Are Composite Charts More Important Then Synastry?

synasty“In your style, do you feel composite charts are more, less or just as significant as synastry? I know that every astrologer has a different style & preference. Just wondering what your take on it is. Are they both different but hold just the same weight of importance?”

They are both significant but for different things. Synastry shows how two people interact. She feels thwarted by him. He feels supported by her. They butt heads all the time or whatever.  The cross-aspects describe how the two individuals experience each other.

A composite chart shows how the relationship functions; it’s purpose and such. It’s hypothetical, up until a relationship actually forms! You can put charts of any two people together but if there is no real life relationship, it has no meaning.

That said, I love composite charts. Provided a relationship forms, they give a strong indication of how two people are going to fare.  These charts also show how others experience the two people as a couple or a unit.

As an example. you have a party and a couple arrives.  It’s the composite chart you greet at the door.  If they stick together and work the room, again, it’s the composite chart; the merge of the two individuals, you’re dealing with.

On the other hand, if the couple crosses the threshold and heads in different directions, they’re acting independently and you’re dealing with the two natal charts.

Sometimes there’s a stark difference (for good or ill).  If the composite chart is “bound” or harsh, one or both of the individuals may come across differently when they’re not with their partner. It’s pretty easy to see this, out in the world.

Some people’s lives are dramatically enhanced by their relationship.  In this case, the couple may present as a powerhouse. One or both of the individuals may be weakened when their partner is not around.

The chart is a map of a person’s energy. A composite is a map of a couple’s energy.  To fully evaluate a relationship, you need both.

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  1. Sorry for going of topic but this brought to mind are relocated natal charts more important than original natal charts (as long as the person remains in the ‘relocated’ country)? Maybe you dealt with this before Elsa?

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