The Midheaven And Career

“An unfulfilled vocation drains the color from a man’s entire existence.”
                                                     –Honore de Balzac

I’ve been getting a lot of career questions lately. One of the best indicators regarding career is the midheaven. The midheaven is one of the four angles. It is indicative of your public persona and descriptive of your skills and the tone of your general interaction with the outer world. The midheaven resonates to Saturn, work, responsibility. One way to assess the type of career to which you are suited is in exploring the qualities of the sign where your midheaven falls. Another way is to determine the ruler of your midheaven sign and examine its condition by sign, house placement and aspect.

For example, an Aries midheaven is generally independent and cardinal. Aries midheaven is great at starting projects and initiating action. Mars rules Aries. An Aries midheaven with Mars in Capricorn will be more likely to forge ahead steadily with the projects they start than one with Mars in Gemini whose action potential is more sporadic. This combination, midheaven and its sign ruler, is a great place to start when looking at career options.

Where is your midheaven and its ruler? Does it fit with your chosen career?

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  1. My MC is in Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune. My Neptune is in my 5th house of creativity and it trines my Leo Sun.

    Looks like my change of career to one in Illustration is going to be right up my alley!

  2. My Midheaven is ruled by Pluto–conjunct Uranus and in my 11th. I work with bad-assed mofos and I’m in a position where I have very little interaction with the higher ups, unless I choose to.
    It fits with my chosen career, in that it calls for independence and is Mercury ruled.

    However–my dream career is to get my book published, and then write more books. Life is tangled at the moment. I hope Saturn’s transit through my 10th unties it.

    Oh. And Pluto (the ruler) is in my 10th. I used to think I wanted to do palliative care (volunteered in a hospice) but failed to be accepted into nursing. So…

  3. My midheaven is in Aquarius in the 9th house. Uranus is in my third house (equal houses).

    I’m a computer draftsman, I have only wanted to be a draftsman since fourth grade.

  4. Gemini MC
    Mercury is in my 11th with Sun and Mars
    I’m a writer but haven’t (yet) made real money from it.

  5. MC in Aries conjunct mercury, square Saturn and neptune, sextile venus. I have mars in aquarius in the 7th.

    I’ve wanted to have my own business since I was in the womb. In 9th grade I figured out what it would be, and last year I jumped into it. I make “art” pieces from manly materials like wood, metals, leather, and ceramic. I say “art” because I don’t consider myself an artist…I consider it a trade or craft.

    I also love nerdy things like web design and computers, so technology may have a bigger role eventually.

  6. Capricorn MC. It’s empty. I’ll be working in health care eventually if my damn libra can make a damn decision as to *what*.
    I can relate to anyone else who still searches. I’m gonna have to give myself a *decision* deadline. LOL!! 🙂

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    Anna in Canada

    Cancer MC in 10th conjunct late Gemini Sun. Moon is in Gemini in the 9th conjunct Mercury and Venus in Gemini. My career is in writing, editing and publishing and I own my own company. I’ve also worked in public relations.

  8. MC is Taurus, ruled by 1st house Venus conjunct Pluto and Mercury in Virgo. Medical writer, involves research and lots of detail work.

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    Anna in Canada

    Actually, yes I do. Have been since last spring when I left a literary agency to strike out on my own. My husband turned a guest room into a perfect tiny office for me. My north node is in Cancer as well.

  10. Scorpio MC with Pluto right on top of it.

    I’m a college student majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Forensic Science. I would like my career to be with the FBI, but if that’s not possible I’d be happy with being a funeral director. I worked at a funeral home in high school and I fit in there very well.

  11. Venus ON the MC, Scorpio/9h. That kind of scares me. Right now I am in college, but my goals are fuzzy. Dream job is probably oceanographer studying creatures while stationed on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

  12. MC in Pisces, Neptune in Capricorn conj descendant. I’m going to probably work in a hospital for most of my life. Don’t know how the descendant plays in though… hmm.

    Also Pallas is conj MC, not sure what that means either!

  13. With Uranus in the 10th in Cancer and Gemini more at the MC, I started out with unusual occupations and thought I’d follow a path of being rather original in what I do. Yet, for the past 6 years I’ve weaved my way around the corporate world, doing the best I can and working with some really great people, and some not so great. I thought I’d have broken out of the box by now; the urges were so strong when transiting Uranus opposed ny Natal Saturn two years ago, but sense that my career path is teaching me so many tough but necessary karmic lessons, I was meant to be here.

  14. i have a scorpio midheaven, with uranus conjunct. i’ve had at least one abrupt career switch.

    i have mars (mars is the ruler of scorpio right?) in cancer in the 6th. i do research for a living, i guess that fits with scorpio but i’m not sure about cancer. i actually get excited about analyzing data, so maybe that’s mars in the 6th (some people probably wouldn’t be interested with that kind of work).

  15. MC in Leo conjunct Uranus & NN, and my Sun is exalted in Aries (5th House, sextile Saturn). I’m a self-taught web designer/graphic artist and started waaaay back when it was really ‘cutting edge’, especially for a woman. It took a long time, but for the last seven years I’ve been designing full-time independently.

  16. Sagittarius is my MC. I don’t want to work; I just want to bang on the drum all day. However, I have continually worked in medical administrative jobs where I have to act like a mom… Guess that’s where the Jupiter in Cancer fits in. I really wanted to be a chef, but you can’t have a social/family life if you’re cooking all night.

    1. Funny! I have MC in Sag too, worked a long time in medical administration, and the mom-thing is apparent in all my relationships, but my jupiter is in pisces 😉 also have a degree in literature, and hope to publish one day. Daily job? Still don’t know, too late to become a doctor or psychologist. That’s what I really wanted.

  17. my midheaven is at 28libra conjunct pluto. my venus is at 5libra conjunct saturn and jupiter (all still in the 9th house). i have always been a visual artist, from painting/drawing and sculpture to extremely detailed and meticulous architectural rendering (saturn influence there). but i’ve found that i have trouble fitting in with the art/design world; always been a bit of a black sheep, even when all the rest of the sheep are rainbow colored! (perhaps that is pluto rearing his head.)

    as a child i always wanted to be an architect, but now (after working towards that goal from the age of 4!!) i find the actuality of the field daunting and rather snobbish.. i currently work in landscape design and floral merchandising. horticulture makes me happy, but with saturn trudging through libra now (just had my return a few months back) i’m feeling the need for a re-evaluation my goals, and looking for new ways to integrate the past 30 years with the next 30.

  18. I have a Libra Midheaven and it conjuncts my Libra Saturn conjunct Pluto and Scorpio Jupiter.

    Venus in Capricorn trines Virgo Mars. In the first house.

    I have a had multiple jobs and always played the lead roles, I make sure everyone has a fair go. Currently studying to do Public Relations and Advertising.

  19. MC in Leo almost opposite (by 6 degrees) is my Sun in Aquarius which is in a t-square with Pluto and Mars. I don’t know what it means yet, but I’m going to do some investigating.

  20. Mine is in 10th, Taurus, and my sun is at 25 degrees Taurus. Opposite Sadge, right about 1 degree, in the 4th. I have no idea what that means…

  21. I have had absolutely no luck with this. Libra is on my midheaven, venus is in the eighth in virgo. Sixth house is Gemini. I’ve had a lot of jobs and no career.

    Moon/Neptune is in the tenth. I was my mother’s secretary for a good part of my life. Now basically I work to make money when I have to, and when I have to I usually go to the temp agency in town and take a typing test and sit in other people’s offices til I get tired or I can think of yet another way to dodge a cubicle; or at least *that* cubicle.

    I’ve mostly felt like the workplace is prison and you only go there when you’re out of options.

  22. My dad used to say “you can like our life or your job but not both.” Grand Fixed cross with Mercury/Saturn in Scorpio thrown in. I suspect strongly he is Aqua ASC.

  23. BTW–eva, my dad didn’t have a job for longer than 6 months until he was 44. Except the army (5 years). A family is what tethered him into the workplace permanently–Pluto in Cancer generation.

  24. I have Sag at the Midheaven with Jupiter in Cap 11th house. Jupiter trines Mars and squares Pluto. I also have Neptune conjunct MC.

    Right now I work in human resources as a relocation coordinator who just deliberately re-worked the entire role in order to create a new job title called Communications Coordinator. Now, not only do I move people (I like the sounds of that..I move people) but I now I take care of all of my companies marketing and internal communication strategies (website, newsletter..that sort of thing).

    The moving part fits with Sag; I get to experience places all over the world through other peoples travel and money (which fits my 8th house stellium). Do I think this is what I’m meant to do? Nah..that’s why I supplement that with other work particularly charity functions that feed the spiritual needs of Sag and I do a lot of private study and research about whatever my Merc in Scorpio is obsessing about at the moment.

    I want to be Indiana Jones..but Harrison Ford already does that so well.

  25. oh ohhhhhhhh…I haven’t ever tried to look this up before… it’s all a bit confusing, will need to think about it… argh! Don’t want to think lol!

  26. Satori,

    A point of clarification for myself. Mid-heaven (MC) is a calclualted point that may fall well within the 9th house, yes?

    By MC you don’t mean the cusp of the 9th/10th house, 10th house being the house of careers, correct.

    For example, my MC is 4 degrees into the beginning of my 9th house which is quite aways from the 10th house.


  27. Chelsea- Another Scorpio MC here, with Pluto right on top of it. I work doing research for a social services agency. I spend most days with headphones on, digging up information on people, but I usually don’t have human contact. It’s like a Scorpio dream! It trines my Piscean moon, conjuncts my Scorpio Saturn, and is Sextile to my Capricorn Sun.

  28. MC in late Pisces, conjunct Saturn. My Neptune is in the 5th in Scorpio. I’m a self-employed musician. It’s the only thing I ever wanted to do from the time I was 11, but I’ve had lots of other jobs along the way. I currently have a part time “day-job” to supplement my music income and I’m working on phasing this out and having enough reliable income from music. I’ve finally reached the point where I can’t “serve two masters” anymore.

  29. Thanks for the informative post. Thinking a lot about this lately. Career change is being forced upon me – and an off again on again relationship is currently in off mode (he is an Aries undergoing a rather interesting uranus, mars, lilith transit to his sun this week).

    My Midheaven is in Aries. Mars in Leo conjuncts my ascendent. Tenth house Sun.

  30. This is an interesting post, if only it could help me.
    My MC is in Gemeni, Mercury is in my 7th house next to my sun in Aries. My Moon and AC is Virgo, which should be good Mercury-wise, right?
    After doing all kinds of different jobs, I am currently at loss, I have no idea what to do next. My mind is completely blank.
    But thanks for the tip, Satori, I’ll try to figure this aspect out, for now…

  31. MC in Capricorn. Ruled by Saturn in Virgo, 6th house, which is squared by Neptune (eww).

    I am a self-employed web developer/designer (2nd house Venus with a Saturn trine). I am uncertain if this is my final career as I dabble in the realm of fashion/style/beauty/psychology a lot. What I do know for certain is that I will ALWAYS be self-employed. I will never become anyone else’s employee again.

    I guess that’s the Capricornian part… And I noticed a lot of Virgo types are self-employed as well.

  32. My Midheaven is in the 10th house, Virgo. Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune all square it. But that has never stopped me and I’m not giving up!

  33. Another Gem MC; Merc in Scorp in the 3rd conj Scorp Neptune. Translator. But sick of it. I’m lucky with writing, though. Have also taught and worked in higher ed.
    I want to be paid to surf the internet 🙂

  34. yes, Julian, depending on the house system you use. Equal house (which I use 99% of the time) can put the MC outside the 10th house, but always in the top of the chart. in most house systems the MC IS the 10th house cusp.

  35. I have a Cappy MC conjunct my South Node on one side and BML on the other side lol

    Mc squares my Sun/merc/venus,meh. Saturn is in the 7th cnj Pluto in Libra sextile Neptune in Sag.there that’s it for Saturn.I’m trying to be a photographer 🙂 I just don’t expect to make more than a pittance from it ..due to the south node.Eww south node lol

  36. “I’ve mostly felt like the workplace is prison and you only go there when you’re out of options.”

    No, no, you go there when you’re out of money… I like to think of cubicle jail as freeing me up for other things after 5 p.m., though.

    I have a Leo midheaven and if I could do a performing job I would. I wish I had the skills, but I just have flashy outfits and ego.

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