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We were the second stop to meet family on this man’s long, short trip. My husband could have called the other family chunk to find out what was up but he didn’t bother. All we’d heard was that he did not speak Spanish which told us nothing.

Dinner plans were set. I showed up, happy, with an open mind which is my natural state.  I don’t spend enough time in my natural state so I noted this and felt a lot of gratitude. It was surreal, like being on a quirky first date for old people? My Venus in Leo heart was pumping in that way.  Anticipation?

I didn’t expect small talk. Who would waste time in a situation like this? Seated for dinner, there was an edge on the conversation almost immediately which was good.  Mars Mercury. It’s masculine and interesting… and courting.

Later, I’d wind up with his chart and understand why I saw or experienced it this way.  Crazy synastry. Ping! Ping! Ping! I felt like a grownup child which alarmed me because I am a grown up child.

Part of the reason was that he was paying for everything. This was made clear.  There was no Libra back and forth, no fairness or balance  about it, but it was about generosity, not control. He presented as a happy person who wanted us to have fun. He was treating us. I was not surprised by this because it seemed the case all along.  I felt no trepidation whatsoever.

We enjoyed dinner and he did decide to stay with us. Libra was glad as it was a way to reciprocate.

I wondered what I’d feed him for breakfast.  My husband has told me not to go to any trouble and I’d taken his advice, knowing I’m resourceful enough to figure something out on that level. I was thinking at eighty years old, he probably had some dietary restrictions.  Best to find out what they are then try to guess?

You may think this is minutiae but it was at breakfast the next day, I got a real clue what this was about for me.

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