The Aftermath Of A Pluto Transit

Pluto old cardElora suggested that Pluto in Aquarius might fix the mess left by Pluto in Capricorn on Is Pluto A Cold Planet?  That’s not how it works!

I covered this in 2011, after someone said we missed the point with Pluto in Capricorn so there would be consequences. Another person also felt that Pluto in Aquarius will fix everything. There is no way that will happen and I’ll explain…

Back in 2011, Jilly wrote:

“I was hoping Pluto through Sadge would have helped with the conglomeration but nothing happened really :/ & it seems worse. Though I know a lot more people, who realize they are being played so to speak, & have lost faith in journalism.”

I responded:

This is not specific to Pluto in Sagittarius. But the idea Pluto resolves something or that you will see healing during a Pluto cycle is a misnomer.

Pluto will expose issues but you are not going to wind up healed and rising from the ashes like a Phoenix at the end of a transit. If you want a real example, take incest.

With Pluto in Scorpio, incest came out of the closet.  It was on the front page of every paper and every magazine but was it solved?  Absolutely not.

If you want a more personal example, my home and family were devastated when Pluto transited my Moon.  Do you think this is resolved? Absolutely not.

How about Pluto in Sagittarius and the sex abuse by clergy that was exposed at that time. Fixed? Absolutely not. Shadow side of journalism and higher education. Fixed? No.

With Pluto in Capricorn, we saw the cracks in the foundation, the shadow side of the government, etc.  Pluto will leave Capricorn in a dozen years or so and do you think this will be healed? It won’t. We will be dealing with the aftermath.

This is public service announcement.

To update in 2023, Pluto is now in Aquarius and we are dealing with the shadow side of technology, if not the destruction of humanity.  Do you think this is going to be resolved?

How about no.

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  1. That’s right. The problem is exposed. This you can bank on but beyond that, forests that burn to the ground do not come back right away. As far as sex with children goes, things are much worse now than they were then when things were supposedly so horrible so how’s that for your “healing”?

    It’s a lot more complicated than a 2 hour made-for-tv movie where everything is resolved in the end.

    1. This comment…sex with children. It’s so bad now it’s basically public and some people are defending it. Two signs later and it’s still not resolved at all.

  2. Thanks for that Elsa. I’m another survivor of serious Pluto transits to my natal sun about 5 years ago. Pluto laid waste to me and exposed alot for me to work on. I’ve made alot of changes but you’re right, it has been post-Pluto that some healing has occurred, where shifts have happened and where I see where things may never be able to be changed. Perhaps after Pluto comes acceptance, not a cure, but acceptance.

  3. Kinda liked AIDS/HIV during Pluto in Scorpio. Sure, we have a way of slowing down the illness/disease, but we haven’t found the cure (at least not yet)even after Pluto left Scorpio huh?

  4. I’m not sure I agree with you. I think the healing comes about in the way that something infected or inflamed will burst from the pressure, and this brings a healing crisis.

    The incest issue did not *go away* — but it was exposed and put into a context so that people could make their own choices about the issue, be aware, protect the innocent, and speak.

    I don’t believe that before Pluto in Scorpio, there was no incest. But our society had succeeded in making it so taboo that victims could not form words or defenses, people were not made aware. We made our decision about this issue as a society:It was *not* the fault of the victim and it was *not* okay. It has not gone away but now if you take it to the right person or institution you have a good chance of getting protection and healing.

    With Pluto in Sadge, we fought a religious war. We started to analyze the place of religion in our society — also the idea of “freedom of speech” and ” freedom of religion” and ” the exchange of ideas” in the interenet age. It used to be that all of those concepts were instantaneously rewarded as good, but not anymore. Should we really protect the right of others to publish information regarding the destruction of enemy governments?

    I think there’s tremendous healing in all of it.

    And with Pluto in Capricorn, my prediction is that by the time it’s over, the masses will be educated regarding ” the economy.” And the masses means everyone, not just college graduates and hedge fund managers. I think what we’ll discover is that the “economy” was a sharecropping device that allowed the rich to profit on the needs of the poor, and that we are nothing close to politically equal to the robber barons of this world. We’re going to learn it. It will become clear enough that the masses will be able to finally begin to make some very sophisticated choices on a level playing field.

  5. Well I have Pluto transiting my second house which houses my Venus. I have been watching my money really carefully but have been ripped off three times, and I am talking a few thousand, and I am feeling the pinch. I dread to think where I will be at the end of this transit.

      1. UPDATE: Thanks! Yes this has been true. I was stating that in 2011 in light of no healing ie wouldn’t get that money back…but since then in 2013 I did get some of it back. What was not healed were the feelings. But in 2023 am able to move on : )

  6. I’m a Pluto in Scorpio natally, and I’ve had to deal with incest issues in my own life. Still working out exactly what happened, as the transit’s not over, but in the past eight years I had Pluto conjunct by transit my Jupiter (in Sag), then my Neptune, now my Sun, and each one has been a healing experience for me after extraordinarily scary and painful purges and changes. But I wonder if this is because I have a lot of Scorpio placements natally and I am used to working with the energy (or progressed Mars in Scorpio). Anyway, each time, a new layer of familial issues has been uncovered, and joy of joys, I still have Saturn in Scorpio return to go and Pluto conjunct Mercury soon also.

    After Satori’s article about Lilith, I’m thinking my Pisces in the 7th house works hand in hand with this for me in order to survive and process it all.

  7. Eva– definitely agree with you about the results of Pluto in Cap broadly. Pluto in Aquarius is going to be a pretty telling time, in my opinion.

  8. Interesting, P, cuz we read so often that after Pluto the new day dawns, but Proserpina/Persephone still had to do her hard time six months of every year after her ‘release’. Looks like one of those glass half full/half empty thangs. From where I sit, the gal’s lookin’ real swell this time round; she’s been down so long, everything’s looking up and mighty fine. Once that light shines down that shithole, ain’t no more perfume gonna mask the smell.

  9. When Pluto transited my moon in Scorpio, issues about incest were revealed in my family. Now here we are with Pluto right on top of my Ascendant and it is churning up the aftermath of that Pluto in Scorpio conj. moon transit — I am finally, finally seeing the cracks in my own foundation regarding self-esteem when it comes to relationships (thanks Saturn in Libra)and I can see how it traces back to the other issues in my life. Awareness and making the connection is the first step of healing, I think. It’s got to be revealed to be healed (although that healing may, in fact, take a while).

  10. Eva, I am more inclined to agree with you. I think that when something like incest is brought up to the forefront, the taboo aspect is taken away. It allowed for less stigma for those who had been abused, more protection through teaching kids to speak out and a collective consciousness as a society about the issue. While it might not heal one’s own incest to know that there are others like you can be its own form of healing.

    Speaking personally and not societally, Pluto transits have almost had a make or break aspect. I was forced to look in the mirror and deal or resolve.

    Of course, not everything can be healed or resolved but the amount of healing and resolution achieved for me (Pluto hit my Sun in Scorpio and then my Moon, Neptune and Mercury in Sagittarius and now my Ascendant and Jupiter in Capricorn) have been huge.

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    Sag with Cap rising

    Pluto transited my 10th house from late 1992 to late 2002, and it was quite the ride: Got promoted, relocated across country, lived in two beautiful west coast cities, got married & divorced and lost my first career that I loved by time it started transiting my 11th house.
    Believe it or not, Pluto transiting my 12th has been harder. That’s wrapping up 2021-2022. I have no clue what life will be like as it transits my 1st house. What I do know is my soul signed up for this experience, I don’t want to repeat it, so I guess I’ll find out.
    2020, the COVID pandemic, the death of our democracy, it’s all made me glad I’m in the fourth quarter of life.
    You called it, Elsa; our business and government structures surely are *not* healed. It makes me very glad I’m not 34 anymore (my fav year). Although many of the late 20 somethings I know seem oblivious to the state of our world.
    I’m definitely ‘world weary’ but am trying to figure out what the next twenty will look like. Seems that no matter what house Pluto in Cap is transiting for one personally, Americans have been feeling the effects of America’s Pluto return, exact a year from now. It’s hard to know which way to turn. ??‍♀️

    1. Hi Sag/Cap: I am also entering my elder years,soon to be 70.I see the work of our elder times to be hammering down to the very personal level, once again.I don’t know about you but I devoted my life to healing others in one fashion or another..a as a professional tarot/astrologer and as a Nurse practitioner.I also managed my husband’s professional office. I worked two /three jobs at a time, most of my life. At retirement (age60) I began to feel I had time to work on just ME. I believe the elder years can be a gift if we use them .. and it is a perfect time to delve into the intricacies of one’s astrology chart karma, and pick up some of the pieces for growth and happiness,wisdom and peace, that are found there, that we did not have time for when we were young.I can’t hike as hard as I did in my 30’s-50’s but I cans till get out there with hiking poles.. and go a little easier. Yes, I am world weary too, and I feel my best when I drill it down to MY daily life and work on ME. I am not. going to march anymore,but I vote and do phone banks to get the young uns out there. Spend time with friends and our interests and the final third will unfold.. I’m learning new things about myself every day..

      1. Thank you for this very uplifting and positive message about ageing. 🙏 With your Sag Sun, you’re committed to learning all your life, no matter what you do, and it shows.

        We can only work on ourselves, and that what people tend to forget.

        I’m only in the 4th decade of life and doing the 2/3 jobs scenario you painted of midlife. Even then, I try to carve out little nuggets of time here and there to advance my self-knowledge through the study of astrology. The dividends it pays is enormous because you are working in your own best interest, instead of myopically, against it. 😁

  12. Pluto square moon => began the crumbling of my relationship with my mom in 2014-2016

    Then, my progressed moon squared my Pluto/Saturn conjunction in the beginning of 2019.

    My relationship with my mom was game over.
    My home environment was in upheaval too. Uranus transit opposite these two big guns as well around that time.

    It led me down on a path with revealing my pathology and healing.

    I am a 7 X Scorpio (by planets/house) so I am almost used to death by now. Death of family, death of relationships,death of everything.

    Pluto is transitting my 12th house.

  13. thanks for this!

    pluto conjunct my sun is about over (it’s finally moving away and won’t return in my lifetime not even via retrograde, but i do still carry the aspect in my solar return for this year), and what it caused was the end of a family relationship that will never be repaired.

    at this point in time i can say it was necessary, but you absolutely nailed it that pluto breaks things and i am currently coping with the aftermath

  14. Pluto is now conjunct my descendant; apparently I can expect that my relationships, and particularly? my way of relating is going to transform. Although the metamorphosis has been ugly for almost a year, long-range I am in tune with the tumult… I have been waiting, waiting for the world to change.

  15. Pluto opposite sun/moon/Venus/Mercury mid80s thru ’90s. A lot of physical death and rude-awakenings in relationships. Raised to be an “open book” toward people it was difficult learning how to deal w/the situations. The opposition isn’t over, the inconjunct is just as difficult. Once Pluto/Scorpio transits/traits get their pincers into you, it doesn’t leave.

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    Sag with Cap Rising

    FWIW, I’m in the crowd that truly hopes Pluto in Aquarius will fix it by emphasizing collective needs, climate change (not running away to space), and reverse all of the goodies going to the 1% vs. the 99%.

    But do you think your Pluto transit to 12th / crossing ASC has brought you any healing? Or just raised everything that requires healing?

    All I know is once Pluto is in Aquarius, it will trine my sun, which gives me hope that whatever the aftermath of it thru 12th & over ASC is, that I’ll deal with it better than I am right now. Change and grow from it. Let’s hope so anyway or WTH is that 🤬🤬🤬 transit for / worth?

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    Aquarius Lurker

    It struck me, there is no training for Pluto. One simply succumbs. So, I will look for things in my present circumstance to cherish – simple things. Maybe my good health? My mobility? My functioning memory? My teeth, even? Yes. These are the app extensions that came with me from the factory, as part of the original package. I’m going to take care of those as well as I possibly can. Polish them every day. The accessories, like the degree, the job, the marriage, the home property, whatever status I’m awarded, are complex things that, when added to the mix, may or may not play out. It so happens too, these things I’m not so skilled at managing. So maybe I’ll use boundaries with them. Meanwhile, I’ll make a daily effort to enjoy the things I’m now consciously cherishing.

    1. I think the day to day approach is a good one just now.Pluto blows things up.. Sometimes we just don’t have the energy or even the desire to go rummaging through the rubble to find the is just better to start over.. or to be happy with what’s left.. it’s a choice. I like tthe idea of cherishing and polishing and appreciating what you DO have..that’s my philosophy too.Some days easier than others but when I am able to embrace that,again, life is better.

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        Aquarius Lurker

        Madeline, so nice to have this exchange with you. I also read your message to Sag/Cap above. Yes – be happy and start anew, if you want. Or be happy with what’s left, if you want. Your feelings concerning this choice will rise and ebb. And that’s that.

  18. As Pluto passes through a sector, the rest of the horoscope persists as well. What is building? Saturn and Jupiter?

  19. Thanks, it helps me to keep the rest of the picture in view as well. I hope there will be surprisingly interesting building opportunity with Jupiter moving into concrete Taurus, joining Uranus and sextiling Saturn in Pisces.

  20. Ok so it’s not Pluto’s job to fix, resolve after the wreckage. That’s where the rest of the planets come in and hopefully take what Pluto has revealed and make something with that revelation in mind?

  21. Just reading this now. I was connected to your blog back in 2011 but I AM NOW 🙏
    Bring a Scorpio and Pluto and Mars my planetary ruler, I’ve never been attached to Pluto as I’ve been to Mars. I can stand up here and say Pluto has never made life easy or can I say I’ve ever received healing directly from Pluto or fixed anything at that matter. But I did receive choices. And if I did not choose, Pluto made sure it interceded and made it for me lol
    Definitely about endings and transitioning and deciding what I’m going to transform! And that can be light or dark! It isn’t easy! And my email says it all. Transformation and Empowerment. Either way… Light or dark. Great article Elsa. ❤️

    1. “…And if I did not choose, Pluto made sure it interceded and made it for me lol”

      Astrologer, Tracy Marks, was known to say, “you don’t have to pay attention to outer planet transits, so long as you don’t mind the universe burning your house down.”

      I heard her say that nearly 30 years ago. Totally seems to be the case.

      1. Elsa I agree with you. I don’t know how or when the “healing” part entered the myth of Pluto. He is the God of the Underworld after all, there is no bargaining and he is only interested in your timely death. Transformation is a necessary by product of death, as you say whether we like it or not life moves on after a death and we are forced to change. The other aspect of Pluto is that being an outer planet, he is not interested in nor does he take things personally. Same goes for Neptune and Uranus imo. This is why I support Jupiter still being Pisces ruler, Neptune doesn’t give a shit about the tsunami he unleashed in my natal Pisces first house. He doesn’t care about individual fish, he has entire Oceans to rule. This impersonality of the outer planets doesn’t mean we can’t make use of an outer planet transit. The healing part is up to us, or not.
        Pluto in Sag in my 10th took away my marriage, home and savings right on the cusp of moving into Capricorn. They didn’t come back. I learned a lot of very important lessons. Pluto in Cap in my 11th destroyed my entire long standing social circle. It is not coming back either. That’s death for you. At the grand conjunction of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in 2020 in my 11th, my daughter passed away. I have grieved and accepted but not yet fully moved on from any of the Capricorn deaths but then neither has Pluto, I can feel that in another year by the time he does I will be in a different place. the 29 or 0 degrees seems to matter. But I’m guessing that like a volcano Pluto takes a long time to build up the pressure. At any time in that cycle if we can see what’s happening underground we could choose to install a pressure valve to mitigate, but control is not on offer. Pluto didn’t cause any of the deaths it just signalled the timing in my life. Astrology is amazing. I don’t believe in Santa Claus or the age of Aquarius. I think this Pluto transit will be a doozy, especially for the western consumer world. If the construct of a society, be it technology or otherwise is built over a seething volcano, or a graveyard of unhappy ghosts, when we’ve now had plenty of time to install pressure valves or move the thing off the ancestral sacred grounds, then the outcome is to be expected one way or another.

        1. Kerry, so well said! I’m sorry for the loss of your daughter…I can’t imagine. I just had Pluto & Saturn dance a sq to my Moon & conj my Sun. I’m a 73 yr old Capricorn. I saw the root of our family dynamics & lost any attachment to my mother. I saw that root as the drive of my “success” but also what it cost me. I feel reborn w lots of crusty scales/protection dropped off me. I also saw it coming in my chart & spent 3 solid years working to release the pressure before it hit. Two big outcomes: given where I started, I am shocked how far I’ve traveled in an internal sense. I can hardly believe how ME I am, the clarity & compassion for myself & others …which doesnt mean they can live on my sofa! The second power point in my life is Carl Jung’s comment that basically says, we can’t heal a complex – & Pluto is complex, internally & societally. He says Healing a complex amounts to recognizing you have a complex, and then when you are in one. My mother complex is a slippery slope…whether I’m around her or not. But I am aware now & can make choices. Hallelujah!

      2. “You don’t have to pay attention to outer planet transits, so long as you don’t mind the universe burning your house down.”

        “And if I did not choose, Pluto made sure it interceded and made it for me”

        Choices were made for me. They hurt. I hang on to things. I leave claw marks. I would never change or let go. So, enter Pluto. Sorry lady, it’s time to go. Watch this. You’d think I’d have gotten the message after the first catastrophe. Nope. I have to learn and learn and learn… When it’s over and not by my doing nothing is the same. My life is changed so radically that it takes a couple of years to assimilate. My address always changes. So do the people in my life. I end up lost in a new address with new people. Every. Single. Time.

        I call them catastrophes and they feel like it at the time but as time passes, I realize that I was no longer needed there and if I’d tried to stay something worse would have happened and this is the only way my soul has shown any growth. I was never going to do it on my own. Why? Because I just can’t bear to be the one that lets go.

    2. I’m also Scorpio rising. I use both my Pluto in Libra and Mars in Virgo, simultaneously. The deal is you either own it (the outers that are personal to you) or it owns you. I choose the former. 😁

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    Clifton Greene

    Pluto in Aquarius will expose futility of hoping to colonize Mars. It’s a preposterous idea which makes it seem like the earth is disposable. It’s not. We are all rooted to the earth just like a tree. We can’t venture more than a couple hundred miles from the planet of which we are a part of.
    Full Stop.

  23. FWIW—Pluto has been transiting my Sun, Mars and Mercury for the last 10 years…it’s been an extremely rough period, but I am healing well thus far and my soul has advanced significantly…

  24. I think that is typical of Pluto transits…If you survive them (and maybe even if you don’t) you learn some very important soul lessons..

  25. Pluto Transit

    like a hurricane
    like a natural disaster
    wind and rain laying waste to my life.
    tossed, torn, left astray and a stranger
    in the way, or at least not the norm.
    a sad wastrel left adrift in the storm.
    sing my wanderers’ song tonight.
    let the wind carry my fading melody
    off onto wind-whipped ports of call.
    my breath’s been carried out to sea
    nothing left to become of me
    once the hurricane has passed into the day
    the foggy, rainy day . . .
    I gaze upon the ragged sea.

  26. In the aftermath of my Pluto transits,
    I have to the conclusion that they are “painfully funny”

    Pluto/Saturn .

    1. I get what you mean, I think.

      The way I see it, you get dropped into a well. Right when you think you can sink no lower, you drop ten floors.

      If you have a sense of humor, it is funny. Funny how I thought this would never happen to ME!

      You really get stripped down and for me it’s worth it.

  27. Yea. Maybe ten years later, can cry about it or deal.. however … it’s maddening. Now that Pluto cleared my Neptune/Uranus

    1. Exactly! I’m eternally grateful these transits made a crescendo in my chart later in life. So much material to work with. So humbling. Even embarrassing! Pluto & Saturn & my nadir prepared me my entire life for my great opus!! But…what is Italian for “I don’t give a f**k” for external reviews. And it is truly hilarious inside me. I almost feel sorry for those who haven’t had a Pluto training &/or wake up. Essence is so much easier to live than trying to cover it up with life’s distracting wrappings.

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    Irmi1969 / Char555

    Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn, don’t forget, and that means there’s SOME kind of carrying forward from Capricorn.
    Meantime progressed Pluto is in my 7th house and will be there till my dying day.

    1. yes indeed, you make an excellent point about carrying forward from capricorn.
      I was googling about the massive layoffs in the US alone, within the technology industry and that’s huge; all major companies did a mass layoff right after the Capricorn pluto /stellium hiring so many people for tech to stay home work. It seemed inevitable and the clues were there, when everything opened up again that people would be laid off ..since they no longer needed everyone to stay home anymore. Plus i heard about how people got spoiled not to go find physical work, its easier to stay home and earn more. so now its the aftermath of that and its time to go back to working out there in the physical world.

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        Irmi1969 / Char555

        That’s exactly the kind of thing I had in mind, elisa.I’m not crazy about old curmudgeonly Saturn and I haven’t AT ALL liked what he did when he was lording it over me (us) when HE was in Capricorn. Maybe he’ll be “nicer” in Pisces.
        Meantime, Pluto is now in Aquarius. I think Aquarius where things CAN maybe be resolved (or at least changed?), given the association with Uranus? We can make plans for how we’ll change the world! Then Pluto will go back to Capricorn for a while – and maybe we can lay some foundations for his next Aquarian sojourn…

  29. What’s your take on that Pluto 7th Irmi1969? Is there anything indicative yet? That’s the transit for me right now, Pluto hovering, kinda feels like hovering… my DC. I’m in bad shape. My therapist pointed out I’m all on my own, and I had a co-dependent MO before. I’m very uncertain of my ability and capacity to be on my own.

      1. Avatar
        Irmi1969 / Char555

        I’ve always felt rather friendly about Pluto, Tracey, because he’s con my Sun. I’m probably being unrealistically optimistic though, because I’ve been through some bad things and probably Pluto was involved and I didn’t know enough astrology at the time to make a connection.
        Ok, let’s both hope that it’s Pluto the Transformer (I don’t mean the electrical “motor”, nor the toys that change from trucks to robots) is in action in both our cases! In my case prog Pluto, in your case transiting.
        For a while now, I’ve been wrestling with doubts about a very long relationship – like shall I go or shall I stay?
        In your case, you have doubts about your ability to be on your own.
        Coming to think about it, that’s what MY doubts are about too! Although I have been physically separated from my boyfriend for a very long time, and the (moral) support he gives me is TINY, cutting ties altogether could be scary.
        On the other hand, I have been abruptly left alone due to moving away, and I first got used to it, and then learnt to love being on my own so much that I now NEED to be alone for quite a lot of the time. Maybe that’s a place you’ll get to eventually?
        Hang in there, girl!

    1. Pluto in your natal is about realising your own power. Too often, we give over this power to someone else – look to see which ruler of which house cusp it is aspecting. Whether it’s the power to transform or the power to let go of something you’re extremely attached to…there’s a self-mastery element attached to it.

      Where you are now asked to discover your ability to enjoy your own company. If you have a preponderance of occidental planets, this might be difficult. Or if Uranus is but a representation of the collective in your chart, this too would be difficult.

      If you really have one of this charts that prefer company, I would look to the “social houses” (5, 7, 11) and see is available there. 😁

  30. my husband used to work directly with Information technology; he doesn’t work IT,(he used to when he was in his teens and twenties) but finds that boring long ago. lol but he told me that companies give a “severance pay” offer and talk to them over it to make it more personal. That if the individual takes the severance pay the company doesn’t have the responsibility of “mass layoff” for their company, which gives a bad reputation (thats my thinking, that last part). For example,right now lots of huge layoffs in Amazon, zoom,yahoo, google, microsoft, even disney laid off alot 🙁
    and it seems illegal to have mass layoffs in USA, so they have to give 60 day notice due to the WARN act.
    but yet he has best friends who are being hired through microsoft and getting paid alot. but their field is very most needed. these individuals, i did their charts, alot of gemini going on lol like a stellium. i think due to mercury and are super fast thinkers. basically they lay off in the fields no longer is needed as much or supported.

    i wonder how so interesting it is that mercury stumps pluto, in this regard too, that even in the underworld, it is mercury that flies by so quick, it cant be bogged down.

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    Irmi1969 / Char555

    I used to be in IT as well, loved it because I was lucky enough to have a HUGE number of different things to tackle.
    I’m wondering if business strategies here (South Africa) are similar to what you describe – probably so. I retired a while ago.
    Your thoughts on Mercury echo mine! Mercury can go ANYWHERE!! Wheeee…
    He’s my ruling planet. I can never quite understand why older astrology texts have the least to say about him.
    And he’s so close to the Sun, too. Hmmm…

      1. Avatar
        Irmi1969 / Char555

        Hi elisa – I (re)visited that link and found a comment of mine there. So I guess that’s where I got that idea!
        Interesting that Mercury rules both Gemini – with the “lightest” (air) element and Virgo with the “heaviest” (earth) one.
        Lately I’ve been having a flirtation with two crows who have been visiting my complex’s garden. I was a bit nervous until I looked it up and learned that it’s ONE crow that comes to tell you about a death, but that two are quite lucky. According to ONE interpreter, anyway. I never looked farther once I found a meaning that I liked (coward that I am).
        I’ve dubbed my two crows Hunin and Munnin after Odin’s ravens. I think Hunin means “thought” and Munnin means “memory” – two mercurial things

        1. aw thats so cool, about the names! and i also did look up the symbolism of two crows 😀 even before you mentioned it.

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    Libra Stellium

    When I was a child there were a period of years where bad things happened to me. It wasn’t like a rush of bad, but almost one a year for at least four years. 1962, 1963, 1964 and 1965. In 1962, at age 10, my family moved across town to a different house and life really. We went from being middle class in a poor neighborhood to being poor in a rich neighborhood. Within a month of the move my sister, nine years older than me married and moved across the country. In 1963 one of my brothers began grooming me. I spent a year so confused as to whether he was my friend or enemy. In 1964 the abuse crossed a line that, even now, is hard to wrap my head around.
    A year later, in the aftermath of the event, I see that Mars, Pluto and Uranus were in tight conjunction on my Virgo Ascendent, squaring my Sag sun in the 3rd and opposing my Pisces moon in the 7th.

    Like an open book, right?

    1. I’m sorry to hear about what happened to you.

      The astrology is striking because it’s highly descriptive of what happened. Mars (male) Pluto (extreme violence) Uranus (unexpected) in Virgo of health and everyday life opposite Moon (family) in Pisces (far away/unclear) with Sag Sun at the apex of a T square.

      People are always afraid of the outers transiting certain houses. The issue isn’t what is transiting but what is there natally to be triggered by such a transit. 😬

  33. As far as I can see it, with a 24deg Capricorn Moon, Pluto is all about the shadow side. There’s nothing to resolve with the shadow side. It needs to be accepted and integrated, and learn new lessons and EVOLVE. Exposing the shadow side in such a superficial society just makes everyone feel like they’re losing their minds…because they normally don’t think or function on such a deep level. But some people are learning and growing. The rest, well, Saturn will come around with the whip and paddle.

  34. You are right about things just being exposed. I wonder why so many people think the problem will be fixed or resolved

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