The Truth Will Out

“Truth will come to light; murder cannot be hid long; a man’s son may; but, in the end, truth will out.”
– Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice, 1596

I used to think this was a reliable statement but I’ve learned otherwise.  Sometimes the truth does come out but just as often the truth is never known, at least not on this plane.

It’s also said that the truth will set you free. Truth and freedom are Jupiter-ruled. This statement is probably correct on a spiritual level.  However, if you tell the truth about some heinous criminal act you commitment I would not expect to be set free in this physical world!

We also hear that honesty is the best policy. I agree with this, wholeheartedly. Truth is classy.  It’s sometimes bold and it’s often elegant. I don’t know that I ever see truth as “ugly” though I know others do.

What are your thoughts on truth?  Does truth prevail?


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  2. Well, this reminds me of your post about puzzles and not ever stopping until you figure it out. Being that I come from that place, I hate untruths cuz it mucks up my ability to get to a valid conclusion. As far as telling the truth~ I have a compulsion with that as well. In fact, at times, I feel like I need to stop being so forthright. My Virgo Sun wants the truth to analyze and Sadge Moon can’t stop shooting arrows. I feel that the truth trumps all else. Owning your own truth, good and ill, has a certain majestic strengh, it takes guts. I feel that by telling the truth I’m always a winner, no matter the outcome. YES! Truth IS classy.

  3. I just want to add that I haven’t always been like this. When I was younger it wasn’t that I lied so much as hid. The truth can make you feel incredibly vulnerable and I believe that’s why we tell lies or don’t want to know the truth. But that shit doesn’t work and it only makes everything more complicated.

  4. They don’t get away with it. When you’ve lied and hide a bad secret, you always have to guard it, and you don’t trust others because you’re not trustworthy. The wrongs we do, mark our soul, alot of wrongs mark a person in incredible ways. The more darkness you partake in, the darker you’re soul. The darker you’re mind. The truth is just that. It doesn’t have to be proven to exist. Most of the time, we instinctively know, when we hear it. I’ve seen people who have done great wrong for a long time. They continued to do wrong, because the truth never came to light, not in their own minds nor in the public arena. They grew evil in intent, sullen, cruel, miserable, mean, untrustworthy, ungrateful. Disconnected from their emotions and the light within. Sociopathic. A Blackness crept across their bodies. Hate, fear, power, unhappiness, sickness, anger, filled their minds, their lives filled with people the same. They wander around believing in nothing, trusting nothing.. the Vampiric, the black holes.. sucking the living light out of every life form they can; because they cannot create their own anymore, the darkness is too great. The living dead. The hungry ghost. As a western buddhist, i believe you have to come back and there’s no lying to the universal order of things. So you pay in this life and the next. There are things in this universe other than our tiny little lives, and small minded perceptions. I’ve never known anyone who did great wrong/evil to not pay a terrible price. You cannot out run it. You cannot cheat it. For that matter i’ve never known anyone who did a little wrong, not to pay either. It’s automatic. It’s just not seen/heard/judged/viewed on a neon sign, a nice neat legal paper, or the local newspaper. Life just isnt that tidy and small.

    I have absolute faith in the truth always coming out in the end. Absolute faith in redemption and the scales of Justice. It just doesn’t work on the small scale most humans want it to. It’s much larger than that. Much more incorporated into timing of larger events. The pebble pond effect on a mass scale. Astrology proves this.

    Justice is always served. Truth is never denied. Truth does set you free. If that were not true, destruction would be immenent. The truth..just IS. So it remains..our ever constant guide, our ever constant hope, our ever constant fear.

    Have Faith.

  5. I still believe in honesty and that ultimately, whether in the physical world or beyond, we bear the fruit of our actions. Still, in the present, I see a lot of evil not being repudiated. I had a rotten, abusive boss who’s gone on to all sorts of success. He’s like the person Fushion describes. My neighbor was murdered last year and I was surprised to find that the county’s 48% criminal apprehension rate was considered good.

  6. Elizabethe’s story is a great little example. She earned fear, cowardice, confusion, lost trust, trouble for lying. See..she paid..immediately, instantly. It is the lie that makes you vulnerable, weak, cowardly.

    Why do you think..the one thing a deceitful liar, deems priceless.. is the truth?

  7. I don’t know Fushion…I think the truth, while inherently good, can bring pain & confusion as well, although it brings those things up in a way to be cleared, healthfully. When I say the truth makes one vulnerable I mean in a way that it causes one to absolutely have to be honest with ourselves about who we are…which can be incredibly frightening to encounter one’s own demons, insecurities, reactions, wounds. The truth IS powerful but it’s not without it’s own pain at times. For instance, I’m an alcoholic. When I had to confront the truth… all the garbage and fears I was trying to bury with alcohol, it’s frightening. Not anything groundbreaking…I didn’t do anything majorly underhanded when drinking…just the usual garden variety self-loathing and hating my imperfections & perceived monumental weaknesses. I tortured myself for not being perfect for feeling less than. These truths about myself were excruciating to realize and for a period I was weak,vulnerable and fearful while navigating that path. But I’m out of the other side and the truth DID set me free but not without kicking my ass first.

  8. GTO. Sorry to hear you had intimate contact with one of them. Not a nice thing to experience. I’ve studied this over and over.. there had to be Justice or i would have gone ape shit. Thank goodness i found from decades of study, that there truely is. I am surrounded by great wealth, blinding joy, a sea of gratitude for gifts i have in every moment. I can promise you.. you can have all the riches in the modern world, all the power over mankind.. and you will be a very poor, desperate, retched soul because that’s not where it’s at. You’re ex boss will and has paid the price. It is automatic. Criminals need not be apprehended to pay penalty and be held to justice. People who do stupid bad things, hang out with stupid bad people, who will betray, lie and steal from them. They do not see the beauty of a tiny leaf floating across the ground. The wonder of the tiny ant going about it’s business. They cannot feel the mystery of the moon and the oceans enormous underworld. They do not experience the joy of a smile, the warmth of a hug, the endless stars stretching across our giant skies. Even a tiny drop of rain.. it’s all so wonderous it makes you’re heart explode with joy. There are countless joys, wonders.. life is teaming all around us. When you are in touch with that centre. You know.. You just know. That the way these people choose to be, is.. worthless, horrible, empty, fake and full of grief and strain. If you can walk away from it, i suggest that’s what you do. Don’t get caught up in it. Leave them in their self created hell. Fear not.. Justice and Truth always prevails.

  9. I guess my point is…Truth IS the way to go, however it ain’t always rainbows and kittens. Hence my belief that is why people avoid it at times, it can be painful. Truth can level you…but it does leave a solid foundation in it’s wake.

  10. Elizabethe thank you for sharing you’re truth. I’m so pleased you’re growing strong dear. Love and hugs for you, you brilliant brave woman!

    Yes Truth is indeed the most powerful force i’ve ever encountered. It even trumps love. I put to you for consideration..that it was not the truth that kicked you’re ass and hurt you, it was the lie. You have been harming yourself because of the lies. Hiding..deceiving yourself, refusing to face the truth as you did as a little girl. Ommission is a lie too. So over the years of drinking, and emotional mental torture as you have lied to yourself, you have been hurting yourself. The truth didn’t hurt you. The truth freed you. You cry, you feel vulnerable because for the first time in a long time.. you faced the lie, you confronted the fear, you see the truth. It’s the lie that’s hurts, the realization of all the wasted time, all the delusional confusion, all the hurt, all the loss. You are unsure of this new found trust in yourself, after all you feel raw. You have just dragged out into the light the utter truth. You have faced down unconscious fears, self accusations, incorrect beliefs.. my goodness girl..ofcourse you feel a little wobbly. You just fought a massive war with your hidden self and won! Who wouldn’t be completely shell shocked? Oh and another thing.. What utter silliness about you not being perfect, or good enough or imperfect. Utter nonsense. Silliness at it’s finest. No sad cookie for you. You do not have cart blanche’ on the hopeless list. We’ve all been there, what makes you think you’re special enough to be on the losers list? (wink). I like the saying ‘you know you’re emotionally mature and enlightened, when you give birth to yourself’. Congratulations on the death of the fake you (lie) and the birth of the real you(truth). How long were you in labour? (Giggle)
    Take good care of her Elizabethe. She trusts you, to guide her well, to love her unconditionally, to be truthful with her, to protect her and be kind to her. She’s very special, and very brave, and pretty damn smart. Bravo dear. Bravo!

    You have proven my point about justice and truth. See the harm lies cause? The pain, the torment? The loss incurred, the lost joy and trust, the confusion? .. Yet the truth bought you peace, trust, strength, wisdom, compassion, depth, understanding, freedom. And i hope..maybe a little silent pride. What you’ve done is no easy thing. It takes committment, brutal honesty, fearlessness and every ounce of strength within you’re core self. The truth didn’t hurt you, the lies did. Oh just a roar of happiness for you Elizabethe. You’ve done something only the bravest can. Enjoy the journey, and welcome to the club. As there is a price for lies and wrongs, so are there gifts for the truth and good. You have earned them. They are priceless. Congratulations.

  11. I could cry on this one if I think on it long enough. Sometimes truth is hard to swallow. Hard to accept. To live a honest and happy life in spite of it all is a challenge at times. I was angry about it for a long time. But that was a waste of time. It’s a game of sorts, the lies, the coverups that negatively impact other people. And the coercion to join in and become a thug, and the punishment and threats for not doing so. But such is my fate. Clean slating is tough anymore or was I just naive before. I guess I have to accept that it exists so I can stay out of it. I’m still in a phase of not trusting that it will not infiltrate my life again. I don’t want it in my life and that is what I am building my life on. Okay, now I feel tears. I am going to my blooms and birds.

  12. Telling the truth has always helped me out. Just yesterday I was supposed to use a local college’s facility but I wasn’t enrolled anymore so I told the lady and she didn’t even swipe my ID to check me in she just checked me in herself! Then I told her how many pages I had printed out for business plan it was about 38 so I paid after 15 pages. You don’t want to be seen as an dishonest douche bag! So I always tell the truth even if it gets me in trouble. Sometimes as my family says I’m a little too honest, but then you know whose on your side or not. In court of law you must be honest,if they find out you weren’t you will be in a bigger mess then before. I do gossip here and there but i don’t rewrite the story I say what I heard. Also, I am proud that tell that truth as you can see its a biblical truth that I’ve taken from.

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    Peace Be With You

    Elsa, I think you are somehow looking over my life. Your topics these days cover day by day what I am facing. I always said to myself that truth is the best policy and it has set me free for most of my life while many told me to not be so honest. I have a Sagi moon maybe that’s why? Well, the truth has not worked for me when it comes to telling my husband things. Yes he appreciates my honesty but I always get punished for telling him things about myself and what I want to do. I get told that I cannot do this or that, I am stupid to have made that mistake, I am not a good person, etc. For the last few weeks, I have been keeping things to myself and sharing it with my Mom rather than my husband. This has turned out to be very beneficial for me and I have received a positive outcome. No negative attitude or words from my husband and I am happy :-). I am not cheating on my husband or doing anything horrible. I don’t tell him about certain dr appointments (eye doctor where I was thinking of getting eye laser surgery but I am not now), buying certain things for myself because he hates that I spend so much money (my earned money), and I delayed in telling him that I am going to a self-improvement program for 5 days this week which I told him yesterday and I am going tomorrow :-). Wow somehow I didn’t get any heat. That’s how it should be but sadly it’s not that easy. I guess alternative ways need to be seeked out and that is what I am doing. So far so good. I am not lying but I am not being open about things. Is that bad? Good for me so far. Let’s see what happens.

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    Peace Be With You

    Also, I am thinking since Mars is still in Taurus does that have something to do with me getting what I want lately? Hmmm…interesting coincidence.

  15. truth always wins. shakespear also said, to thine own self be true. this is the most important type of honesty, in my opinion. liars tend to lie to themselves. they live lies. this is coming from someone who broke off an engagement to a pathological liar when i was 25. gave up my ticket to the titanic. my grandma used to quote john wayne – the only thing worse than a thief is a liar.

  16. It depends what Saturn does with it, just like you said, be truthful about a crime you’ve commited. I have Saturn sq Jupiter, with saturn being in Scorp h8. Sometimes the truth just lands you in hell!

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    Dont writers often write about an ideal, or try to influence many people. Just because its written by a famous author does not make it true or indeed practical in the real world. However, regarding the conscience – contradiction warning – nicholas cage at the end of a film where he played an illegal arms dealer stated “never be at war with yourself”. My personal experience is that a conscience would put you at war with yourself if you do something dodgy.

  18. Hahaha Oh my..some people are in for a bit of a painful shock by the looks of it. Nothing to worry about. Ignorance will not excuse you, nor do justifications.

    Well..i’ll say goodnite to you all. I’m headed to bed. To those who have been integral and’s been real, it’s been deep, it’s been awsome! I was brought to tears with the beauty of you’re shared bravery and depth. What a beautiful moment it was, i’m so glad i was here to be a part of it. Thank you for being you, the worlds a better place because you’re in it.

    To those who are delusional, selfish and deceitful.. all the best..i know you’ll get exactly what you have earned, even if you’re too silly to know it.

    Sweet dreams all.

  19. alway great to be reminded how much we have culturally derived from Shakespeare… that’s right, no one escapes the lords of karma (even chaos theory is this principle). truth in action brings clarity thus the greater ability to manifest. keeping one’s word is part of this, as much as possible.

  20. Painful but productive. I think my trouble was in doubting myself when I became inundated with the awful truth. If it was so rampant, then what was I, a fellow human animal, doing or capable of doing. I’m settling for . . . I was compromising my Self too much for the valuable people. The highly paid, highly authoritized people I was associated with who were supposed to be in the know and responsible in their positions. Perhaps, I did not value my own truth enough. Sag 2nd house, Sag NN in first, conjunct upcoming full moon.

    That darn 9th house uranus in leo. Uranus transits cut me to the quick, down and dirty. And really what about leo loyalty? I vote loyal to my truth. And I come full circle, how to decline participating in that other stuff gracefully. I really don’t want to get any on me. Is that clean enough for a virgo sun conjunct jupiter?

  21. Notch.. I get you. I walked out on a career of power and money, disgusted at the behaviour of the so called ‘elite’. I couldn’t be happier with my descision.

    This.. ‘Perhaps i did not value my own truth enough.’

    Good to see you’ve got it sorted. You’re not alone. There really are alot of great people out here, fighting the good fight.

  22. Fushion~ We could go round and round about this. When you write that it was the lies that tortured me…well, heck yeh, but if you believe that the truth is some magic salve I would venture to guess you are not an alcoholic. Forget the ‘reasons’ that ’cause’ a person to compulsively drink and just focus on the illness itself. It NEVER goes away. And believe me I don’t feel sorry for myself because of it, it’s just the truth. I know people who have gone back out and drank after 12, 20 years. As they say in AA, alcohol is cunning and baffling. We may KNOW the truth of it but we must be ever vigilant in recognizing that at any time it can sneak up and grab a hold once again. THIS is the truth and it can be a difficult one. I am fortunate, I was a binge drinker so I don’t have the day to day compulsion element. And may I point out that we alke’s don’t only drink when we’re sad, we drink when we’re happy, we drink because it’s a compulsion. Ultimately though, I feel fortunate that I have a disease that I can control by not indulging, there are many who live with diseases that they can’t do a damn thing about. But in all cases, it’s the truth and it can be painful. So while I absolutely believe the truth in all forms is paramount, to pretend it doesn’t have it’s own rough edges is a bit pollyanna to me.

  23. Truth without empathy is pure cruelty. I always try to restrict my urge to tell the truth when I’ve only slept 3 hours at night, or when I’m stressed otherwise. Then ‘truth’ seems more like a weapon meant to hurt than anything else.

    1. @Mads, omg yes. truth without empathy and compassion. someone who will say brutally cruel things. But I think those people are just not happy and want to hurt others anyway. so they may twist the truth to make it worst.

  24. It appears, actually frequently seen, the truth always hurt, even if not deliberately meant to be. I come to the conclusion of why us Humans get offended when the truth is being told. Of course not that everyone is the same, but majority of Humans seem to get piqued when someone deviates from an incompatible point of view. This unremarkably occurs on the Internet and not just in person with opposers. I often acknowledge this problem in the Yahoo! Answers Category when enquirers seek answers for their violation notices. When they inquire about the consequences of their violation notices and that you generously and accurately point out the reasons that inflict the cause (s) of their violation notices, they would often become furious, get excited to disagree with you, emotional, and if not block you from answering their future questions. Why? Because the truth hurts.

  25. I made tiramisu today for someone’s birthday. I said “it was my first time making it, if it’s no good, you can be honest with me” they tried it and said “it’s good but it’s a little thin” I said, “soggy?” they said “yes” well alrighty then. Makes no difference really…it was the thought that counted and the effort was appreciated. I appreciate honesty…Its more pure. If you can’t handle the truth you might have an ego problem.

    1. I once saw a cooking programme where the people cooked for the Dalai Lama.

      Obviously they were on tenterhooks about it.

      When he tasted it, he told them his truth – “I didn’t enjoy it” or some such version.

      He then went on to say “But I really appreciate the time, effort and care you’ve taken to cook this meal for me”.

      He made it about the relationship and acknowledging their contribution.

      Sounds like you’re in good company PI 🙂

  26. My thoughts on the truth are kind of hard to articulate. I guess if I had to sum them up it would be “don’t mistake the finger pointing at the moon, for the moon itself.”
    In the case of the tiramisu. It’s just tiramisu. It’s not good or bad even if it’s soggy. It just is. The fact that the person didn’t like it was based on a perception of what tiramisu should be. It was their truth in a way. But not THE truth.

    As far as honesty. I don’t know that it’s always the best policy. I don’t think most people know what to do with honesty. And that’s not a judgment against them. I’m not going to tell my son about my past sexual exploits. I’m not going to tell someone that I’ve noticed that they’ve gained weight. I think someone above mentioned honesty without compassion is just cruelty and I think that’s really wise. In the case of the tiramisu (hehehe) PI wanted to know so that he/she could improve upon it if needed. The receiver showed compassion by stating the truth because it would be ultimately helpful.

  27. Even the concept of truth is unclear. Gaslighting changes the truth, our memories distort the truth, historians have written the winner’s truth etc. Truth is so obscure that it cannot prevail. The facts on the other hand… but I don’t think fact is synonymous with truth.

  28. Quite unhappy at the present over a brother-in-law shafting his wife in a tangled divorce. After lying to everyone, his mother, his siblings and his children, he’s going around happy things turned out his way and is lying about what he’s doing now. What a filthy snake but he’s spinning stories and acting like he won, which apparently he has. Why does karma only seem to visit those who regret their misdeeds?

  29. I find myself unable to lie to others to outright (Mercury in Virgo). But I can definitely point to situations in my life where how I felt inside was not in alignment with how I acted outwardly e.g. being friends with someone I didn’t truly like just because they were kind to me, etc. It seems these untruths always eventually came out, while I know many many people who live their entire lives trying to cover up their lies or wrongdoings and are never held accountable and the truth about who they are has yet to be revealed in any substantial way.

    Many people are so covert about who they really are and the things they really do behind the scenes, that they can keep these lies up for a lifetime. Outright lying takes far too much effort and seems pointless to me nor can I go along for very long without bluntly telling someone how I really feel or revealing something I did that was not in full integrity with who I am. There is always a sense of relief about coming clean, despite the personal backlash or fallout.

    Dishonesty *feels* awful. Both to be the victim of it, or the one perpetrating it yourself, at least if you have any kind of conscience. There are some people in this world who simply do not. Dishonesty is second nature to them and not having a conscience just makes repeating the behavior that much easier to do.

  30. sometimes people would prefer to believe the comforting lie, no matter how solid the evidence. we’re very good at avoiding breaking our maps of reality. even if they’re faulty

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