The Astrology Of Giving Birth

“I’m using my special powers on you.”
BabyJaneI was thinking about Uranus today and “shoot, where was Uranus when I was going through that?” I started to make a chart and realized, hey, that was around the time my youngest was born, close enough; so I just pulled up her chart. In doing this I realized our children’s charts are their own but they’re also snapshots of the energy we were experiencing at the time. Interacting with our children is like interacting with the energy of that day our whole lives, well, simply. There’s more to it but it’s one truth.

Can you look at your children’s charts and remember how that day, that time of your life was for you? If you compare YOUR chart to your parents’ do you see how it was for them?

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  1. My Saturn is just a couple degrees before my Mom’s moon (and it is conjunct my own moon), and she had postpartum depression. I always thought that was interesting. Me, with moon conjunct saturn representing a distant, depressed mother; and her experiencing a saturn/moon transit and having postpartum.

  2. I feel sorry for my mom. I was the doctor’s first child birth and something embarrassing happened to my mother during my birth. Even when I was a teenager the doctor reminded her of it, which I thought was mean.

    Then later in the room after having given birth, my mom passed out and the nurse was mean to her. Which bizarre as it may seem, that nurse turned out to be the future mother-in-law of my now best friend?!! Weird.

    So my birth was not a positive experience for my mom. Luckily she is an Aquarius.

  3. Is it their chart? Or do they carry mine? Do I carry my mom’s? I’ve been looking at Chiron quite a bit – Pluto conj my Chiron again / still / NOW – and the descriptions of my placement fit my mother’s hurts, not mine. And my daughter’s placement seems to describe MY hurts. Of course, I’ve heard it said that Chiron is ancestral DNA stuff, so maybe that’s why, but could the same idea be carried over to one’s whole chart?

  4. Wow, I will have to think about this. It makes a lot of sense though, to see in my parents, myself.

  5. Yes, I do remember. She was so quite and cuddly everyone wanted to hug her and I was very quiet during the birth. She has Taurus Rising

  6. Yes! I read this a few years ago. How it is not only the child’s chart but an event chart for that moment in time.

    The chart the article used as an example had Mars in Cancer and the author discussed how this tied into the dangerous situation feeling of the birth for the mother (there was a snowstorm and she had trouble getting to the hospital). That one aspect really spoke to me because my son’s chart has Mars in Cancer and I was really scared (alone and in a foreign country).

    He has a difficult chart and I see how my own life was in such turmoil at that time. Sadly, that signature was passed on to him.

    My daughter’s isn’t so harsh and I witness the difference each and every day.

  7. Yes, I came across this notion when I was researching aspects to the moon. My son has Moon opp Pluto and I became extremely ill after the birth. It made me rethink all those ideas of awful mothers – sometimes the aspects are a result of something mundanely physical.

  8. My Mom was going through a whole lot at the time! Uranus conjunct Sun opposite Jupiter, Pluto conjunct Saturn and square Moon, Saturn conjunct Venus, Jupiter square Sun and Jupiter…the list goes on. What an intense time! I guess giving birth and having a new child in your life would be a pretty intense thing;-)

  9. come to think of it…you know hot it is said that the sun represents the father and the moon the mother,and the aspects between the two represent their relationship..well my sun trines my moon and they are very different people,and very much divorced..but when I was born they were in love,they had just gotten married which my mom claims was out of love,not because she was pregnant with’s a brilliant way of looking at it

  10. Yep! always been aware of this with my daughter, fits like a glove! haven’t looked so much at my parents charts as they’ve both passed awhile but will have to have a look. Thanks.

  11. one of my favourite topics, and so incredibly relevant Satori.
    It’s insightful, too as a grandparent! I have the privilege of being able to nod knowingly as each of ours has arrived, and made some notes of how things were are that time for the parents.
    Our firstborn grandchild really has pushed his parents into having to at least say au revoir to the teenage free spirits they were when they met. His chart has a cardinal cross, strong Capricorn/Saturn..this was when they had to grow up and be responsible, but it was far from easy for them. He said to me the other day “I’m older than you think I am..”
    He’s coming along well at age 7..and so are his parents. In fact they are more sensible now than we are. Oopsie

  12. ps astrologer Darby Costello once gave a great chat to our local astrology group about this very subject, particularly the Moon..her interest being stirred by not knowing her mother, who I think died when Darby was very young.
    My chart is very representative of my parent’s lives at the time, yes!

  13. When my second was born, Uranus was at 0Aries and tightly conjunct my natal Moon. I was only in labor for 3 hours start to finish, and my son came flying out so fast he damn near broke the sound barrier. For several hours after he was born I couldn’t believe that he was ACTUALLY born because I didn’t feel like I had been in labor yet. Jupiter (3Aries) was also conjunct my natal moon. I spent my short labor cracking jokes with the nurses and watching a Golden Girls marathon with my husband when I noticed a funny contraction and the nurse looked down and said my baby was coming out of me. My son, literally, pushed himself out. I’m told that’s the optimal delivery experience, but it freaked me the hell out.

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