Who You Meet During Saturn Transits…

During Saturn transits, you meet up with Saturn types. Some are supportive, some are chastising, some are oppressive… or whatever. It is up to individual to judge what comes their way and apply it or learn from it.

For example, if  a judge that tells you if you get another DUI, you’ll be sent to jail, you should probably heed the warning!

But your crappy father who continues to tell you that you’ll never amount to anything in spite of your massive accomplishments should probably be defended against!

There are endless other manifestations on this theme. In general, Saturn figures are, police,  judges, Capricorns, old men, and anyone with authority over you due age, experience or possibly education, parents, grandparents.

pictured, that is LB Meridith, circa 1980. Boy did I learn a lot from him…

13 thoughts on “Who You Meet During Saturn Transits…”

  1. I’ve had two Saturn figures that really stand out in my mind right away:

    1) My friend John. A sniper in Vietnam and father of three sons, we met when I was in Community College. We locked eyes across the room, and it was like “Oh, hey Dad, how’s it going?”

    2) My friend J. We worked together, and I overheard him giving advice to people in the office. Sometimes I could tell that his recipients didn’t really understand what he was saying, but I lit up immediately “This man, has something to teach!” Our friendship/mentorship was like bootcamp for several years.

    Oh, and there was the judge who said “If I see you in here on another speeding offense, I’m gonna throw the book at you!” Somehow his sentiment penetrated the cocoon I had my lawyer build around me.

  2. If I understand the question correctly, then my authority figures have been doctors, medical people of all kinds.

    Saturn is transiting through my fourth house running back and forth. PARKING on top of my moon for weeks. Bastard, I know you’re just backing up so you can get a good run at my moon again. LOL

  3. I definitely have. Saturn is transiting my moon, as well as my natal Saturn, and Saturn figures abound. Recently I was pulled over because my license plate light was out. The cop was so kind and told me that I looked like a good person. I was definitely flattered and humbled. Also, my father (whose Saturn conjuncts my 4 planet stellium) told me, for the first time in my life, that we really thought that I could be successful. Boy, was that gratifying.

  4. midara – GO YOU! That’s what I am talkin’ about. If you get a thumbs up from Saturn, allll right!

    But even if you don’t… what you do get is always very important.

  5. A few years back, when Saturn was in Leo, it hit my sun, venus, and uranus. Both of my parents died – it was a long, miserable year and a half with them, because my parents were always crazy, and they did not go quietly into the night, if you know what I mean. It was brutal – cancer, dementia, having to go into a nursing home (my mother), and my father, from the stess of all that, had a series of mini-strokes, and after she died, he literally faded away. Then we had to clean out their house, go through all of their stuff (and all of our childhood stuff), and believe me, every atom bomb that has been suppressed in a family implodes when you are in the midst of parents dying. My one sister and I became closer than ever, but there were blowouts with the other two that, although we are over it, really permanently impaired the relationship. The day my mother died, I was surrounded by boxes in our apartment, because we had bought a home, and were moving in 3 days. The day after I moved, we had a major blizzard, and that weekend was her funeral (will be 3 years this valentine’s day). So anyway, that is my Saturn story.

  6. Thanks Elsa – you know, my dad was a Leo, and the most heartbreaking thing about his death, was that he lost his dignity, because he lost his ability to take care of himself. I can still cry for hours about that – a proud Leo man, in a state like that. And Saturn conjuncted his sun at that time as well (oh well, such is life).

  7. Saturn is squaring my Unaspected Sun right now,
    I seem to be looking for “my people” and they are
    nowhere to be found.
    Authority is still difficult for me even at this
    late stage of the game. I try and be so good around authority, but then it comes out sideways,
    and then I’m really in trouble.

  8. I got a lot of speeding tickets when it transited the Sun (Leo), Mars (Leo), and Mercury (Virgo).

    I was pissed, because I wasn’t caught in the past, but I got caught by Saturn. I took my lead foot off the accelerator, and haven’t been bugged by any cops since.

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