Transition From Saturn in Libra to Saturn In Scorpio

Saturn is direct now and will leave Libra for Scorpio on October 6th, 2012.  Many people are choosing to end their relationships at this time.  Others are reinforcing their commitment. Most seem to realize that the decisions they make at this time will have a lasting effect and because of this, they may have delayed the inevitable. It’s like strapping yourself in and going over the falls. Few want to do that.

Others do not register the importance of the decisions they’ll make in this time frame. In many cases this is because they are naive, or they lack experience or perhaps they’re delusional.  I am old enough to vividly recall events that unfolded the last time Saturn transitioned from Libra to Scorpio and I was one of these people so I understand how a situation like this exists and I’ve the fallout and suffered the (lifelong) repercussions.

Most around here know that I opted not to marry my husband the last time Saturn was in Libra, but I did more than that.  When we separated (with Saturn in Libra), he immediately married a woman he’d known for 10 days and I went into a void space. I eventually hooked up with another man, but failed to learn anything in that relationship either and I mean,  I learned nothing.  Granted, I was young. I had no one to advise me and I had no support of any kind, but that’s irrelevant to what happened because of this;  when Saturn went into Scorpio, I landed on my ass, HARD.  My husband landed hard himself at that time and as many who read here know, it’s taken 29 years to fix this thing and lemme tell you, that’s a long time.

Since no one told me, let me tell those who are younger than I am, some things that are facts.

First, if you have a good man or woman who loves you, do not make the mistake of thinking you’re going to be able to recreate the connection and enjoy the feelings you have with just anybody because this is simply not the case.  There are not endless people you are going to be able to love and have love you back and I don’t care how cute or handsome you may be.  I don’t care if you date 300 people over 2 years, if you wind up with nothing at the end of that time, then nothing is what it is.

Second, if you think you can just take your kid away from their mother or their father and pretend it’s no big deal, you are in for one hell of a rude awakening.  I am not talking about leaving a man who is beating you or the like. You know what I’m talking about.  You leave the man (or vice versa) because you think you can do better. You think you can find another man to be the father – well let me tell you something about the men in this era.  Many of them don’t want to have kids of their own and even fewer want to take on the responsibility of raising another man’s child or children, so think about this before you dump a man who is there for you on a whim.  And if you doubt what I am saying, just talk to some single mothers out there. Look around.

I am naturally optimistic. When I was young I thought the next man would always be better. I really thought this and I said I thought this. I thought  my life could and would do  nothing but get better and I thought this for a number of years. I was able to stave off reality, basically, but an illusion like that cannot be maintained forever.

I really hope people make good decisions here, in the negotiation (Libra) phase. When Saturn hits Scorpio, you’re going to find it’s too late to go back. Further, it will probably take 29 years to fully appreciate the repercussions and the results of the decisions you make now. This is for good or ill, because some people clutch it up and leave relationships with partners who abuse them and good decision.

On that note, I had a friend who was married to an alcoholic the last time Saturn was in Libra, she had a baby.  He was a good-looking, charismatic man but she told me about him getting drunk, beating her with a six-pack of beer and then standing on top the bed and pissing on her as she lie huddled in a corner.

I begged her to leave that man. BEGGED her.  She stayed.  I could not bear to watch so I left. They just recently separated. How’s that for casting a die.

Can anyone else share stories that happened the last time Saturn left Libra for Scorpio?

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  1. My family moved 1000 miles away and I decided not to go. It was a good decision. Saturn moved into the 12th house, Uranus was on the Ascendent, and transiting Neptune was on my Moon. I was shell shocked and bereft until Saturn moved into my first house.

  2. i wasn’t born when saturn was in libra last time but i can tell that now i made the same decision as you- relationship wise- to not move and marry the man i love/d. i hope it’s worth it..

  3. Elsa, no one could have written this better–not a marriage counselor, a social worker, some parents, friends or clergy. Your advice is eye-opening and humbling and should be part of every prenuptial conference. Several I know through the last 40yrs of being married have suffered w/thinking they could do better. God, or the Universe blessed me with a good husband, but your narrative is worth every word and a life-long lesson.

  4. Thank you so much for this and all your Saturn in Libra and Saturn in Scorpio postings. I’m currently 29 and have my natal Saturn retrograde in Scorpio in my 4th house. This Saturn in Libra period made me focus and check in if my needs were being met and taught me to listen, be more patient and communicate my needs (hard for an Aries with both her asc and moon in Leo and merc in Aries). Just started dating someone and trying to go with the flow. On the other hand I feel that this Saturn in Scorpio is going to urge me to forge more of my own path from immediate family!

  5. Bravo Elsa. Well written. The last time Saturn was in Scorpio I finished school, and established a sense of indenpendence for the first time.

    The ex decided he could do better than me. I have spent the last year trying to get myself back together. (Sudden and unexpected ending). Venus and Saturn went direct this week, and I am feeling better. The eclipses last year hit me hard, this year it closed everything. Never, ever gave myself to man before like that -ever.

    I am thinking I need to reestablish my power base, kick my career up a notch. get my act together, and put this difficult thing behind me. my curiosity is how his decisions toward me and us will play out in his life. After all this time, I know I am not going back, but going forward.

    Well written. Accurate.

    I am naturally suspicious – i expect a certain native wariness and exray vision to return – but that is ok. It is good to be able to see beyond the appearance of things. Thanks again for this well written article.

  6. I had a love-of-my-life relationship start in 1977. We both started university in a small, remote city in 1979. The university over-enrolled that year, so housing was in short supply and very expensive. We found an old farm house twenty miles away. Had a Saturn return in my fifth house, also conjunct my south node, in late Virgo in mid 1980, which coincided with the relationship turning very sour and cold…my partner wanted an open relationship. Saturn entered Libra Sept., 1980, which coincided with my partner abruptly moving into the small city leaving me on the farm. We both found that our relationship was better with each of us in our separate spaces, but I didn’t realize he actually had another relationship underway. Saturn left Libra for good Aug.,1983. Everything was exposed while Libra was in Scorpio…there was no more relationship, but we did have sex occasionally. All involvement ended when Saturn moved over my seventh house cusp of Sag in 1986. It should be noted that the last time Saturn was in Libra, late 1980 through mid 1983, Jupiter was in Libra the first year, and Pluto occupied the third decan of Libra, leaving for Scorpio at about the same time as Saturn.

  7. Thanks for posting this, Elsa. I bookmarked this article to re-read throughout the coming months. I have natal Saturn in Scorpio in 7th house. Obviously don’t remeber when Saturn was last in Scorpio. I am hoping that as much good as ill will come of this. *fingers crossed* I have always taken relationships seriously and don’t play around with others feelings; its never been reciprocated, so maybe now that will be corrected.

  8. Uranus in Libra kicked off what I see as the definitive cycle of the first half of my life in 1972 when it conjuncted my 12th house Libra Moon. Next, Pluto swung at the moon back & forth like a guy at the driving range, and Pluto has kept on the heels of all my planets in houses 11-3, ever since by conjunction. Loooong time.

    So Saturn in Libra found me in one hot mess already, to be sure. For example, by mid 1970’s I’d gone from a wannabe saint at 12 to being hit on by my best friend’s boyfriend, causing lost best friend, first kiss, loss of reputation and being called really ugly names by my mother all in one day… next the Older Guy, held hostage at gunpoint when I tried to set a boundary, and got the crap kicked out of me by my dad because it was all, of course, my fault. By Dec. ’77, had graduated HS and left town once with a guy I was engaged to (at 17) and lived in Louisiana. Pluto was right on the moon, and I bolted and ran home to Mama.

    Whew. So by the time Saturn left Libra for Scorpio the last time, I had just chosen to burn my bridges by leaving my hometown and family with a man who was running away from his burdens and responsibilities. Now I see that I had about a million other, better options for how to deal with my family. I had friends, and at least one real, solid lifeline that did not involve a man. Too scared then; no strength, and all my energy went into reaction instead of action. I was pretty beaten up by then. I wish I’d had myself to talk to :-).

    I felt like I needed to separate myself from my family or perish.

    So, hurt and unstable as I was, I did such an unreliable and unsafe thing as to leap into the unknown with a guy who was carrying baggage that needed a cargo freighter to transport.

    I can see myself in caricature, leaving the Great Lakes for Texas, with an elephant on my back. I used to carry everybody’s everything. I can report progress in the boundary area this time around. I currently have no romantic relationship, and have severed some and blocked others during this latest transit. Nobody I’d wish I’d kept or pursued. Sounds rough, but in many ways I’m in the best shape of my life.

    An astrologer explained Saturn’s action as being something like the chick before it hatches. First feeling like things are getting a bit tight, unbearable, then peck, peck peck, maybe there’s something better on the other side. Well, this time, my peck-peck-peck has been much more conscious, and I certainly developed a better relationship with myself than the one I had then. This is long, but what can I say. It was long.

  9. When you talk about this it makes me afraid. There is no fixing what I’ve done during this transit. If they were mistakes…then they were mistakes I’ll pay for for the rest of my life.

    I know some of the decisions I made were not good. But I was in a state of such relentless emotional pain that I think I can say with authority that I did the best I could.

    It’s what we all do. The best we can.

  10. It was my Saturn return. It consisted of me finally finding the strength to leave an emotionally abusive husband, and move to CA. It was a very difficult time, but I feel that in facing my fears, I finally began to find myself.
    I had an epiphany last night. My life has been one Pluto transit after another, with my life being upended, torn apart each time. What I realized was that if it hadn’t been for all of that, I would never have known the depth of the courage that lies within me, the courage that allows me to keep on through all the minefields that I’ve had to traverse.

  11. “If we do the best we can, we can at least have less to regret.”

    Namaste, that’s true but you may also see your efforts or your integrity pay off down the road.

    As an example, when my husband and I separated as kids, neither of us did a damned thing to the other. We did not say hateful things to each other or about each other and when I heard he had married and was pregnant, I contained my pain and did not make a scene, even though it was really, really quick.

    Point is, had we degraded each other or done anything crappy, we’d not be together today.

  12. For example, I am not sure I made the right decision about my son. I urged him to join the military instead of going to college. This was partially doe to the pressure I was feeling from my then-husband, who wanted the son out of the picture.

    Huge pressure to get rid of him, there always was, so absolutely Elsa, you’re definitely right about men not wanting your kids. This was one of the central problems in our marriage — he really hated my son.

    But the other reasons I urged him to go were all good reasons, I think. He did not have a father to speak of; he was not a very good student, and I didn’t know how I was going to manage him under only my authority until adulthood. I could see trouble coming. He is happy with his choice so far and makes just about as much money as thousands of other adults in this society. So *so far* it’s seemed like a good decision. I hope it stays that way.

    There are so many things like this. I was literally ill with grief when I made these decisions and I have no way of telling now whether my thinking was even close to rational, not to mention correct.

  13. @Eva – I don’t see the military as a bad choice. I think college is very expensive with no guarantees once you get out. Military pays for room, board and education based on what they believe the recruit will be good at + they pay the recruit for it!

    I’ve had family that worked with recruiters before they went in to get into education programs that the recruit was interested in. They served a few years in the military and came out with money in the bank, job qualifications and experience.

  14. This post really resonates.

    I’d say I’ve been feeling paranoid that I still haven’t found a boyfriend. I quit my job in Cleveland back when Saturn was in Virgo and moved to San Francisco. As a consequence, I’ve had the opportunity to date men who were better matches. While I’ve now realized what type of man makes me feel like committing long term… it didn’t happen on their end… they ended up being commitment-phobes that I wasn’t willing to put up with… among other things.

    It almost seems like I’ve cast the mold of the type of guy I want, but it won’t be until saturn moves into scorpio that it might happen. I say this since I did the same thing with Saturn in Virgo with quitting that job, I said to myself what my dream job would be and through a series of different jobs I’ve now found my dream job and as saturn goes direct now, that job is looking to become a permanent position.

  15. I was young back than. I suppose what I needed to learn back than and right now are the lessons Saturn in Scorpio will teach and that is – acceptance of loss and gain.

  16. Like Eva this scares me as I’ve made the most monumental lifelong decisions during this time which can’t go back. I’m 50/50 whether they were the right ones still, one day it feels like the best thing ever, the right thing, something I had to do for my sanity, the other I’m racked with guilt and remorse. And I feel it will always be a tussle between the two which is hugely stressful. Am I to have 29 years of this, I’ll be at the end of a life. I’m brutally honest with myself about things and will take my “fate”. Pluto transiting first square Uranus in 4th (conjunct natal Saturn soon enough) – enough said.

  17. To add to these stories, the husband I mentioned in the post was still drinking when the wife left him.

    As for my husband and I, we married and will be having a second ceremony in the Catholic church next month. We are nailin’ this down, see?

    The next day we are going to a 50th anniversary party. How romantic!

  18. Started a relationship that lasted 7+ years. Neither of us had the energy to continue after that time. Was it transiting saturn in libra or was that saturn in my 12th.

    I have gotten progressively better through relationships. Must be that strong saturn pluto self thing elsa talks about.

  19. Avatar

    I wasn’t born when Saturn in Libra… I came way after that… Saturn in Sadge.

    However during this Saturn in Libra I got back with the Virgo after a few months apart, this was the beginning of the transit, and just like you Elsa I didn’t want to be there. I thought I could do so much better and find another person who is better than that. I never did and neither did he. We got back together recently. And for some reason this doesn’t feel as pressurised as before. Maybe because our own baggage is sorted and we’re coming fresh. Our first test we failed and we’ve had to learn so many lessons. I’m grateful. I wonder what Saturn in Scorps will bring.

  20. I am single so this post doesn’t apply to me on the surface. I don’t want to leave anybody nor I am afraid of any kind of commitment, on the contrary. I don’t understand people who do not value relations and family even though (or maybe just because) I find myself in a void space of relations at 40.

    However or paradoxically I also find myself wanting to end or at least reduce considerably the importance of relations with friends from whom I feel I’ve been expecting for too long a response and a presence that at the end always came short.

    Mind you I don’t want to reduce these relations because I don’t love or like these people, but because i just can’t handle the disappointment and the frustrated expectations anymore.

    I wonder if this transitional moment applies to that too. I doubt I will see clearly anytime soon though. Neptune is crushing me, Mars is wearing me out, and all I know is I’m too confused to know what’s the right thing to do.

  21. I’ve made some pretty big decisions as of late, and this has me a tad freaked out. With Saturn going through my 12th I am just going to take your advice and rely on my faith that I’ve made the right decisions.

  22. Last time Saturn was in Libra I was too young to remember the specifis events, but my family and I did move overseas. So I know there was a huge change in my family’s life as well as mine. I gained a language, new culture, a new life, ink the past couple of years as the Saturn has been transiting Libra, I met the man I think I want to marry, and changed jobs, moved three times, including across the country, and have a whole new outlook about myself. Like, REALLY learned and humbled and matured.

  23. Went through similar relationship chaos during these same time periods as well, Mike, but throw in there as well, recently finding out you’re pregnant for the first time and everyone’s happy about it (the father-to-be included) and two wks. later finding out he also impregnated a stripper three mos. previous. That was just the beginning of the covered up myriad of soon-to-be revelations for me. Left him shortly thereafter. I felt so humiliated and completely devastated. By early ’86, I finally left him far behind, a decision I have not regretted to this day.

  24. Elsa, this blog post is wisdom is my opinion. Saturn the wise one.
    “do not make the mistake of thinking you’re going to be able to recreate the connection and enjoy the feelings you have with just anybody”

  25. This resonates with me so much, but I honestly have no idea what to think, or how this will ultimately pan out for me. I have my natal Saturn in Libra @ 29 degrees ( yay for me!! *rolls eyes* ) in the 10th house ( does the 10th house have anything to do with divorce? ). I am 29 years old, so I am at the tail end of my Saturn return. Coincidentally, ( or not ) my serious/major marital problems began just as soon as Saturn went into Libra, and they have continued ever since. I mean our marriage went straight to hell. I really, really want a divorce, but he doesn’t… in fact, he gets all sensitive and shaken up at the mere mention of us divorcing. Something tells me that with my Saturn in Libra @ 29 degrees, I’m about to be literally FORCED into making a decision very, very soon. Elsa, it’s probably unlikely that I will be able to weasle my way out of this at this time, huh? LOL! I am scared shitless, but I hope that whatever happens is for the best.

  26. Avatar
    Blessed Place

    Saturn last entered Libra in Sept 1980. I was living with a man I’d met on the rebound from a truly torrid love affair which had destroyed me utterly. I never wanted to feel like that again ever.

    This man I was living with (and had been for around a year) was putting quite a bit of pressure on me to marry him. He was utterly devoted to me, had given up drink for me. It was (at 40) his first big love affair. Something in me knew it wasn’t ‘right’ – I wasn’t in love with him; but I could at the time see no alternative (and certainly no honourable alternative)… So we married in the spring of 1981.

    In 1983 when Saturn was back in Libra, the first man I’d been crazy in love with (and he with me) lost his partner in a bizarre accident. All my being longed to go to his side, but I decided I had to stay with my husband. He deserved that much.

    A few years later when we were far from home and penniless due his feckless choices and irresponsibility, he betrayed me with a 19 year old girl and tried to do me out of the property we’d built up together, by sheer graft.

    I’m still pretty confused about what caused what, and which decisions exactly,and by whom, led to which negative outcomes.

    But it’s probable the seeds of my own marital disaster were sown in my refusal to admit to myself I didn’t love him enough to marry him.

  27. I was 20 back when Saturn left Libra, and left a live in relationship with then boyfriend. I then moved to a room in a house where the landlord hit on me. I freaked out and moved back home with my mum. I remember feeling my pride was hurt cause I couldn’t make it on my own in the big world.
    All this occured in 1983 with Saturn entering my 7th House Scorpio. But what stands out for me is that Pluto also entered Scorpio back then, so I had both Saturn and Pluto in the 7th house for what felt forever. OUCH! No regrets over those decisions I made then, and my pride soon got over it. I am a very different person now. I have been single for a long time, so when Saturn enters Scorpio this year it could be a chance to commit on a deep level to a new fella. Trying to be optimistic:)

  28. Saturn is my chart ruler, and a powerful Scorpio Stellium aspects nearly every natal planet in my chart, from the 10th House. So when Saturn transits across the border Saturn will park himself with the ‘family’ and we will do ho’oponopono(in my tradition it’s setting things right). In many ways I befriended the Task Master–the lessons of Saturn are about power and whose go it; what are/am they(I)doing with it.

    28 yrs ago when Saturn transited the border-crossing between Libra and Scorpio I was discovering how to ascend the career/public ladder. I was working hard at making a living for my family: got good at it and while Saturn was in Scorpio I was to learn what to do when that work was over.

    What I learned about relationships is more about how I live out my public (10th House) role and maintain a marriage. Soon after the career ended, the marriage ended. Who I was as a career woman suited the marriage as it was, but when the work ended the marriage didn’t adapt to the new ‘creatures'(us).The two of us couldn’t do it together, so we divorced.

    Now, as Saturn moves through Liba I see how valuable it is to negotiate with a clearer sense of my value and the values of my current marriage:

    1. I’m older, we’re old.
    2. What we need is less, but what we have is solid in its tininess.Maintain and commit.
    3. It’s necessary to know what tradition, what standards you live by, a partnership-marriage is stronger and makes it through the Capes of Magellan (some really rough shit!)if all hands on deck do the work in the torrents.

    Scorpio is about deep and penetrating cause and effect. Life’s tough and it takes courage to change. Saturn is there to be Gravity’s Spokesman. “Get down,” say the man.

  29. Wow.
    Sometimes I’m so busy looking forward I forget what happened in the past.
    [Sun & Merc in Aries, Mars & Jupiter in Gemini, Moon & Venus in Pisces, Saturn in Taurus, Sag rising).
    In the early 1980s Saturn was opposing my Sun and it was a horrible, horrible time. Small business I had failing, marriage failing–I did have my spiritual pursuits (had been studying astrology since 60s, but not toward being a serious astrologer) which became the way I survived. I was married to a man with a grand trine in Air–Aquarius (Sun, Mercury retro, Venus) Gemini (Saturn, Uranus (maybe)) Libra (Moon, Asc).
    All that wonderful Air, I thought he was the happiest person I’d ever met; took years to get behind the personna and see the real person. Saturn in Libra hit his 12th house and Moon and all his insecurities made him turn to other women (he’d done this once before–a mutual friend) both of whom were friends [well, one was, one wasn’t]. Did I mention he had a drinking problem?
    Well, that, a Vietnam era vet–once I saw behind the mask I saw all the problems but with my Moon and Venus in Pisces I still thought I could rescue him.
    It got worse in so many ways and rather than the strong Aries woman most people saw me as (and how I’d seen myself) Saturn opposing my Sun was sapping my energy and taking away my self-image.
    So while he was going around falling in love with friends and behaving like a spoiled 4 year old (with the friend who was unaware until it came to a head being ‘his’ and he didn’t want anyone else around her!)..well, I fell in love with someone else.
    This was a small town in a rural community so everyone knew each other. I hadn’t planned on it, he and my husband worked on a river mining claim together so we were in each other’s company regularly–he had more problems than the husb but I needed someone to love. It was discovering that I could love, and that caring about someone and not sleeping with them was liberating…(He was an Aries and as Gary Cooper put it in an old western, “Too much giddyup and not enough whoa”.

    I had a liberating experience (I had been afraid I couldn’t support myself, etc) which made me see that I didn’t just need to get away, I had to–and if I couldn’t do it, then it couldn’t be done.
    The hardest problem I had was telling him…(a main problem in the relatinship, discussing problems).
    With no specific plans, I wrote friends to tell them of the split, said we wouldn’t ask them to take sides,we would both need their friendship and friends in LA wrote back to say they had a studio apt if I wanted to move to LA and live there. Manna from heaven.
    Feb 17, 1984 was the breaking/remaking point and by my solar return (April 12) I was in Los Angeles.
    Through the friends I got a part time job, then heard about another job. Went to apply for the experience and ended up getting the job. It was a wonderful/horrible job but it was exactly what I needed. I rebuilt my self-confidene, gained valuable skills, made friends and business connections and didn’t look back.
    Looking back I can see that the opposition of Saturn to my natal sun had the effect of compressing who and what I was–almost like an alchemical process. What was left (and I can see now that it was around the time Saturn stopped directly opposing my natal Sun) wasn’t scattered bits and pieces, it was a solid core of who I was (spiritually more than physicallY), what I could do (work and love and think and dream) and carrying so much less baggage, I had more energy to accomplish what really needed to be done.
    I had known a little about Saturn returns so I was aware somewhat of the first one and I knew in time Saturn would be the friend, not the enemy.

    So here I am now not just remembering what happened then but reflecting on what’s going on now. No close relationships aside from a few very good (and long lasting) friendships (which is not just fine, it’s what I want).
    Because of your column Elsa I can see things so much more clearly in the past and so much better understand why I’ve made the changes I have in the past year and a half…the work I’ve been doing is leading toward whatever Saturn in Scorpio brings.
    I don’t know if I’ve read it somewhere but the thought just came to me that ‘Saturn gives us the gifts that we work for’…
    I had long said ‘Every gift is a burden and every burden a gift’. For my husband, his grand trine helped him survive a very bad childhood but it didn’t help him grow so he could be free of it.

    I love the image of the labyrinth and having walked a number of them, enjoy the experience. You complete a circle as part of the whole but at each turn, the perspective is slightly changed. The wheel itself doesn’t change but we can be changed by our movement and perceptions…
    Your return to your first love is like labyrinth walking to me…you’re not back where you started, you’re at a better place and the journey from there to here (and you’re sharing it with us!)transcends time.

    This is too long I know but if I try to edit it I’d probably just delete it.
    Anyway, thanks for the send off to Saturn in Scorpio, it really gives me things to look forward to.

  30. I’m having a falling out with one family member.


    Not only Saturn in Libra, but Pluto is transiting my Moon in Capricorn, death (Pluto) of relationship with a family member (Capricorn Moon)?

  31. Avatar

    Tell me if I’m wrong but I read the hopes for meeting someone better as a myth of progress and saturn in scorpio hits one up side the head with the cyclical nature of life and learning. ??

    I was a child and my family did not move or break apart or anything like that in the transition from libra/scorpio. My grandmother died. I expect more of that this time with much older grandparents with fully lived lives. I don’t have any stand-out events from that time. It was the good part of my childhood.

  32. Well, this article hit home to the max!

    I was essentially born 29 years ago, when the last time saturn was leaving libra for scorpio. And it feels like i’m going through another birth this time around, my saturn return.

    i am contemplating end my relationship with the father of my two year old. i feel like i’m not in love anymore and am really struggling with the decisions he’s making and having to live with him and his ways. yet, i’m scared to actually do it and live out the repercussions.

    i feel like i won’t be making any solid decisions until saturn hits my natal saturn and PLUTO at the end of sept.

    change is in the air.

  33. 🙂 Can you sometimes maybe write about the general Saturn in Scorpio feel? Or the lesson he lands there? I think this Libra faze made me learn A LOT about commitment, and a lack of it, relating and being in hell, then alone, back and forth and then the very opposite of hell. Peace. Because I learned how to walk away and now I’ve got something meaningful and beautiful, since i didn’t believe in “love”, it’s kind of teaching me it might exist, and about your role in seeing it, appreciating it, and acting on it, the right way. It feels like i’m evolving. Great article, by the way. I’m 24 now, and a Scorpio,..very close to getting of my parents paycheck, finishing my studies, wondering what next…and i get what you mean about thinking that every single man out there is gonna be better. Well, some are, a whole lot, but not every single, rarely does that happen. 🙂 I never believed in that, but I’m a sceptic it seems… optimism is new to me. Kind of a mature Saturn lesson: if you act right, you might get it right. /pardon my English;)

  34. oh, and my double Scorpio friend is finishing his exames now, it will be over by October, after a whole period of Saturn in Libra of prolonging, procrastinating, illusions, hiding, he felt it’s now or never, no matter what anyone else tried to tell him before and wouldn’t listen, he just got it over night and is rocking it… so this is i think for the best for him too. Just saying, Saturn makes you get your waight off by confronting it. It takes guts, but is very rewarding i think.

  35. Good job, Elsa. Someone loves me now but lacks (and requires) courage in order to honor himself and break free from the people who are urging him not to re-unite with me. I think I am going to take up abstinence because I love him and because what you’ve written seems true to me. I think he will be back and when he comes back, I want to be able to say I’ve waited.

  36. Scorpio rules my 5th, and I have Pluto in my 3rd house. My Sun, rules my 2nd, and is in the first degree of Taurus. I have a Capricorn descendant with Saturn in Taurus in the 11th house.
    Last time Saturn entered Scorpio, I started Jr. High school and was bullied by classmates for my sexuality. I was upset to lose the friends that were so nice pre-puberty. I was also forced to deal with the reality of being poor in an affluent school. My mom and stepfather got divorced because he had a child with another woman. It was very sudden and unexpected, but i was very happy to see him go as he was very heavy handed and abusive. I, however, had to take on the responsibility of caring for my younger brother and sister as he was absent and my mother was always working or out gambling. I joined the choir and made a new group of friends, and became very serious about listening to music.

  37. Elsa,

    I was born on feb 20, a pisces..ive been through alot these last couple of years..moving state to in a rebound relationship..what a dumb move..and now im helplessly in love with a libra man who is 8 years my senior. Weve been dating for about a year and 5 months..and he says that he has to look deep within himself before gettinig into another relationship..and he doesnt want me to think that he has a “fear of commitment” ive been feeling the urge so strongly to ask him where is this going? are you ever going to commit to me? or are you just going to drag me along and then drop me for some other braud in a couple months? Im so confused..i dont know what to i hold on to this man and hope he ever feels the same for me? or do i let go of this union (not relationship apparently) that i feel used in? im so confused..i dont know alot about astrology..but i know for damn sure all of my horoscopes which i check daily..and multiple sites! have been telling me to let the other person know how i feel..but now after reading this..i dont know if this transit is asking me to hold on..or too let go..whats a sensitive pisces to do??!!!

  38. oh it is something i have to order? I thought this transit was about letting go of relationships that no longer serve..I thought i could get some info right least some advice as to what to do 🙁

  39. Thank you for the insights RE: the previous Saturn Libra transit! Elsa and ecommunity!!!! I appreciate your interpretations at this time!
    I am 29. Eight months after my birth Saturn entered scorpio in August 1983. my uncle was 26 and took his own life. He had been diagnosed with ‘paranoid schizophrenia’. Having been given his name (Thomas) I have also inherited a familiarity with ‘severity’ throughout innumerable moves aft. parents divorce.
    On a lighter note of the heavy side: I have decided to maintain union with my girlfriend of 6 years, even though (I am like a gyrating set of scales) she doesn’t relish or empower self pity or cowardice. But I need space to incubate my destiny and friends with which to celebrate achievement and life in general.
    The impending date of October 6th coincides with my completion of a custodial course that will mark my induction into adulthood with my first actual career!
    I have other plans too, mind you, but I keep them irons in the fire in faith that truth, goodness & beauty may come from mundane obligation.

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