Woman In Love With A Sagittarius Man

sagittarius man square posterI got a call today from a friend who is in love with a man who is a Sagittarius. I don’t blame her- the man is a go-getting God. He works for a nonprofit and tirelessly champions the downtrodden as a successful fundraising dervish. My friend is a Taurus. Did you hear the “clunk” after I said “Taurus”? Most of her questions center on asking me WHEN he is going to stop chasing waterfalls, and decide to pick her once and for all and settle down and start a “real” life. Her chart has very little fire and air; his has no water, but does have earth. You’d think this is a match made in heaven, right? Opposites attract, and all that?

Well, maybe. If the Sag had a “goal” in mind to pursue the fundraising for a limited amount of time, and then switch his focus to home and family, I’d say there’s a really good chance that my friend’s investment in being his cheerleader at this time, given the fact that he really does seem to cherish her, would be worth the wait. After all, relationships are compromise, and perhaps this is her time to compromise.

That being said, I look at other factors in their charts. His Mercury is in a fire sign in an air house… he is an “idea” man, a true genius at thinking and seeing the big picture when it comes to social issues. Her Mercury is in a water sign, in an earth house. She says what she means, and means what she says. When his Mercury comes up with an “idea of their future”, her Mercury hears it and assumes it’s going to be a “reality”. See the problem?

But this is my friend, and I really want to find something positive to tell her, something that reassures her that he’s going to get off the horse, put down his chainmail, and be her own personal Knight in shining armor. So I keep looking. Whoops, he’s got Mars in Aries. Trine Uranus. Now he’s got a horse, AND a cape.

The conundrum is that he has a Moon/Venus conjunction– in Taurus—hooray, something to work with! But unfortunately it is 16 degrees away from her Sun; I would have loved to see it very close, but I have to work with what I’ve got. His Moon/Venus says that he does indeed want a woman who keeps the home fires burning. But the rest of his chart says that he most likely won’t be home much to enjoy the fires- but when he is, he wants them going strong!

So my ultimate opinion is that my friend has to make the decision about just how much time she wants to spend with her Champion. She’s not going to get the bit in his mouth; she will never be the First and Foremost that she dreams of being, at least not while he is Willing and Able to serve the masses. She must either join him in his social reform dreams, or be content to stoke the fires and hope he checks in for the evening. This is where it is crucial to “know thyself”.

Have you ever loved a “hero” or “heroine” and had to let go with love?


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  1. That guy seems to be the millennial ideal. Time will tell if that is really a good life to pursue. I say I’d like to be like him, maybe my tenth will stop bugging me. You hit the nail on the head when you said cheerleader. I think of that every time i think of girlfriends of famous musicians.

  2. this actually sounds a lot like our Pisces sun uncle, he has an aries mars. with Taurus moon. His wife Double libra, libra venus, scorpio mars is a social worker traveling all over the world. Their idealistic love together to pursue something similar together, charitable and kind, and helping humanity as a whole. they love it and they are so very compatible and you never know what country they are going next. Last time we heard, they went to Iceland together and she went to Rwanda and Madagascar alone for work then came back. it’s not grounded but they have a safe haven to go home to when they take breaks in between.

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      I’m a Sagittarius and I would love a relationship like this. Doing meaningful works that helps people together as a team, plenty of breathing room. Lots of time apart makes time together better in my book.

  3. I remember that Taurus sun/Pisces moon/Aries venus/aquarius rising Audrey Hepburn was very similar (helping the impoverished children and doing humanitarian work)she never found the “right” one until later, she found the perfect one, Robert Wolders, Libra sun/Virgo mars/scorpio venus.

  4. So familiar – my old bf sag rising and mars in aries trine uranus, makes documentaries to champion the poor and downtrodden and is a committted green activist.Not much money but to his credit befriends any culture with a massive domination by unfair outsiders. To be his gf you’ll need a massive challenge in your background to arouse his compassion otherwise you’ll be resented for being part of a ‘white first world problem’ when you just want a comfortable normal life. All gfriends including me had a challenging background he could play ‘white father’ to.

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    I’m a Sagittarius woman and find the Sag male can get a little too pushy with his need for me to grow and develop within a relationship. It’s usually well-intentioned but I grow at my own pace and no one else’s so change the subject lol.

        1. I’m kind of an easy target as growing up has been a bit slow, I have been encouraged to dress better by libra, read more by Virgo, go to the laundromat by Gemini. I’m still working on the third. I don’t want to self confess and embarrass myself.. but I can be a bit of a slob and tend to ask for help before figuring stuff..friends are easier on me but relationships quickly expose the underbelly

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              Kri I find us to be similar as well in outlook.Everything you just mentioned I have a daily battle with. Relationships are tough, it’s very difficult to be seen.

  6. “Her Mercury is in a water sign, in an earth house. She says what she means, and means what she says.”

    Is this the right way round? Don’t believe Mercury can be in water for a Taurus sun.

  7. My sister had this Sag BF recently – and she is a pisces/aries kind of person. So at least there is fire to fuel – but she is person who like to stay in at night not going out that much…

    And somehow she ALWAYS finds men that can’t grow up, not very mature, just like my dad, and she really needs someone mature who doesn’t think it’s cool to be out in town all night.

    You need to really know yourself. A triple Taurus and a 7 times scorpio with Chiron in Taurus too is just… not a good match. Even though earth and water is compatible the opposition was simply too much. People can get hurt here!

  8. I do hear a clunk, and a big one at that!
    I (Leo, Libra rising, no Taurus, only one earth – Merc in Virgo) once had Sadge boyfriend, not a hero (maybe to himself?), but a very dashing, intelligent, funny and sexy guy. He had an interesting job and travelled often enough. I wasn’t looking for marriage and we didn’t live together, but after 9 years I got out, to save my skin (and tired of being a cheerleader too).
    I wasn’t secure enough to compete with all the marvelous females he was constantly enthralled with (Sadge can be VERY enthusiastic).
    Perhaps a woman with alot of self-confidence can handle all the Sagittarian energy, but issues with security, jealousy or, heaven forbid, possessiveness (think Taurus) will not make a comfortable situation.
    Yeah, a HUGE CLUNK imo.

  9. P.S.
    And if you’re thinking to change a person, forget about that too.
    I happen to have had lunch with this fine person yesterday, 7 years after the split. He’s still his 100% his Sadge self, all the good bits (I actually still like this guy), but also all the maddening bits as well. A few hours is all I can take, these days!

  10. How is the described match made in heaven? I didn’t discover any hint for this.
    The Taurus of my chart is empty and I don’t understand Taurus people. Non-understanding is even the best that is possible to give to or get from a Taurus person. So a Taurus person would never be a good match for me, although I could really need a big amount of earthy influence.

  11. It’s not a “match made in heaven”. She wants him to change. Not gonna happen. And, if you lack earth in your chart, then I guess it is hard to understand earthy types. I don’t have any air. I had to learn how to live with them, though, because both my kids are extremely airy, with very little earth. The Universe provides what we need, I guess!

    1. Well, the blog entry said: ‘You’d think this is a match made in heaven, right? Opposites attract, and all that?’
      So I should think this is a match made in heaven. But I don’t. I understand the Sagittarius man. I don’t understand why he should change. It seems to be quite frequent that a woman wants a man to change and this seems to be the basis of many relationships. I don’t get how this can be the basis of a relationship. Perhaps those people are right, who say that there is some karma to work on in every relationship.
      My Jupiter is in Capricorn, my North Node too, my DC and Vertex in Virgo. That’s already all of my earth (the last three perhaps rather showing a need for earth) and I really don’t understand earthy types. This is hard because only earth should make us bear and accept daily routines. The other elements are rather dispensably for living in this world. But I can’t see that the universe would provide additional earth for me. Perhaps I don’t have the karma to work on it in a relationship?

  12. that is true I notice that we have family that lacks an element. my son is nearly 40% fire, then 30% air, the rest is water, and very very little earth, maybe 2% earth, if NONE at all. i’m over 40% earth, very little fire/air. the Taurus woman probably feels his Taurus energies, but she hardly has any fire/air to keep going and finally be disappointed in him. A good example of an earthy Taurus is Melania Trump, and Donald Trump is making billions/or made billions, he made it a reality, and nothing non-profit about it.

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