The Natural Troublemakers Of The Zodiac: Aries vs Scorpio

HQ asked, “So what are the other natural troublemakers of the Zodiac besides Scorpio? I think Aries are the trouble makers… most definitely. But it’s funny – Aries don’t often show up in as troublemakers in our emails!

But if you compare Aries to Scorpio, you’d think they’d both cause equal amounts of trouble for our readers. Both are Mars-ruled, and both love to hunt for lovers. But it’s simply a fact that we get WAY more emails about Scorpio than we do about Aries.”

Why do you think Scorpios cause more trouble than Aries?

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  1. Because people are obsessed with Scorpios, it’s the way it works – they are obsessed and they provoke obsession.
    But I think both signs are troublemakers of a different kind: Aries trying to achieve whatever they want by acting regardless of what other people think; Scorpio…well, achieving everything they want by doing whatever it takes, except undercover, while Aries does everything overtly.
    I’m generalizing a little but I do have a lot of these two energies on my chart, so I know. I had never thought of me as such a Mars-ian person…

  2. Yeah, I’d love to know too.
    I think its because scorpios can wait to deal with a situation and have tried other avenues, when not heard they find a way to be heard.

    Aries on the other hand has what I call ‘mini explosions’.

  3. I think because Scorpios get under your skin, engage people emotionally, so when things run into trouble and they bail, the “victims” are shocked. As a Sun Scorp, I have to say that people are not always honest about what they get out of being with us: there are all these nasty ideas about how Scorpios operate, when in fact people love the intensity and energy that they get from being with a Scorpio.

  4. What about Aquarians? Detached, unpredictable, uncontrollably independent Aquarians? Sure, Scorpio might be first place, but who’s the runner up? I don’t see Aries as a problem. They’re straightforward — not a lot of bullshit there.

  5. scorpio? some of my greatest and longest friendships are with scorpios. some of the most immature and frustrating troublemakers i know are also scorpio! this sign definitely does produce the best and worst traits in people. The worst can be covert, underhanded, manipulative, with double standards and a lousy sense of ethics. it only becomes apparent of course when they get scared, as they know no boundaries then and will sink totally low to get what they want…and it doesn’t take much to get them scared as they’ve got a hair trigger! but it definitely seems to be an individual thing, as i’ve only had this issue with some scorpios…the others were loyal, caring and sincere. I think it really depends if the scorpio in question is a mature individual or still trying to dump all their fears and issues onto others.

    As for Aries? they are definitely driven 😉 Aries likes to achieve everything it wants by doing whatever it takes…but they are also honest and have the courage to be forthcoming about it. Aries likes to compete, but only fair competition because they like to beat you at your best, lol. Scorpio also likes to compete, but they are not into fair play and consider the ends to justify the means. they will wait till you’re down and strike. Aries is fearless and tackles its issues head on (sometimes stupidly), whereas scorpio tends to have irrational fears/phobias and then manipulates (or avoids) to cover it all up. i guess the two have similar energy, but it is directed in opposite ways…

  6. What Aries does accidentally or impulsively, Scorpio does deliberately and cunningly. That tends to have more of an impact, I think.

  7. Avatar

    Aries doesn’t draw the “fire” that Scorpio does because Aries is direct. Very direct.

    Scorpio is underhanded, hidden, manipulative, or sometimes indirect.

    Indirect behavior creates suspiscion and causes people to distrust.

    Just a theory. I have my share of Scorp moons in my life. But the male Scorp suns I stay away from – as friends and otherwise.

    I’ve had too many of them attempt to change me. I have a very mutable chart but also feel that it’s my life and my choices in life. They seem to look at me as an easy target and then find otherwise which brings out their bad side.

    Aries – I have quite a few of in my life and find them easy because they’re so direct. I know what they are up to and what they want and they respect my response to them – usually quite direct.

  8. Well, as an Aries Stellium with Scorpio Rising, I can say that both aspects of my personality have gotten me into trouble at various points. I constantly piss people off by being too blunt and hurting their feelings. Most folks who have to interact with me on a regular basis learn to deal with it, tho. The stuff I do that always causes people to break off relationships with me for good are the Scorpio tendencies, mostly occasional deceptions. But I think they find it really hurtful b/c they expect me to be so honest, which I usually am… unless I REALLY want to get my way, despite all objections.

  9. You can feel good around a Scorpio but you can’t feel great. They have to have the power and they don’t do it through communication so there’s no way to deal with them when there’s a problem. Aries can be high maintenance but if you tell them about it they’ll probably acknowledge it. Scorpio insist they are faultless. At least we’re not dissing my sign here, hehe.

  10. I’d have to agree with Piya. With both Scorpio and Aries you get direct and often provocative people. We want action! I don’t think that’s trouble-making. As a Scorpio Sun, I have personal experience of the catalytic power we have. I often find that other people benefit from the ‘upheaval’ we introduce into their lives. We prod, probe and question often making them think about their lives in ways which are, ultimately, beneficial.

    Aquarius, for me, is too wishy-washy and ambivalent. They often unwittingly ‘cause chaos with their lack of real involvement.

  11. Just like the crab (cancer) who covers their incredible sensitivity with a continual form of “complaining-murmur-pout”,and controls by sticking with the “family” for safety. The scorpio is even MORE sensitive…and covers their super sensitive to the depths…self… “I have become “one-with-you” ability with “I need to scan you deeply, control you in-case-you-hurt-me”, “test you until I have uncovered every last possible part of you that could possibly hurt me”, and leave me alone stance “because, NOONE can “go-as-deep-as-me pout”. It’s a covering for a ultra sensitivity.

    Aries are a pain sometimes only because it’s like the movie “Fifty-first Dates”, like they have amnesia, or short attention span…gone in a flash…no real damage can be done by someone who wasn’t ever very long “there”.

    But personally Aquarius is the absolute worst for me. They can within seconds, cut off 12, 20, 30 years of intense sharing and friendship, as if you never existed. And though we all may do this at times unconsciously. Aquarians “”know” when they do that, that they are hurting you. Any signs above the horizon from Libra on…”know”, it is meditated (is that the word?), they are aware of the pain caused.
    I guess here I’m biased. I could never sit there “knowing” I have caused suffering…Pisces asc…I guess

  12. I think it comes down to trust. Aries are direct and though they can be too blunt at times you know where you stand. Scorpio’s find it hard to trust others and consequently others dont trust them as they dont know where they stand with them. I think of aries like a raging infant and scorpio like a spider, creeping about in the shadows and scaring the bejeesus out of you when you least expect it. They see the darkness in life and many are afraid of the dark.

  13. I’ve always gotten along well with Scorpio. I haven’t come across the sneaky, manipulative, dishonest ones. The ones I know are keenly aware of the turmoil inside of them, and try to bring peace and calm into others’ lives.

    Scorpio is a very powerful sign, so it’snot surprising that they have this “troublemaker” rep. People don’t know how to deal with the energy they put out.

    I have a lot of respect for the sign. As for Aries, they’re direct and honest and don’t have time for underhanded bullbaloney. 😉 If they stir up trouble, it’s usually because they’re bored, not because they wish to harm anyone. I’m an Aries ASC, and I’m always under fire for troublemaking, but I know what my motivation is! 😉

    Of all the people I’ve come across, I’ll say that I find three signs to be more “troublemaking” than the two mentioned: Cancer (more manipulative than Scorpios, IMHO…they can do a number on you if they want to pull one of their guilt trips), Aquarius (for being maddeningly detached), and Pisces (for being pulled in so many directions, they come across as spineless and wishy-washy. Some I know also play the martyr, which drives me nuts.).

  14. Hey Lis, I have to second that 😉

    Cancerians are incredibly manipulative (flat-out) plus they’re cardinal which makes them incredibly effective at it.

    Piscean’s epitomise the ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’ dynamic. Very good at coming across as soft and fluffy but they have a strength which comes from being so adaptable.

    I have a Cancerian Sun,Pisces Moon friend and she can get just about anyone to do anything for her. She is an expert at eliciting sympathy from people.

  15. In my case, I’m not so sure that my discontent for scorpios comes from the suggested “green monster” or that I can’t handle their intensity. In fact, I LOVE intensity, if the intensity is in the right place. Scorpios I’ve come across (I’m not trying to steroetype, I’m just speaking about those I’ve encountered), have used their intensity to control, intimidate, manipulate, and (intentional or not) hurt people.

    My ascendant is in scorpio, and my sun is in leo. You’d think I’d be stirring up some trouble huh? Perhaps it’s my moon in capricorn that makes me a little more responsible??

  16. I really do not know ANY scorpio’s (my virgo pal’s daughter I suppose)….it’s odd really. One friend I have is an aries with scorpio moon and he’s a trip and a half. Honest to a T but don’t tread on him, appear to tread on him or fall short of his expectations…he looses interest and faith in you. Even with this intensity I respect him, but in doses.

    I do find water signs to have the most drama follow them around and it bugs me when it crosses over into my life. At least this is the case with the cancers and pisces I know. I prefer directness to the gradual unfoldings of the causally dramatic sort.


    An Aries rising gal

  17. So there’s someone else who finds Cancer and Pisces maddening… 😉

    (No offense to people here who are those signs, I’m talking about the people I’ve encountered.)

    The reason I have such trouble with signs like that is, despite having a Venus-Pluto conjunction and three planets in Libra, I am very much a straight shooter. Leo Sun, Aries rising, Mars conjunct the Sun. 😉

  18. whoa! This is a pretty unbalanced description of Scorps.. Maybe it’s my piscean moon that softens me up but I’ve a stellium in Scorpio and we do not get off on causing trouble.. I have noticed more Scorpios involved with Astrological Groups/learning centres more than any other sign.. so maybe it is just that the Scorpio energy is attracted to astrology and that this would show up in ‘forums’ like this. Thats my theory anyway.

  19. I vote for aquarius as well, for the reasons koheli mentioned “They can within seconds, cut off 12, 20, 30 years of intense sharing and friendship, as if you never existed. And though we all may do this at times unconsciously. Aquarians “”know” when they do that, that they are hurting you.”
    I’ve been very hurt by aquarians, but they always manage to make me more worried about how they feel while they’re dumping me after leading me on.
    My first love was an aquarius, after 3 days of saying he loved me had a friend of his call me telling me he feels like shit because he doesn’t know how to tell me his feelings are gone. I was surprised and worried about him feeling like shit. I felt I was gonna die after that. Last year, this same guy dated broke the relationship with his fioncee on the wedding day, after 2 years together, he said he never really loved her.
    So I’ll have to vote for aquarius.
    Also virgo’s with scorpio rising have been a bitch too.

  20. i just don’t believe there are natural troublemakers of the zodiac. it’s all in how you use your energy and how others read it. and the sun sign is just one part of the chart…there are conjuncts and squares and transits, and there are higher and lower ways to use whatever energy you have.

  21. Funny it’s my impression Scorpios aren’t necessarily troublemakers .. it’s been a mystery to me why they get the social support they do .. but as I read through these responses I conclude maybe they’re troublemakers in personal one-on-one contacts, not so much on a ‘me against the world’ level. p&pp’s comment had the most resonance for me, abt how Scorpio cuts off communication in order to control, which I interpret as their wanting not equality but power.

    I love Aries although I was somewhat burned by one (a grandmother). They aren’t so focused on getting resources from another person as the Scorpio can be but about nurturing their own lives. They can live and let live, have a sense of humour, and the men can even fall into the knight in shining armour role – a bit refreshing since it’s so rare nowadays. I’ve noticed Scorpio men are often battling some woman .. which makes me think they’re non-men. (Remember, Scorpio is a feminine sign, and a water sign which tends to resonate to the feminine as well. So to me some are at the level of having hissy cat fights.)

    Primarily I think the reason ppl aren’t more pissed off at Aries is we know what will happen if they’re approached directly and honestly and asked for a favor, if they’re asked for collaboration. They will give it, because their opposite sign is Libra, that’s how they tend to relate. The Scorpio if asked to collaborate has many (too many for me) hurdles of pride and it’ll be like leading a donkey forward (Taurus is their opposing sign…).

  22. To me, Scorpio gets into trouble because they are all about power — internal and external. So, in relationships, they can be jealous, possessive, and controlling. Also they are the master of the sneak attack. Plus they have the verbal skills to rip you to shreds when provoked. Watch out for their tongue. AND they DO NOT GET OVER IT. EVER.

    Aries blow up and get over it. Straightfoward types. Cancer can sulk and pout with the best of them. Aquarius, on the other, they’re the ones that are hard to connect to. Fine on a non-personal level but too often they can’t give the emotional support others crave.

    Pisces is the master of passive-agressive. Everything is done below the surface and they are hard to pin down with it. And an unhappy Pisces just leaves mentally, if not physically. Gone.

    But every sign has their faults. (evil smiley emoticon here)

  23. I think Aquarians are trouble makers for sure. I have my Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter in Aquarius. As rigid as some are in keeping things the same, I am rigid in creating constant change. This could be seen as annoying or causing trouble. I see it as keeping things alive and moving.

    There was a comment above on how Aquarians can hurt people by just up and leaving. I totally agree. I have hurt people with my dry sudden decisions. I have ended friendships in the past because people change. Aquarian men are even worse. An Aquarius, Leo rising literally had 10 very different jobs and 6 different apartments during the two years we dated. I’m a Capricorn rising and this didn’t settle well with me.

    For the other signs, Scorpio anticipates people’s reactions and is able to create a step by step plan to get what they want. This is admirable but can cause trouble because not many people have this skill. Aries just reaches out and takes what they want even if the timing isn’t perfectly calculated. It’s obvious how this causes problems. I have my moon conjunct my ascendant so I feel I understand Cancerians and my current bf is a Cancer moon. Mostly I see them as sweet but I do understand the emotional surges and the intense needs. It is so annoying because getting out of a bad mood is difficult and effects the people around them. Pisces individuals that I’ve come across have lied a lot. It’s almost always an exaggeration. And, yes, there has been drama with the those I’ve known.

  24. Ha, and Aquarians LIKE throwing people off balance! The whole rebel thing …

    I have Aquarius rising and yeah … I can admit to wanting to shock people sometimes.

  25. After my friendship breakup with a Scorpio SUN last year, I really don’t think I’ll feel the same way about them.
    I’ve never been treated so horribly. As IF they will keep secrets. They’ll keep their own and that’s it!

    I’ve aready said this, but Scorpio ASC/Moons are good stuff. I like. Other planets and North Nodes especially are fantastic. But Suns? Unless it’s balanced with something light and fluffy (Gemini? LOL) no thanks.

    1. Yes that so true, i’m laughing read all of your words. I making a deep analyze about my scorpio partner, why he so thirsty about power ans very very very secretive. He never treated me well on special occasion, but with his business partner he seduce them and very loyal like giving time and big expensive prize for all of his busineess partner. Make schedule with a new business partner untl midnight, schedule for vacation, special holiday like new year, go to gym in the morning. But with me is fucking NEVER, our time very very messy. I’ve never been treated so horribly too like this. Just imagine he is not my partner, because if as a friend he is sooo mean. I’m cancer that have a lot patient and everyone said is compatible with Scorpio, but i’m think hmmmmmmm is really a lot of hard work. I just try to be more wisely each day to maintain my inner happiness so not get trapped in his complicated trouble. Very tired and imagine the worst trait if he have another moon sign oh nooo LOLLL, he has sagittarius moonsign the perfect balance of secretive, power, individualistic,outsmart, and freedom. I think he don’t need a partner because he is so arrogant and uncompromising. A serial partner for him only as a right-hand man who works hard for him, and a guinea pig for his power when in the outside he is dissatisfied. LMFAO,, Which signs you think very compatible with scorpio just send me the example of sun+moon pairing that you create LOL :’)

  26. cancerians are troublemakers they have the most criminals out of all the zodiac this kid who was a junior forced me into a fight ( but i wanted nothing to do with it) and busted my lip for the first time in my life i had to get stitches and i was just a freshmen it was a cowardly hateful thing to do that i think stem from jealousy if u want to know who the troublemakers of the zodiac its common sense look at the four cardinal signs because cardinal is always the first to start something

  27. Neither. I think Aquarians want a revolution. They want to start trouble and make the system feel nervous, tear ‘the man’ down!

    Rebel against old systemic beliefs. It’s trouble…with a purpose.

    I can definitely see the Scorpio argument too. Pluto much? Destroy, destroy. Destroy so that a new building is built in the ‘dead’ building’s place.

  28. don’t compare a Powerhouse like Aries, the Leader of the Zodiac, who is Cardinal and Masculine sign, with the Cockroach Scorpio, a follower, 8th sign, fixed mode and Feminine sign.
    Aries vs Scorpio is like Male vs Female or Emperor vs Subordinate, Leader vs Follower, Dick vs Pussy.
    Aries is the rightful owner of Mars, cause it was the 1st sign to get a planet, when Scorpio got discovered, was a sign without a ruler, and astrologers borrowed Mars from Aries temporary to rule Scorpio, until a Planet who fits more to Scorpio nature would be discovered, and it was Pluto who is more fit with the melancholic, mysterious, depressed Scorpio nature than Mars, a Fire, Masculine planet with Positive Polarity who didn’t make sense to rule a Water, Feminine sign with Negative Polarity like Scorpio. so Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio. The rightful owner of Mars is Aries. Scorpios are (like a Pisces, Aries wannabe) said an astrologer on a twit. so please don’t offend the Powerhouse Aries comparing it with a bug. as much as Scorpios want to be Ariens, they will never be, Aries is totally a different Beast. a very Huge gap between them on every domain.

  29. I have just read all these comments, and, don’t get all the fuss about Scorpios.
    I find them to be rather nice people, even simple at times. They stay in their lane unless crossed, and don’t we all do that? Sure, don’t give a damn about people who are not important to them, but that is not an exclusive Scorpio trait. There are much worse, eg Manipulative, undisciplined Capricorn. ( no offence to those wonderful Caps out there, who are the essence of decency)

  30. I think because people feel they can’t control them and that’s frustrating for them. I think they will listen to reason though. But they have to come to things on THEIR terms and their terms are often strange and hard to understand.

    1. And for me, it was another Libra that caused the most trouble in my life. Actually scratch that- I HAVE CAUSED MYSELF THE MOST TROUBLE. Maybe that’s part of it too- taking accountability? Scorpio can hold a shadow right? And I think in some ways a Scorpio might feel like, they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t so they just say f it and let the chips fall.

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