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scorpio lilithIf you have Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio, the wounds you bear from your Lilith experience have made you a survivor. Through your deep insight, you’ve learned to protect yourself from anything the world has to throw at you.

No matter how your Lilith pain has come about (which you can determine from the house Black Moon Lilith in in), you have figured out that other humans make scarier monsters than anything a horror movie could dream up. To protect yourself, you became skilled at seeing right through people. No one can get anything past you. You can smell agendas and hidden motives from miles away. The idea that someone could successfully lie to you is laughable. And because of this remarkable insight, you have also become a de facto therapist for the people in your life. For the people you are closest to, you don’t really mind, but for people a little bit further from your normal orbit, it’s somewhere between puzzling and enraging. Why on earth are they willing to disclose all this information? And do they not understand how much of a drain that is on other people?

At times like these, you’re likely to shut down or cut the person off altogether. Others may find it cruel, but for you, it’s simple self-preservation. And part of you also quietly believes that cutting those people off is for their own good. You know from experience how dangerous it can be to lay all your cards on the table. You’ve been burned and betrayed more times than you care to recall. You’ve given too much and loved too hard and learned painful lessons from it. Giving everything you have is a recipe for total annihilation. So you share only what is necessary and preserve the rest for when times get tough.

And times always do seem to get tough. One of the great tragedies of this placement is just how much of the world you’ve seen. You know exactly how dark, cruel, frightening, disgusting, craven, exploitative, and awful life can be. You are very familiar with the depths to which humans can sink. I would say that this knowledge has crushed you, and indeed it has. It has crushed you over and over again, so many times that you thought you’d never get back up. But you did, you do, and you always will. That is your superpower.

But it doesn’t have to be this dark. To soothe the pain, work to bring in influences from Taurus, Scorpio’s opposite sign. Taurus, above all, is concerned with the sweet abundance underpinning all life. It’s not that Taurus doesn’t understand darkness. It’s just that the darkness doesn’t have to be central. Even though the world is filled with suffering, flowers continue to bloom. Even if a loved one proves treacherous, there are plenty who aren’t. Tomorrow we may die, but tonight we can eat, drink, and be merry.

Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio is an exceedingly complex placement with so much to explore, but let me end with this: Your ability to see people for who they are and understand them deeply is a gift to the world. I know it can bring you pain, but it can also help you create a community of those who are truly deserving of your trust. You have the power to turn your pain into your greatest strength. Just remember to enjoy a little sweetness along the way.

Do you have Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio? How has it affected you?

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  1. Scorpio BML at 12, so is Neptune, end of 4th house.

    Apex of a T square, Squares Venus, Sun and Saturn.

    My dad fell in love with a married woman he worked
    with. I remember him holding me up to the payphone
    to say hello to her. I remember thinking he was
    out of his mind. I had no interest. He acted all
    excited just to talk to her. Months later, they
    would leave their spouses to marry each other and
    they had a great long marriage.

    The impact it had on me is that I only date
    married men. It feels more comfortable to
    let him go home to her. It feels natural.
    I’m great at keeping secrets.

  2. Scorpio BML at 12 in the 2nd.I have become a glamorous hermit, surrounding myself with Taurean delights. Fresh flowers, small raised garden beds with veggies I like to eat. On my modest budget,
    I buy only the highest quality items even if have to wait for them.
    So, it seems at 56 yrs, I have stumbled upon the way to deal with the dark. No one has ever truly valued me for who I am, only what I could do for them emotionally and physically. So weary of “seeing” people. They can’t hid any of it. Married men are always sniffing at the door.

  3. I have in the first house, tightly conjunct my ASC by one degree. It just makes me more intense than I am and people perceive me as someone who is sexy or they want to strictly have sex with me. It honestly feels like a predatory placement where I’m not the predator but the prey.

  4. I do. This explains so much! Thank you Midara.

    “Your ability to see people for who they are and understand them deeply is a gift to the world. I know it can bring you pain, but it can also help you create a community of those who are truly deserving of your trust.”

    People crave my attention but this also makes them want to attack me, mostly in the form of passive aggressive pecking, like demented chickens?
    At 57 I am at peace with it. I truly love myself and no one can take that from me although they sure try! It’s given me immense detachment.

  5. I knew a man with Scorpio Lilith in house 4 and conjuncts with moon and Pluto in the same house and sign. He is very calm, clever, reserved and understanding outwardly but very intense and rage inwardly. He didn’t trust people to say his real feeling. He had a tendency for retaliating. I know He experienced deprivation and many difficulties in his life but he is also very caring and kind and also very sexy. I wish I could heal his inward darkness.

  6. Natally, I have…
    True BML at 3 Scorpio (12th)
    Mean or Dark BML at 11 Scorpio (12th)
    Neptune 12 Scorpio (12th)

    This dubious Scorpio conjunction is trine Chiron 14 Pisces (4th); trine Vertex at 13 Cancer (8th;) also loosely, North Node 19 Cancer (8th) though I wouldnt call it a true trine, esp given the node and vertex are not bodies/planets.) But it intrigues me.
    My Ascendent is 23 Scorpio.

    Truth Seer is right!
    This whole passage is so chillingly spot on, I wish someone had read it to me as a child or young adult.
    Reading it I felt like, “OH! Okay! NOW so much about me makes sense! I can get on with my life more meaningfully, with less fear!”
    Seriously- thanks Midara!

    Ive accepted this phenomena about myself by now (59yo,) and I was always keenly aware of my preternatural ability to survive any insane, threatening stuff life doled out. But the sheer volume of trauma hardship, my ability to consistently walk out of the flames and carry on, and the fact that I’m high functioning, well educated, not institutionalized, is certainly freakish. It has always separated me from others. I’m used to feeling like a bizarre specimen out in the world of everyday people.

    I do believe the ability to see and deeply understand others IS a gift, and I’ve used this in my personal any professional life, (RN- ER, oncology.) With the beneficent involvement of Chiron, this Scorpio BML/Neptune aspect has lent well to my life’s work and some of my personal relationships.

    I also found Laura Walker, M.Ed, (in her free ebook, The Astrology of the Black Moon: A Guide to Healing the Shadow Side,) had insight into Scorpio Lilith that resonated with me as well.
    She writes that the primary fear of this placement (Scorpio Lilith,) is of loss, or issues with endings, death, winning vs losing, and that the projection of this in the world is of rescuing others.
    Could there be any clearer example of this than decades as an emergency nurse?!
    I literally rescued people every day at work!
    The job always felt like a cosmic, karmic love affair to me, that I was doing the thing I felt driven to do, almost compulsive about. (The burn out that goes with that is something to reckon with as well.)

    Walker goes on to say that the path to healing for Scorpio Lilith is thus to learn how not to have to rescue all the time, how not to have to struggle.
    I love the idea that victory CAN be sweet even when I didn’t have to nearly die attaining it! Not everything has to be HARD won.
    Other goals include believing (I) don’t have to win all the time, or every time. Also, to learn to find closure.

    I swear, I don’t know the author nor do I get anything for plugging her book- I just stumbled on it in the course of wanting to learn more. At the risk of sounding like Im selling her, I want to say Walker includes suggestions for positively expressing and healing Lilith- in the case of Scorpio, one of the suggestions is to start with small attainable goals, like,
    ” practice ending the smallest things (like phone calls) and work up to being able to step away from,” bigger, unsavable things like relationships, jobs, whatever.

    I laughed to read this. It’s the story of my life. My sister teases me, says I have the “goodbye disease,” and can’t quite seem to leave, end things, etc.
    Im getting better over the years, but the self understanding gleaned within Midara’s piece about Lilith, and a few of Walker’s observations are nonetheless like a homecoming of sorts.
    I feel like I’m seen, understood…and that’s a rare occurrence!

    1. Laura Walker is great.Thats howi learned of my BML placement,and it was only in last decade or less.She had Astro site called the Oracle?
      Anyway Im born 1960 w Lilith/*Sun*/Venus conjunct in Cancer,N the Chiron in Aries and transitting BML really has had me raking in the bellows last months of2022

  7. Thank you for this post. It was very reassuring and encouraging especially the part about enjoying sweetness along the way. Sending love to you on your journey. Please don’t stop sharing your insight with others

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