic.  Both lived and left this world without attachment to money or material things. I don’t think I can get this way of being out of my blood.

I have a packed 8th house. I have Jupiter involved, even. I’m supposed to inherit, but what I have inherited is their spirituality.

My grandfather agonized over whether or not he should spend money on a $10 transistor radio, so he could hear music when he worked all day in the sun. He felt he should give the $10 to the poor. When you’re exposed to someone like this, it’s impossible to not be influenced by them or at least it’s impossible for me. I can understand my grandfather.

I found this out for sure, a dozen years ago when someone stole all my music. I was shocked, but I recovered quickly. I recovered two hours later when I found myself singing in my car and realized that you can’t actually steal a person’s music.

I have never replaced what was lost.  I give the money away and I feel better with no music, if you can believe that. I’m traveling light.

I wonder how this will turn out. I don’t think anyone will be surprised if I die with nothing, but I wonder how I’ll manage this. I tend to think I needn’t worry about it, as it will be managed for me.

I feel a lot better giving things away then I feel keeping them. I don’t know that this is something I can change. I understand it’s not right to give away so much that you become a burden to others.  I don’t think I want to go die under a poncho in the woods. However I can think of worse things so I’m not firm on that either.

These things are so personal. Being peculiar, it’s hard to discuss this with people. I doubt people believe me for one thing. I also don’t think I’m ever going to figure this out. It too mysterious.

Here are my questions for you:

Do you have weird ideas about money? Inheritance? Death or dependency?  If so, where did you get them? 

Also, do they benefit you in some way? How?


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  1. Seems more likely you’d join a convent than be eaten by bears.

    My inheritances have been skills and values and strange quirky antiques. Also, debt. Which is a good lesson to learn early. I knew better, but Venus/Neptooned myself a few too many times.

    It is quite personal, as you say. Five years after my mom has passed, I have to work myself up to throw or give things away. But those things aren’t her, and I don’t want to drown in crap. Literally or figuratively.

    1. I second the convent, and even though I’m not a practicing Catholic that is where I see myself when I put my mind toward that farflung possible future.

      I’m a lot like you, Elsa, but I contribute it to 2nd house aquarius. I feel like it’s a blessing for having Capricorn rising– like no matter what we do we’ll be ok because we’ll make it work. We always do.

      Money, gifts, inheritance, legacy, these are all intertwined with my childhood, too, but instead of lack there was inundation. Bountiful rewards for putting up with the abuse. Threats of disinheritance, spiteful snatchbacks … nothing was really freely given. It was restitution or leverage. If the gift was sincere it could be snatched back at any time, or thrown in your face at the slightest offense. Who needs it? Who wants anything at that point? Keep your shit, I’m out.

      This topic has been on my mind a lot the past couple of days, too. I’m glad you brought it up, Elsa.

  2. I think we’re just custodians of things, and sometimes, taking care of things means knowing when to distribute those things to those who are in need. Things come back to you, if you really need them, and if they don’t, you didn’t need them in the first place.

  3. I tend to keep things, but Pluto in Capricorn made me realize the pointlessness of collecting and hoarding things. I’m reluctant to give things away unless I feel like it’s in good hands, and if I’m told to do so for the sake of community functioning. I conserve money until I need to spend it on essentials. I have Mercury in Libra in the 8th house sextile Saturn and Uranus.
    I think it is important to have generous people in the world. I am generous with my knowledge and experience, but not so much with materials. When I see the consequences of corporate greed in Pluto in Capricorn, I realize the importance of generosity.

  4. Must be that Scorpio thing, people thinking abt these things, lately….
    I just don’t want to be put in the position of having to live with my kids…ever.
    I’m a registered organ donor; but, I want to donate my body and have what can’t be used, cremated.
    Do not like the idea of being “boxed in”, either….ever.
    For me, money is a tool, and/or a hassle…which I equate to the carrot on a stick or weinie dangling.
    I would’ve been happy, living the life my Mom ran away from at a young age….I *think*…one of a
    self-sustaining big family, which worked together on a farm, raising, building etc, whatever’s needed.
    Her parents, were like that, too…sadly, the industrial age came along and lured the kids away, leaving no way to live off the land. About that time, a large family became “unfashionable” and turned from being an asset, into more of what’s perceived, as a liability. I’ve always craved my idea, of the lifestyle she abhorred; that I perceive/d as being more like the Waltons with a family of all ages, living off the land, from birth; til death did part. I still recall the outhouses and “slop jars” and how cold it could be, trying to stay warm til the pot-bellied stove and the kitchen stove heated the house up; but I also recall the smell of breakfast cooking, sorghum syrup and playing under the quilt the older women were “piecing together”. If I had my druthers I’d still choose emptying a slop jar, to kissing some white-collar yahoo’s behind, trying to make enuff to keep myself in hosery, so I could keep up appearances to be a white-collar modern-day “slave” to the man. I ended up, doing what your husband does…even worked for that company, there, with the big orange trucks; then finished off, driving red Petes, on a dedicated run, til I was forced to “retire”. I’d rather be working til I dropped, but with the economy, employers have the upperhand and will make a person do the work of several, to keep from paying out more in benefits. You can, literally, “drive your life away” and wonder where it went…some version, of cat-tv…watching the world fly by your window. It does take a toll on the body, eventually, too; taking a lot out of what should be spent, in the “golden” days, of retirement. I can empathize with your hubby’s thinking of wandering off like the indians used to do, when their productive days were over. I’ve just never been able to get past the knawing hunger pains of an empty stomach, however; which would make that a very uncomfortable, & not so serene, way to go; so, I’ve yet to figure out a good exit strategy. I doubt if I planned anything too carefully, if it would play out, as planned, anyway….as I’ve been told, planning must be the best way to make God laugh….and I’ve probably given him a few, big, good ones!

  5. first – you”re going to live until your dead
    second – you don’t take materials (things) with you when you die
    third – only your experiences transcend with you soul
    so, live fast, love hard, die young even if you’re 144 years old – be in the moment

  6. I have Venus square 11H Jupiter, and also a Venus/Neptune trine.
    I’m one to travel “light” as well – when my belongings start to pile up, I feel like my existence is cluttered. I need to give away – items, clothes, objects, money. Few understand this and somebody will express his/her worry on occasion (i.e. my boyfriend). It’s my Nature, there’s not much I can do about it. I don’t feel bad about things being taken from me, they’re just… things. Like Fritzy said, “Things come back to you, if you really need them, and if they don’t, you didn’t need them in the first place”, and that’s pretty much my take on the subject as well. I’m not what I own, I’m not my money, Life is continuously flowing, we give, we lose, we take.

  7. This is question of balance between 2 and 8 houses. So, if you have strong 8 house, you are interested in changing and transformation. But life teaches you, that these processes shouldn’t proceed with frivolousness. Your values (not only material, your positions too) are important for you subconsciously, but you don’t mind on that and want to destroy them. People, who tell you about your frivolousness, suggest to you about more careful attitude to your values and also to processes of transformation. Sometimes, we can to save some things and sometime we should to leave some things without regret.

    1. That’s interesting.
      I grew up with very little. Really, just the bare minimum, or even less than that. We got one pair of shoes each year and when they wore out, we went barefoot.

      I have a packed 8th and prefer to have less.
      My sister, who grew up in the same environment, has emphasis on the 2nd house and loves her possessions and beautiful things.

      I have tried to adopt her values at various times in my life. Most people think I should. But in the end, I just want to lie on a board in the sun, the way my grandfather did, and I’m just not sure this needs to be fixed.

  8. I have Venus in the 8th house. I must admit, people tend to give me stuff without me really trying that hard. It’s nice. I have survived through their kindness and generosity, and I’m always thankful for their help. I’ve also received love as an exchange. People seem to want to give me their love, which is great, but then becomes a problem sometimes, like if I’m already in a relationship and people still want to give me their love. I do handle all these issues very carefully. I’m not frivolous with other people’s things and feelings at all. I realize it is very important not to take for granted this stuff that I’m being given.

    1. Me too. Venus in 8th. Not sure about the love part but money has been given to me. In fact I’ve been given a LOT already. I live very simply… was a single mom etc so never had been flush. But I do get taken care of. Moon/Sagittarius 2nd house… I am not so attached to material things.

  9. “I found this out for sure, a dozen years ago when someone stole all my music. I was shocked, but I recovered quickly. I recovered two hours later when I found myself singing in my car and realized that you can’t actually steal a person’s music.”
    That’s really lovely, Elsa, so Neptune.

    1. I sing every day. I hear everything I want to hear and don’t have to worry about locking my car or being robbed. Got nothing to steal, ya know? It’s a load off my mind.

      1. I have Venus conj mars in pisces square Neptune in sag & I hear music in everything. I can hear things other people don’t pay attention to. Like the sound of a car I’m driving (or riding) in, if it makes any subtle different noise, I hear it! I can’t explain any better what I mean. But I’ve always loved my music. I turn it so loud too when no one is in the car with me. I dream of singing in front of crowds too lol.

        1. Beautiful reply ((Opalina)). Elsa, Opalina is right, you will die very rich, its just that currency you’ll be holding won’t be dollars or stuff but peace and joy. Your way of living, with bare minimum, may seem peculiar and hard to understand, to most, but cutting, cutting, cutting.. to the barest minimum, thats the thing of heavy 8th house or Scorps. Just like a sculptor working on a marble piece, but in this case marble piece is your own life and end result is not a statue but a truly fulfilling purposeful joyful life. Even if, out of blue, you inherit lots of money Pluto will not let you keep it. Call it a curse or blessing, choice is ours only.

  10. I have a lot of ambivalent feelings towards money. I was taught that it is a vessel for freedom. But my intuition tells me exactly the opposite. That it will inhibit my freedom.

    Most of the time I have faith that whatever I need will be provided for me. There’s other times that I desire material things that I don’t have.

    I think eventually I will end up living the life of an ascetic, even if I’m rich. At least that’s where I see my peace laying.

  11. If your ideas about money are weird Elsa then I’m weird; a lot of them of familiar to me. Money disappears round me too, it’s mysterious. I save and I pay my bills and I’m independent, but over the years I’ve given a lot away or it leaks or disappears. Venus in 12h and pisces on 2h cusp. But I have a lot of saturn also. My mother found a note from me that I wrote when I was 8 asking for them not to buy me another doll for Xmas. I thought it was a waste, I already had one. I have a really twisty relationship with money and I respect now that there’s a lot of karma and a lot’s going on, on a lot of levels. Abundance makes me uneasy and guilty. There won’t be anyone to look after me when I’m old so it would be responsible to provide for myself. I don’t want to be a burden but I find it hard to care about money to that extent. I have terrible timing or luck too with money, it’s something I just know. I’m not in the right place at the right time with $. I know not to gamble. I never expected inheritance. And there’s some mysterious projection that happens, my guilt about having any money at all must leak out. I mean if I earn what other people would call an average wage I feel deeply guilty, almost panicky. I get strange, bitter responses from people appropo of nothing; someone I’ hardly know will just come out with an odd bitter comment about how I probably earn an unfair amount.
    Things are a burden, They cost too much, they have to be looked after, they take up space, and then if they break I fret about how I can fix them and where to get that done – it often ends up being more expensive than buying the object in th first place – or else how much sp.ace they’ll take up in a landfill somewhere. Endless amounts of stuff cluttering life up. I feel tired when I look at my car, I’ll have to replace it again soon. It’s all so meaningless and repetitive and wasteful. I had to pack up a bunch of stuff recently and what a light feeling it was when it was no longer there! I’ve just left it packed up. We’re not really set up in the west to be old and poor. Maybe at some point when I’m done I’ll just wander into the sea.

  12. This is interesting…because I have Moon and Venus in the 8th house but I’d say I like nice things and when younger was somewhat of a hoarder. Although I do have Moon in Taurus. However, I’m generous and always spend what I have..I never save. I have Uranus in the 2nd so money comes in quickly but it also leaves very quickly haha. I would say I’m not motivated by money – and I defintely am more interested in connections, mysterious and the hidden. However, lately (Saturn is about to go into my 2nd) I’ve been feeling that I need to start saving as I’ve always wanted to own my own home (moon in Taurus and IC in Cap). It doesn’t feel good not to have stability and I don’t feel as relaxed as you Elsa, even with quite a strong 8th and a Plutonic chart (Pluto rising). Interesting thread.

    1. One time I lost $100,000 in 3 days. I was pretty much all I had…and I’m not kidding you, I wasn’t even upset for 5 minutes…3 minutes.

      I found out and mostly, it was just shock. And once I realized it had actually happened (which took a minute or two), I immediately knew it didn’t matter in the least.

      I can’t tell you why I’m like this…but I am.

      Another story.

      When I was trying to publish my book, some gal wanted to hurt me. So she told me that my book would not make any money. She hadn’t read it or anything. She just said it was not sell / I’m a loser or whatever.

      So I published the book and at the same time, there was that explosion in Texas that pretty much leveled a small town. I immediately sent a donation – specifically, all the money I thought it might make in the first 6 months or a year and this just goes to show you.

      The money I make or don’t make does not affect me. It affects the people I give (or can’t give) it to.

      I really have a time with this, I’ll tell you. And saturn is T my Venus Neptune now and I have to make sure I am doing the right thing. So what is the right thing? Give to children in Texas, or save the money for my child’s college.

      The answer to a question like that is not at all obvious to me. I may substitute my husband’s judgment on this – MAY – but it I do, it will be done on faith.

      These things are not separate to me and they are not easy.
      Well actually, the hard things are easy and easy things are impossible.

  13. I want to say something else!

    I do not romanticize poverty. Poverty SUCKS. I know. I’ve been homeless and hungry, back when there was no help available, whatsoever.

    And I have no problem with people who have a lot of money, either. In fact, a lot of my clients are very wealthy. Not only is this fine with me, I work very hard to help them make more money if this is their goal.
    I’ve got no problem with that whatsoever.

    Matter of fact, last week, I told one of my long time clients I wanted her to kicks some ass this year, double or triple her already hefty salary.

    “I’m still pissed off that guy beat you out of that deal, two years ago,” I said. “You should have got that deal – he’s not better than you.”

    It was $300,000 slipped through her fingers. I don’t like that shit, when it’s my client involved.


    1. ‘helping other people make money’ . . . that sounds familiar. As long as they are straight shooters and ethically sound. I am not going to jail for anyone.

      And of course, the shoemakers shoes always got holes. 😀

    2. Elsa didnt you say once you had Neptune at the top of your chart? (or maybe that was a transit?) Just thinking that could make you want to give it all away!

  14. I don’t have any weird ideas about money, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Saturn in my 8th, aspects everything in my chart. Easy come, easy go.

  15. In case my humour doesn’t translate: I don’t think there are weird ideas about money, really. Unless you want to call people weird in general.

  16. I too have a packed 8th house in Scorpio: Sun, Mercury Neptune, North Node and also Saturn in Sagitarius at 2” conjunct North Node in Scorpio at 29”. I also have a Mars in Pisces in the 12th and Pluto in virgo in the 6th. I have lived with very little and yet have seen the world and much variety and have never had 100,000 to blow. If I didhave that kind of money, I wouldn’t blow it. I wish I had more money than I’ve had so far. Money for me is a vehicle for being more truly me. I wish I had more so that I could buy the time in this culture to do what I am meant to be doing more in life: writing, creating jewelery, praying. I think the 8th house is about understanding “currency” in the larger sense, about what makes life flow Money was seen as the “lucca”, the grease that oils the wheels of life and commerce when it was first created in history. Money is a mediator, so it is supposed to flow. Yet, there is so much attached to it, power, self- importance, grief, joy….. I am caught up in all of these interpretations as well, simply beause I live in this time period in this culture. I wish I could have inherited money and retreated to a simple, reflective, creative life in a natural setting. I may inherit something one day, not the kind of huge amounts mentioned above., but if I do, it sure will not be going to waste if I can help it. I am hoping I am healthy enough to make use of it in a way that is meaningful to me.
    @Elsa, I am curious about the gal who told you that you would never make money from your work. I remember saying something about not to expect much from the publication of a book, but it wasn’t meant to hurt you. I have published 4 books and as most writers know from experience, contrary to popular opinion, most published books do not bring in a huge return……. I still believe that good luck, good writing and a good agent could combine to bring in a good income to a writer however that good income is defined by the writer………

    1. It doesn’t matter.
      I did not write the book to make money and I did not publish it to make money, either.

      I did these things because I was convinced by others (influenced – Venus Neptune) that it was something I should do. I came to agree with them so I did the work, in both cases.

      It’s been a big relief to have it behind me.

    2. wow ((Stella)) you have lots of Scorp in your chart and then Mars in Pisces in the 12th, I think perfect recipe for victimization. Have you had lots of experiences where people victimized you (unnecessarily cruel to you)?

  17. @Elsa,
    Wow! Whatever was your reason to write and publish, it was a huge acomplishment and you should feel satisfaction at having achieved this important goal.

    1. Someone told me it would help people, and I said, okay. It was horrible to write. I have terrible dyslexia.

      On the publishing, I became convinced about this due to my husband who said it might help someone in 100 years.

      I have been helped by a 100 year old book, so I get that.

      I know I am never going to have anything – I know I will give it away – so I really don’t care other than maybe the excitement of watching something exponential occur.

      Like I get a thrill from a slot machine that pays off, but it’s the thrill not the $.

  18. @ Elsa, Ok, I understand you know. This karmic, long count view of looking at wealth, influence, and inheritance is definitely an 8th house way. You might get to experience the exponential growth of your actions in this lifetime or in the spirit realm. As an 8th houser, I often think like that…….:)

    1. It just doesn’t matter because it is not for me.
      There are things that are for me, but this is not one of them!! 🙂

      1. Being a conduit for the goodness of God, however it’s expressed, thru you; might be the highest form of praise; and as we’re admonished, not to bury our talents, your use of yours, may afford you what you need, whenever you need it, all your days. I pray that is the case & I believe it may well, be so. May you continue to be blessed, in order to be a blessing, Elsa.
        ~This flowed thru me to you, effortlessly, without any premeditation or thought on my part.
        I think that may mean something, to you. Ditto, for the caveat.

  19. I swing from feeling that money irrelevant and wanting to give it away with everything turning out okay (Venus-Neptune), to obsessing about it (Venus in Virgo aspect Pluto). My parents put a lot of emphasis on money and feel it’s most important thing in the world. My dad was upset about the money he spent on his honeymoon and couldn’t enjoy himself during it. He also went to a bed store for years to lay in their beds, but he didn’t want to spend money on a better bed although the current one was hurting his back and could’ve caused problems (and cost more money) later on.

    I thought I would be thrilled to have a job and finally make money, but I don’t feel any different, lol. I just know I work 8 hours/put in my hours and then at the end of the pay period, I get paid. It just feels so abstract. I may feel differently when I get the deposit or after working a few weeks, but as of right now, it feels like I do work and money falls from the sky, lol. Being paid hourly/normally/salary weird to me. It feels a lot different from when sell a service or sell something myself.

    I don’t know if my beliefs re: money, etc. benefit me.

  20. I just want to thank everyone who commented on this. I was going to delete it about a million times. I just didn’t think people would relate to it, or be interested. In the end, I let it publish and I really appreciate your response. It greatly encouraging.

  21. Yep I can relate – and thought I was the only one out there like this. People around me don’t understand. So in this blog I feel understood. Thanks!

  22. I love this thread. I have Venus in Pisces, in 8th, trine Neptune, Venus opposed by Pluto in 2nd, and Saturn in Taurus opposed by Neptune. I love to give to others, so much. The minute i get money, it somehow slips away, and has to go to whatever expenses arise. This is the story of my life, so I have accepted it, and I believe this “not having” has facilitated my journey to seek beyond the material for happiness and joy, and for this I am greatful. Appreciating the simple things in life does put you at an advantage in many ways. I also am surrounded by people who are seemingly obsessed with money, which causes a chasm between me and them. Not by my judging them, but vise versa. I frequently get the saving money lecture….but if you cant, you cant, and my circumstances haven’t allowed for that, partly my fault, partly life…

    With the Saturn in Scorpio, I am re-evaluating this whole area and actually starting to save a nice amount, for survival purposes, and I like it. Several aspects I mentioned above could potentially manifest as a colossial struggle with money, but could also make me work hard (Saturn) to have it (Taurus). Venus in Pisces opposite Pluto will have me transforming my attitude towards it for sure, and finally at the age of 41, I have. For me personally, i think its about balance, rather that teetering back and forth between having and not having, or maybe that is just my lot. I have yet to see what happens to the chunk im now saving…

    One thing I do know…. the most interesting, deep, beautiful people i have met in my life dont have money, and Elsa just by reading your blog, you seem like one of these people…

  23. Elsa, you have the right idea about the material, your interaction with it is how it works for you the best. However, because you have spent your life giving to others and caring for them, you will be taken care of and you’ll be alright.

  24. Yeah, I have this Venus Neptune. I don’t think about it that much, but I totally relate to the first 2 paragraphs, word for word, of your post, Elsa. I am getting better at bargaining, but it sucks and I hate it, so much so that I let people take advantage. But I’m getting better! I’m standing up for myself, just to see what happens. It interesting to exercise that muscle.

    Money is Wierd. For a long time, I was obsessed with buying a house: a huge chunk of money. It seemed like no big deal, but I never actually did it because I couldn’t find the right place. Now I am spending money starting a business, but its much less than a house, but it feels like more.

  25. Also have Venus square Neptune. Would having a lot of planets in the second house/Taurus remedy this or just piss me off that I give away money?

  26. I have my sun, moon, and mercury in Pisces and Venus in the 9th Trine Neptune and opposite Pluto and Saturn.

    I feel the same way about money and possessions ad you do Elsa. I give away everything. I have given my last 100$ to someone I didn’t know just so they could buy thier kid Christmas presents. I’ve left all of my belongings with people after leaving a relationship. I have given numerous homeless people money and food. I’ve had things stolen and not given a crap.

    I’ve been homeless myself, and had things stolen…only had one outfit to wear and I had no problems with it because my jeans I had fit cute anyway.

    Yeah, I can relate. There are certain sentimental things I still regret losing… Like my moms wedding ring/band. And my sons baby pictures.. those things make me sad to lose, but at the end of the day, I let it go. Life isn’t about things.

  27. Uranus in Cancer natally in the 8th opposing natal Jupiter in 2nd house Capricorn.When it rains it poors but alot of draught in between.

  28. my parents were so strange…mom was a pisces/aries..right on the cusp…an 8th grade dropout, child of irish immigrants, grandpa hardly worked annd grandma worked, but took off months at a time with other men, come and go to her family of 8 kids..they grew up with was scarce and clothes hand me downs and a very hard scrabble life..raised catholic, and all my aunts and uncles abide by god and law only by the grace of god…mom was a rebel..had her first child at 14(my oldest sister) and last child at 40 (my little brother)…my dad was her 3rd husband and dad was raised in the same community by german immigrants..they worked so hard but all 5 of the boys worked and dad’s mom was an invalid by dad’s high school yr..she was in a wheelchair ..alll 5 boys did the farming, household chores and says he was in charge of the sunday after dinner cakes.after he married mom , they socked their money away and did well. my older sister and brother did well for themselves and my other sis and i not so little bro is a used to say it was in his chart..he would do very well.. but he has also cut us all out of the inheritance…he bought out the property dad still lives on has more money now than he can handle…and dad shares with all ofus children..but when dad is gone,littlle brother gets everything because he swoooped in and bought everything to let dad live comfortably to the end. but me, the only chiild that moved away..far away..i’m set too get nothing. I dont like this , but feel it is my destiny. I’m rich in my family and the stories and way I was brought up. being a pisces and mom a pisces, she let me do whatever I wanted..never set any boundaries on me..when I was small she would let me take over whole rooms with my dolls and cities I would build..even play with , she encouraged the wild imagination I had..we put on plays, built cities with my dolls, her and I played imaginary games…and everything she taught me about the imagination and the holidays I passed to my children. I think I got the most from my parents , but little bro will get the monetary benefit.

  29. I can frustrate people sometimes because they don’t understand why I won’t do something for money. I have limits. My bottom line is that I won’t sell my soul for money. It may be awareness of the repercussions for doing so. Not sure. There are just places I will not go. Oftentimes it seems as if another(s) are insisting on loyalty at any cost. The heaviest opposition was when saturn was conjuncting my sun: and it was also amidst the saturn uranus opposition. It wasn’t enough to be doing the jobs, I was expected to buy onto others belief systems and justifications. The attacks and threats for not doing so were very disheartening and disorienting. Business and finance seemed to justify the selling of souls for monetary gain. Those are the soul eaters of whom I am very wary.

  30. Oh the 2nd part of the question. A clear conscience is the benefit. And yes, it does carry me through. Knowing I did the best I could given the circumstances. I think I’ve read that 9th house uranus should avoid trouble with the law. That would be a good re-enforcer and the gifter of the clear conscience perhaps.

  31. My heart overflows with love for this post!
    I have the blessing of thinking about corporeal “death” every day for as long as I can remember. I just do. Physical disintegration will be another amazing experience that my consciousness will witness. This habit sharpens and sweetens my everyday existence and helps distance material cravings.
    We are spinning soaring through the galaxy and universe blessed very temporarily with this particular physical animation and blessed permanently with consciousness. What a miracle! Woo Hoo! Lol!

  32. I have my Sun and Venus in the 8th (with a lot of sextiles, trines, and squares). I have had a good share of monetary inheritance, but it seems to go as quickly as I receive it. When it comes to money I’m practical, I wasn’t always that way, but with age and wisdom, I prefer a simpler life.

  33. The idea that i cant take any of it with me, and money is not love. Probably assures that i will never be wealthy. But the im a cancer sun, mercury and venus, so the idea of constantly losing it doesnt make me happy either! Ive got to always be able to pay my bills. My dads a pastor. I believe in god. Jesus wasnt a fan of hoarding money either, or letting it rule you. This is how i became this way, i think. But if i did ever come into large sums of money, i know id use it to benefit other husband is a pisces sun and mercury. He has an uncanny ability to find money, but also an inclination to give it away also. It doesnt always work for me lol

  34. 8H Libra Sun (semi-sextiling 7H Virgo Pluto, and trining 4H Gemini Mars), Mercury, Ceres (sextiling Cancer Vesta), and NN (of course, opposing 2H Aries SN). I take money management seriously. I’ve “inherited” money in the form of spousal maintenance, and all my legal documents (Will, Living Trust, long-term disability insurance) are arranged thus simplifying financial matters for my adult children when I die.

  35. I realize daily how blessed I am to be born in the land of plenty and to have what I have. I am far from wealthy. In fact, 2016 has done a tap dance on me. Even as sick as I have been, and as financially devastating as 2016 has been, I am still living a great life compared to so many.

    Still, when I have truly given from my heart to a family member after doing back breaking work at my age… and then get treated like dirt, I wont lie, bitter is the nicest word I can come up with.

  36. I totally believe you, Elsa!

    I have moon/Pluto in my 8th house. I tend to not attach myself to material things at all. It does get to me sometimes because I don’t want people (well those who matter) to think I have no ambition; because that’s not it. I just can let things go and consider that I have few things of value.

    As far as inheritances I think I got musical talents from my mother. My grandmother and mother showed me with their examples how to go about crisis. So I’m not expecting a fat check to dump into my lap anytime soon.


  37. Your poor husband living under a poncho till the animals get him. I understand what he’s saying. I work w/ these very, very old people and it’s just like they are soooooo old and their hearts are still going strong. Everything else is falling apart or has fallen apart. When your mind is gone, oh gosh. It’s just…sad. It’s a lot to process. Give me the Morphine I guess I’ll be saying.

  38. When Saturn in Scorpio transited my 4th house, it stripped me bare. Not materialistically but emotionally. Towards the end of the transit, I shed more than 50% of all my belongings. Thousands of dollars spent –no desire to sell it. Just donated it to various causes. It was liberating. I realized with Saturn in the 2nd, I want to leave my family with a legacy of good memories instead of bickering over the estate. Too many families do that and it tears them apart. I’ve seen it firsthand. I refuse to let my children fall into that pit. Secondly, we’re living in an overstuffed culture. Grown children would often covet their parents’ belongings when they passed away but with an excess of stuff and evolving trends, the children are often are left with a huge collection of belongings to sort and manage and divvy out — what stress?! Especially if they have families and lives of their own to deal with! Ugh-no. I don’t want to leave them that. Just what’s needed day to day, a few lasting luxuries, and sentimental items. That’s it. I love zen space.

  39. Avatar

    I remember in my childhood having a fascination with things. I have a south node Jupiter in Taurus 11th house. Both my parents are Taurus suns. Money was not only a big deal to my parents but to the other kids i went to school with. We had a large family and i was the youngest. It meant i went to school with the least. I was teased for the rags I wore. I don’t think it would’ve been as devastating if all the people who surrounded me didn’t make such a big deal over it. As I got older I was constantly stolen from and/or fired and laid off from various jobs. It meant i couldn’t wear money and status as my identity. A few years ago i had to pack all my belongings in storage and travel to another state. My storage unit was robbed. I lost everything. It took about a day to get over it and then i realized I was much lighter. I decided that next day i would never buy anything i’d care about losing again. I wish i had elders that taught me that lesson much sooner but I had to learn it the hard way. A good half of the bible is Jesus insisting we give up our earthly riches because we can’t take it with us into the after life. I think you were lucky to sense this early on in your life 🙂 I’m sure it freed you up to pursue the more important depths of life

  40. Avatar

    I beg of you. (generic you reading this…) Give your stuff away. Keep what you need for day to day. Ask your children what they would want to keep to remember you by. Ask them what they would want for their inheritance. Ask them this every 5 years for example. And give everything else you do not need away.

    I beg this of you. All of those things you collect – someone has to deal with that. They have to deal with it when you die and they are in mouring at the same time. They have to deal with it when you are too old to care for the house and have to move and all those things THINGS you wanted you cannot take with you. They will be sold or given away then. If you are not using and enjoying please save your family the trouble and hurt.

    I tell you this as my personal experience. I am still cleaning – two years after starting. They are still alive and had more than a houseful as it were. We live better than kings of the past ever lived. And what for? Are we happier?

  41. 6th house venus conjunct neptune in scorpio. You can’t always get what you want. But with a 12th house Saturn, you just might find, you get what you need.

    When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose- Pisces moon

  42. Our culture is so materialistic, it is refreshing to hear about living and giving on faith. I think all of us in our heart of hearts would love to give and give whenever we come to know of people in need, but fear holds us back. We – I – need to live that faith more and not just do like our culture tells us.

    The more we hear about people living their faith, the more we all will be inspired to let go our fear and the more our culture materialism will be replaced with a culture of love and care.

  43. This topic has been central to me for the past year. Both my grandmothers died a few months ago. One was 99, the other 100. The 99 year old was my surrogate mother, and I loved her very much. She had a hard childhood but happy and fulfilling adult life, and was ready to die a decade before she did. In her last year she was desperate to die and talked about wanting to lie down on the train tracks. Some of her (atheist) children called it dementia and did everything they could to keep her alive. I argued that she meant what she said, and to let her die rather than continuing to intervene with life-saving measures such as intravenous antibiotics for pneumonia. So silly, trying to keep a 99 year old woman alive who just wants to pass on to the spirit realm and see her husband again.

    Witnessing what my grandma went through made me realize that living that long and not having control over my own ending scares me to death! Mars in Taurus conjunct IC, trine Pluto in Virgo in the 8th makes sense in the way I want to take control over my own death in a practical way. I also grew up with a burdensome handicapped sister, so I’ve never wanted to be a burden on anyone in the way that she was. So here’s my plan.

    If illness doesn’t get me first, and given my ‘good’ genes and health, I could live as long as my grandmothers — that is, if I had the money to stay housed and fed for that long. But the money will run out long before 100. So I plan to die when my money runs out, which will be around age 77, I predict. (I have no kids or spouse, so I’m good to go when I choose.)

    At that point, I will get rid of all my possessions, buy a lethal drug, go to the nearest raging forest fire, take the drug, and pray that the fire sticks around long enough to burn my body. If natural self-cremation is unlikely, due to the high water content in the human body and speed of the fire, I’ll drown myself in a remote location and make sure I have enough weight on me so that my body doesn’t float to shore. Leave no trace.

    It would be generous to leave my body for bears, cougars, vultures, wolves, etc to feast from, so I’ll consider your husband’s plan, Elsa. But I’d have to find a very remote mountain, forest, or something, so that humans don’t find me before the creatures get to devour my remains.

    Thanks for raising this topic again, Elsa. I find it fascinating.

  44. I got the square and the Jupiter in the 8th. Right now I’ve never been poorer. But my husband and mother are helping me get through college, it feels very weird just basically being in negative equity as a person. It’s like the wool unravelled during the Pluto Uranus square with the diminishing returns, right down to a frazzled end. My main concern was having to give up my animal charity donations but I’ve managed to keep a few going.

    My stepdad used to say he would walk into the sea, but in the end his mind took him but he never forgot who my mother was, or her name. And she looked after him right to the bitter end when the metaphorical animals came.

    It’s hard when you are basically not materialistic and faced with a deep need to make money, to forge ahead in order to prove something to oneself. I’ve never saved and right now I wish I had. How can you care and not care about it at the same time? It’s more you want the freedom it brings, to travel, to give, to say what the hell lets blow it! Security is a chimera but I would like a little peace of mind. Am so glad you posted this it’s right at the front of things now with the Sun in my 2nd.

  45. Quote – “Money just makes you more of who you are”. If one is satisfied with who he/she really is, having more or less doesn’t matter. I think one should have enough to remain independent but too much of it may “inhibit my freedom” (very useful line from ((Libra Noir)) reply above. Well these are my thoughts.
    Off topic, 🙂
    just 5 hours to new year 2017 (here in India). I am sitting alone on my bed with music on lappy, coffee, mixing through stuff like: reading, surfing net, work, may watch some favorite movie. I am so happy. 2017 holds a lot of promise. Happy new year to you Elsa and all sweet elsaelsa surfers. God bless you with beautiful, peaceful, joyful, happy 2017. May your lives be filled with good health, fulfilling experiences and love. 🙂 🙂

  46. I too have a packed 8th house…Have been ‘given’ much and given even more away…
    To continue to ‘give’ insures you will always ‘receive’….One can never have too much if someone else has too little….
    We are all traveling ‘LIGHT’ if we but knew…. 🙂

  47. im reckless with money and always spend everything i have (also very generous with children and friends) . sun,mercury,venus and many asteroids in 8 and rx jupiter and pof in 2. when id get anxious about spending my last, a voice would tell me it will be ok and it was. i came to rely on it. my sister passsed and left me her 401k, brother passed and i got his things. I had to leave CA to come to WA to help mom and brother. mom has $ and decent income. my brother died unexpectedly,mom got ill and to care for her she had to pay all my expenses. she came to have nothing ( i told her over and over to let me help her but her NPD would not allow this. It got sooo scary…eviction notices etc. I found that every single company she dealt with was robbing her blind, incliding us bank, northrop grumman and fidelity investments. When i try to get the truth its all lies, evasion and deception. Finally, forced to sell house and AGAIN realtors lying their asses off, sabotaging sale, not letting anyone see it….cant get the truth in WA period. Disgusted with corporate deregulation. house is sold and i have no relief just anger as i float around like a ghost, packing, reflecting while mom in hosp. Would you believe hoa people are threatening me with legal notices that o dont have “permission” to be here! total ass clowns! sp sorry for this long winded rant but you really got me musing these topics
    i feel guilty inheriting from family….ill end with this….my father who i am estranged from is very wealthy and wad absent all my life ( excuse was being doctor alwayson call) sounds terrible but i would not feel bad inheriting from him cuz i feel i am owed! crazy shit i know. saturn rx in first=absent father. blessings to you elsa and all of your homies on this blog
    deceived in pnw

  48. I’ve got the weird idea about money that Venus can’t tell you anything about it. Venus rules my empty Second house. My natal Venus is in its domicile. So I should be quite wealthy? But I’m poor. So it’s clear that money has to be searched somewhere else in the chart. I’m favoring Pluto.

  49. me and my husband always lose alot of money, or someone steals from us; we always have to be vigilent about that. personally i’d rather all that money that we had gained went to take care of my elderly parents (which we do) and college money for my son, as he wants to do a different career plan. And help pay my sister’s bills. She just keeps buying and hoarding so much. She makes good money but can’t seem to save enough or be thrifty. (pisces stellium, money slips away) if i sat on alot of money and alot of gold & diamonds, i want to sell it, because i dont know what to do with all the stuff my mother hoarded. she is the type that can’t give stuff away unless it’s to her close family or if someone she gets close to becomes her dearest friend. she is not the type to randomly give it to strangers.

    in the end she has so much stuff, and sadly so many things were so expensive and wasted too. I gave the cleaning lady all the vintage barbie dolls we found, half were still in good condition and some were ruined. She said some of them came very expensive when she looked it up and i’m happy she made out. I’m a packed 8th house and my mother decided she wants to give away her jewellry, that she bought 30 to 50 years ago. All the faux jewellry she gave away to the caretaker and cleaning lady: they were all quite expensive and still beautiful. she came to really like them over time, in the past several years. But for me and my sisters she has a few real baubles (8th house inheritance) at first, I dont know what to do with them. I wear them with my sweat pants and hooded jackets and t-shirts. My family tells me people think i’m wearing cubic zirconia lol because i wear everyday clothes that can be construed as “rags” lol. i feel also sad because her jewelry was something she loved very much. thankfully she is keeping a couple things for herself to wear when we take her out to eat. She is pure venus (taurus rising libra sun) with a scorpio stellium. i used to hate jewellry because my mother was obsessed with so much jewellry. and we clashed because she had her shoes and jewellry and i had my boxes of books. but now i love it and want to appreciate it very much, as part of that family heirloom.❤️

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