The Vertex, Fated Experiences And Timing

star gateBullwinkle: Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.
Rocky: Again?
Bullwinkle: Presto!
Lion: ROAR!!!
Bullwinkle: Oops, wrong hat.

The vertex in the astrological chart is a theoretical point, calculated mathematically, like the ascendant or the midheaven. I’ve seen it referred to as a secondary descendent. I would consider it like a fated descendent, a point where fated encounters are drawn to us, where they enter our lives.

Dr. Z calls the vertex Destiny’s Gate. I think of the vertex, brace yourself for the geeky reference, like the Stargate of Fate. The Vertex Stargate is activated and a fated experience or person steps through. Sometimes in synastry you’ll see a double whammy effect with each person having a personal planet conjunct the other’s vertex. In that case it’s like a vortex opening between the two individuals, with each having a fated influence on the other.

Vertex activation by transit or synastry heralds the entrance of a person or event that is karmically pointed. Something or someone enters our lives in order to steer us in the direction of our own greater good, something to keep us on task or put us back on track if we’re straying. This can be a positive epiphany, a stressful can of worms, or anything in between.

The timing of such encounters is indicated by the activation of the vertex. A contact transit to the vertex, a conjunction, or to its opposite point, the anti-vertex, is the key that opens this gate. This timing can be observed in the natal chart as a transit. It could be seen in the progressed chart as a transit to the progressed vertex, or it can be a progressed planet activating the natal vertex.

One often sees vertex activation at critical points where you can look back and see a powerful intervention or redirect. This could be the meeting of a soulmate, or a mentor. It could be a job offer or a proposal. It could even be something so simple it could be overlooked. One time I gassed up my car for a long trip and headed out to go over a very dangerous mountain pass in winter. I always, always close my gas tank door after I pull out the fuel nozzle. As I was heading up the pass I saw in my rear-view mirror that it was flipped wipe open, so I pulled over and shut it. I remember thinking to myself, that is not possible; I distinctly remember closing it securely. I got back on the road and within ten or fifteen minutes encountered a huge, multi-car pileup at the end of a blind curve. The moon at that time was exact on my vertex. On one hand it was very pointed, on another it would be easy to overlook.

Where is your vertex? Have you ever noticed events or people entering your life when this point is conjuncted by a transiting planet?

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  1. I have transiting Jupiter conjunct my natal Vertex right now and throughout the weekend. My Vertex is in my 8th house ruled by the Moon. My progressed Moon is conjunct my Descendent today to be precise.
    Any thoughts on what to expect?

    1. A great weekend, a lovely ons and or meeting someone who your soul can connect with? ๐Ÿ™‚ the problem is always not the opportunities but to be in the right place and to actually get out there, where everything can happen, I believe

  2. I’m not sure if I believe in hypothetical points in the sky being relevant to ones persona, but let’s say (at least Jungian) astrology is real.. I have waldemath lilith, bml conjunct Vertex in my Natal chart, and I do feel that I often have to handle really weird, uncommon type of energies and situations/things projected at me from the outside, actual world. If anyone would care to give an advice or thought on this I’d like to hear it. I do feel protected by a strong chart, but sometimes it gets puzzling with all the weird energies it also seems to trigger. ( usually to my moon with similar conflicting aspects and twelfth house neptune etc) What to do..?

    1. Or perhaps my question is more along the lines of ” how to you handle weird, often pretty dark energies coming at you in a random yet consistent way, without losing your sweet, optimistic and tender spirit, and in a constructive, easy-going, smart way..? ” or something.. (I also have Algol oppose my moon, I think Algol is very misunderstood and like her, but the energies it trigger can be heavy )

  3. Glad I stumbled upon this thread. I’ve been painstakingly digging through the synastry between my TF and I for a couple of months now. Just yesterday, I discovered that his natal Saturn is conjunct my anti-vertex at 14 Leo. I checked the day we met, and sure enough, the moon transited over that point earlier in the day. Then it hit me – the full moon last night was right on my vertex/anti-vertex axis.

    He and I haven’t spoken in a couple of months and I miss him more than words could ever express. Hoping he will reach out soon!!

  4. Hola, queria preguntar si es importante que venus retrogade ahora en agosto 2015 justo encima de mi vertex natal, y se vuelva a casa 5?? Ya que siento que puede ser importante… tambien Jupiter en ese momento va a estar a 2 grados del vertex natal y con una diferencia de dias de pasar tmb por encima. Me Empezo a interesar este tema porque cuando mi luna progresada toco mi vertex, entro alguien que me hizo olvidarme de un ex amor que tarde mas de 2 aรฑos en olvidar. Muy interesante su informe, desde ya gracias

  5. That was a very interesting post, especially about your gas door. I have had many things like this happen to me and I never knew to check the Vertex. Mine is in Virgo 11* and now that I am using the Whole House System, it falls in my 8th house. Fascinating!

  6. Next march I will have transit Jupiter conjunct my natal vertex of 22 Libra, and transit uranus will be at 22 Aries conjunct my antivertex at the exact same time. Any insight?
    My solar return for that year is TERRIBLE with a stellium in the 8th, natal 6th on the ASC, and a grand cross between succeedent houses involving my 8 house solar return sun. So I’m afraid having my vertex that active may be a bad sign?

  7. Interesting article.
    Hopefully I’ll be able to answer the question in several months as to whether or not anybody has experienced something with a planet transiting conjunct the vertex.
    Mars will be conjunct my vertex in the 5th house while my solar arc MC will be only a minute away from exactly opposite that same natal vertex in the 5th. Also with the progressed vertex 2 minutes from exactly conjunct my descendant.

    It’s down the road a bit but we’ll see.

  8. “You will learn that faith in yourself must come from faith in something outside the self.” Vertex in Sadge.

    I like that quote.

    Saturn is four degrees away from a conjunction with my natal vertex and in my progressed chart Pluto is two degrees away from a conjunction with my natal vertex.

    I’m going through a divorce right now. My life is shifting in profound ways. I don’t know if this will bring someone new and fated into my life or it’s just about someone leaving.

    Very interesting!!

    1. I just combined my natal and progressed chart and Uranus is coming up on the Vertex as well.

      I’m not sure I want a Uranus/Saturn/Pluto figure entering into my life?!?

      I’m going to keep the faith, let this go and have faith.

      The universe is conspiring to help me.

  9. I’ve been looking into the Vertex this morning. It hurts to admit this but it’s too interesting to keep to myself. I checked my ex husbands chart. Basically, he met a woman and I knew she was what inspired him to take the final step and end our relationship. Deep down I guess I wanted to know, if it was something strong and fated. Of course I don’t like it, but life is out of my hands working in ways I can’t always grasp. I knew the month when he met her, because he told me. I went into astro and opened his chart. At first I tried the 20th and saw that Venus was passed the vertex. I had a feeling and changed the date back to the 11th… and what do you know, Venus EXACTLY conjunct his vertex. I called him and asked him, which day he met her on. The 12th, Venus moves a bit slower so either day it would have been exact. I was able to predict the exact day he met her. It hurts, but it gives me clarity. This is something more than ME. Their relationship is fated and I need to move on. Sigh. I guess this means, though, that there is something else in store for me…

    1. ๐Ÿ™ aw that is so sad. i’d hate to think that vertex is that powerful, to decide fate. but that is so interesting to see the coincidences.

  10. Hi friends ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well today Venus conjuncts my vertex exactly and the sun conjuncts my south node. Interesting … I’ll give you all feedback on what happens! Xx

  11. Hi friends ๐Ÿ™‚

    Today Venus conjuncts my vertex and the sun my south node exactly. Let’s see what happens.. Will keep you all posted!!!

  12. Within 2 weeks of my prog venus conjuncting my vertex I met a very fated relationship. I’ve always thought it was down to having t-neptune opposite venus later that year but this puts a different light on it. It ended about 6-9 months later when she ran away from me yet unlike anyone else I’ve always felt she’ll be back one day.

    In a few months time I have progressed sun hitting the vertex so it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. I have five other major transits/progressions that month to my sun as well as my moon and venus.

    1. Transiting venus will conjunct my vertex in August 2018. During this period sun is transiting my 5th house and conjunct natal venus (venus is the rules of my 7th house too) and jupiter is transiting my 7th house. Let’s see if i meet my big love this time. On November 2016 when transiting jupiter conjunct my vertex exact i met someone who touched me really deeply.

  13. Avatar
    Midheaven Ascendance

    Hi Elsa,

    My Anti-Vertex is at 27ยฐ02′ Sagittarius. This year solar return rx Saturn is at the same degree. I have had read that the galactic center is at the very same degree too. (27ยฐ30′ Sagittarius). Any ideas…?


  14. Well… i have met someone i beleive is my soulmate from past life. The moment he entered in my life jupiter was transiting my natal vertex. North node was transiting my 5th house where my natal venus, mars and jupiter sit. In synastry we have my south node conjunct his venus and mars as well as my moon conjunct his south node and my vertex conjunct his north node. My anti vertex conjunct his saturn. Moon conjunct saturn double whammy. So i guess its pretty karmic. We could not start a relationship. We had a short romantic affair but feelings of fear and restlessness made it weird for us to build a relationship. He ran away from me pretty soon and has tried to come back 3 times ever since, each time when north node was transiting my 5th house. Currently I have blocked him on social media but im pretty sure he will contact me again. I don’t know whats this supposed to be, what is supposed to teach me. I don’t know what he feels but i think about him often and I have a feeling of longing. Like we did not need to fall in love because we were already in love from past lives. But a huge amount of fear too. I also am keeping him away due to his age. He is 5 years younger than me and I don’t like this age gap.

  15. My partner has vertex at 15 Capricorn in his 5th house…when Pluto stationed at 15 Capricorn in 2015, I gave birth to our twin boys, a cosmic meeting with our souls travelers ?

  16. On October 25th I will have transit Jupiter conjunct my 5th house Scorpio Vertex. Hopefully since this conjunction is occurring in the 5th house of romance I’ll have a shot at love. With Venus retrograde in the 5th house and widely opposing my 1 degree Taurus sun for the whole Venus retrograde I’m wondering if an ex from my past might return and actually turn out to be “the one”.

  17. I Love your writing Elsa. Had to share my chart…I have Scorpio Moon conjunct Vertex and Lilith in 5th house and a Yod to the Moon. It sounds like my life is fated personally and a lot of what happens to me is outside of my control? I literally feel a pull towards people…it’s very strange and I feel people sense this inner strength I have and want to take advantage of it. I also have Pluto Conjuct IC. It’s alot. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks again.

  18. @satori, your story is amazing!! about leaving the gas tank door. I’ve had alot of interventions like that too in the past. i’ve always thought it was angels.

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    Gosh I have just realised that there is a point in 2026 when Pluto in Aquarius is opposite Jupiter in Leo, sextile Neptune in Aries and trine Uranus in Gemini – all at 4 degrees.

    My natal Jupiter is at 4 degrees Leo and my Vertex is at 4 degrees Aquarius, natal Sun at 5 degrees Libra and natal Mars at 5 degrees Scorpio.

    So my Vertex axis is going to be tripped by my Jupiter return opposite transiting Pluto with an (almost) grand sextile (plus Mars Yod) of all the transiting outer planets and some natal inner planets. Heck!

    Could be an important week when the Moon completes the sextile by transiting four degrees Sagittarius. Too much there for me to understand in advance, that’s for sure!

    1. Hi, my Asc/Dc is 4 Aqu/Leo. I havenโ€™t reached out that far. Been waiting to see what happens in March-May 2020. I have Jupiter 2 Aqua. Oh gee, I feel all this energy coming in. When things cross my Asc I feel like Mary Poppins. After it passes I crash. Trying to not let that happen. ?

  20. I have vertex part of fortune and Neptune in close conjunction in 8th house any comments from experts out there!

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    Francis Mwanyule

    I am a virgo sun and my vertex is in my 7H conjucting pluto in virgo at 26degrees.My potential girfriends moon in capricon conjuct my vertex and she has also pluto in virgo.Can someone please interprate this one for me? Will our love blossom?

  22. Avatar
    Francis Mwanyule

    I am a virgo sun and my vertex is in my 7H conjucting pluto in virgo at 26degrees.My potential girfriends moon in capricon conjuct my vertex and she has also pluto in virgo.Can someone please interprate this one for me? Will our love blossom? She is a Gemini sun

  23. When my husband and I reconnected after several years of no contact, both Pluto and Jupiter were conjunct my natal Vertex. We have the Vertex on our composite Descendant.

  24. Wow. On Sept. 18, 2019 when Saturn goes direct, I have transiting Juno and Orcus exact conjunct the Vertex in my 7th house in Virgo. Hmm…

  25. Progressed vertex conjunct MC – the individual was found hanging at his home .. not sure if it’s suicide or if someone did this .. there a lot of suspicious things .. he was a famous actor only 34

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    Charlotte Bedard

    Interesting that you avoided that car crash in the way you did.
    It looks like transiting vertex is conj. natal. in scorpio conj. hygeia the health asteroid in sixth house. North node has admetos transiting so dryness and trying to endure this covid thingy. I have drawn in two people from my past – one north node factored in as finished drinking and so had i and we met as i climbed to the top of a mountain to the lodge and thats how. Both had a 20 yr cycle since last time. My north node Leo/Rx cancer. That first one was sooo fated in my spiritual closure. Love these things. Blesss.

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