The Progressed Moon Cycle

cancer-moon-face-pendantI don’t think it’s a coincidence that the progressed moon travels at roughly the same rate as Saturn, give or take a couple of years depending on how fast the progressed Moon is moving (the Moon actually fluctuates in its rate of speed through the signs- some signs are considered “fast” and some “slow”). Both take approximately 28 years to circle around your chart. Everyone knows what Saturn’s doing to your chart… pointing out where growth can occur through challenges disguised as opportunity. The progressed Moon shows us how we are dealing emotionally to what is showing up in our lives. This makes perfect sense in light of the fact that Saturn rules the Midheaven and the Moon rules the Nadir, two very security-driven angles.

As she travels through the signs, we get to adapt to our fluctuating emotional feelings, responses and reactions. Let’s say you’ve got an earth moon and really find emotional nurturing through healthy, garden grown eating. What happens if the moon progresses into an air sign, and you get deployed (and by that, I mean an opportunity shows up) into speaking at your child’s school about nutrition? Your earthy moon may not like the idea of standing up in front of people and discussing the knowledge you’ve gleaned from your garden labors, but the message (air) is important, so you adapt. You learn a new skill: how to speak in front of a group.

Most people are comfortable when their progressed Moon moves into a sign that is the same element as their natal Moon, or a sign that sextiles their natal Moon. But otherwise, we are learning something about how the other half lives.

When the progressed Moon reaches your natal Moon, you have a progressed lunar return. What happens during that month before and after depends on how your natal Moon is aspected in your chart. If you’ve got easy aspects, and barring other transiting outer planets making harsh aspects, you can expect to have a relatively quiet time. If your Moon is harshly aspected, and there are concurrent difficult outer planet transits, you will most likely experience issues related to security in some way. Look at where the Moon is posited in your chart, as well as the house that the Moon rules to get some ideas. Following the progressed lunar return, you’ll have the Saturn return.

There are other important progressed lunations. The progressed New and Full Moon, when the progressed Moon conjuncts and opposes your progressed Sun, respectively, is an important period. Further, any time the progressed Moon touches on difficult natal aspects, you can expect to have a revisit of the issues the aspects represent, with the added touch of emotional reaction to the issues. The progressed Moon is an *excellent* indicator of “timing”, along with other triggering events.

I’ve written previously here on the Blog about the transit of “Saturn Chasing the Progressed Moon”, a very soul-challenging period that can last up to 29 years.

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  1. Very timely post! My progressed Moon return in early Pisces is happening now, coming up on the exact aspect later this month. I do feel like I’ve learned all the “skills” of the different moon signs and now just going with the flow and enjoying it. I’ve been spending a lot more time out in nature lately, getting back to my own source. It’s a powerful time for sure.

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    I think my progressed moon is in Cancer from my natal Scorpio. I am processing enormous amounts of emotion.

  3. Ive been watching my progressed Moon. It’s been clobbered each time with all this heavy outer planetary action. Moon in Cancer was difficult due to Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries t-squares and then Saturn in Libra. Moon in Leo was trying due to Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Taurus. Moon in Virgo was drowning me due to Neptune & Chiron in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius. Now it’s in Libra, applying into a conjunction with my natal Pluto and squaring transit Pluto. Pure crisis. It falls in my natal 3rd, progressed 2nd. My finances, my neighborhood, and my relationships are all under deep, continuous strain. It’s growing me, for sure. I’ve had to make all kinds of adjustments, including going onto the tremendously sacrificing but also immensely rewarding path to financial freedom.

    My natal moon falls in the 10th but ever since it began its transit through the 12th and into lower half of my chart, I feel much less sociable. I’m an airy, chatty Gemini moon and I prefer to be in the world but my relationships nowadays are much closer to home. It’s been a blessing to get to know my neighbors on a deeper level, even if it was uncomfortable at first.

  4. I can definitely confirm Progressed Moon having been in the same element my Natal Moon is at having been some of the less trying periods emotionally of my life. My Natal Moon is challenging, so I warmely wellcome these “breaks”.

  5. My progressed Moon is catching up to transiting Saturn and will be along for the ride for a while.
    The way I see it, it’s happening in my 9th house and I ought to be traveling more for business next year so I guess that will open new emotional vistas for me…

      1. Im not sure, but im having a pluto transit to the natal moon and mars return in the 12th. I was so stoked for leo moon too. It felt like a lightening of the burden. The things that bug me might be perceived as whiny or teenagey to many i guess. So whether or not moon in leo is intensifying it is in the eye of the beholder i guess…

  6. Progressed moon currently in Aries which should be a blast and getting out and living life to the full but because it’s 12H, I’m being reclusive and wading through my baggage ready for the new cycle. That said I’ve become a lot more blunt and competitive than I have been for 20 years, so I guess I found a bit of my Ariesness.

    Just wondering what’ll happened when prog moon crosses the ascendant into Taurus. In theory Taurus is less willing to push out into the world and explore.

  7. My Progressed Moon is in Cancer between May 2016 and May 2018. My husband and I are planning to start a family real soon. I’m looking forward to have our first baby while my Progressed Moon is still in Cancer. ? In May 2018 my Progressed Moon will enter Leo and then I will have my first Progressed Lunar Return. ?

  8. My progressed moon is in Virgo and is exactly conjunct my mercury and also exactly square my Saturn in Sagittarius. 🙂

  9. hi Diane my progressed moon is at 6 Taurus l am ecstatic l love, love this progression 🙂 also about to enter my 9th house, that migth explain me feeling happy go lucky and content, yes Taurus is da bom :)!!!!!!!!! very content with the down to earth feel it brings.

  10. I´ll be having next year my progressed Moon conjunct Saturn in Leo (house 10th). Also conjunct Sun and opposite natal Moon. Should I expect a year full of penalities then?? As I´ll be having a truly difficult solar return with Mars conjunct Ascendant from 12th house (also Pluto in here), I´m actually really terrified about it all!!

  11. My progressed Moon 6Pisces n natal Moon 7Pisces
    As well, the progressed Sun 20’ before it conj ASC 2scorpio 50. Natal Saturn 21 Pisces.
    Pluto opp MC 20 Cancer already happened with soulmate dying, PTSD, moving interstate n collapsing. Now beginning to paint again. But what next with pJupiter trine natal Venus ip22 Leo?

  12. so progressed moon in opposite sign to natal moon must be tricky? Have heard that said about monthly transits from the moon … but a 2 year stint sounds hard!!!!???

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