Uranus in Taurus: When The Steadfast Bulls Snaps!

My post about feeling shame and humiliation was better understood than I could have hoped for.   The comments are interesting. You can check them out below.  But right now I want to talk about Uranus in Venus-ruled Taurus.

Taurus is known to be steady and reliable. I have Taurus in my 4th house. Deep down, I am reliable. I’m stable and I am trustworthy. Regardless of how I seem, these things are real. How else would I remain here for nearly 20 years… producing this content.

Some people on the previous post, wrote as if I were still in distress.  This is not the case, so I wrote this to clarify:

“Actually I felt okay when I wrote this and I still do.

I really snapped. Like, SNAPPED. And when this happened I was no longer connected.

These feelings really knocked me for a loop. But it can be compared to a baseball, hit clean out of the stadium. It doesn’t feel so good to be the ball. Blunt force; then you’re just *taken.

But once that ball is on the other side of the wall, that’s it.

This has been my experience. And I am very glad, because in hindsight, it’s been no fun at all to be batted around in the stadium for all these months.”

One of my clients answered,

“I have felt regret, sadness and shame too and I could have avoided all of it had I understood and listened to you years ago. But my heart wanted what it wanted and I ruined my future with my husband. I can’t undo it nor make excuses for it. The Ball has left the park indeed.”

I really appreciate her making this remark. It made me realize I should write this post, for anyone and everyone who is involved with  Taurean type character. You know… they’re always there, right where you left them.

I don’t think you better rely on this, with Uranus in Taurus.

Here’s the other post.  Before these comments were made, I wrote that post the snap, I was “free”. That’s Uranus all right. This is a cautionary tale.

Deep Feelings Of Shame & Humiliation

Has anyone else seen a Taurus-type, snap?

38 thoughts on “Uranus in Taurus: When The Steadfast Bulls Snaps!”

  1. “..they are always right there…right where you left them”. I do have Taurus in my 5th/6th houses. And right now, the ”stuckness” I felt is being challenged by Taurus in Uranus-absolutely! I feel like soon, I won’t be in Kansas anymore.

  2. I am a Taurus sun. So I understand this. I will tolerate a lot just to always be there.. fixed like stone. But once I’m
    Gone I’m gone. I don’t go back. And with Uranus here I don’t feel like it would take as much to make me snap and say enough is enough. Anything could be the last straw now and bam there goes your Taurus

    1. Boy, that’s me. Taurus Sun, too. The tolerance level is pretty high, but when it runs its course, it’s beyond done. I have Uranus soon squaring Uranus. I think that time enough will be enough for sure.

    2. Sun, Moon, ascendant in Taurus 1st house. When I was a younger woman, I really, really wanted to belong. I tried my best to be kind, understanding and tolerant. And I think I was all those things.
      Long suffering ?
      One had to be with the situations I grew up in as a child.
      I’ve been married twice. Both for 6 years or so. Once at just barely twenty. He was still in love with his previous girlfriend. I realized this just before we tied the knot and had my doubts about “us”. But my sense of honor won out. I had said “yes” when he asked me to marry him and I didn’t want to go back on my word.
      Got married again in my mid 30’s. I knew better on the last too but did it anyway.
      Should mention that I have Saturn in my 7th house ??
      Long time ago there was a TV commercial in which a young woman is driving a car on a dusty road, she stops in front of a solitary house in the middle of no where, gets out of the car, and yells up to the house, ” Travis !! Your years too late !!!” she gets back in her car and drives away without a backward glance.
      That’s me.
      Now I am 63 years old. Lot’s of Life has passed under the bridge and I am thankful for every second of it !
      I rarely pop my cork but when I do I am the charging Bull, with sharp horns and woe be unto you if your the focus of my “crack”.
      Since I don’t like losing control I tend to simmer/boil inside and chew the bone of my discontent. I spend much time trying to figure things out.
      At 63 years old I know “now” that I am not a good candidate for marriage. I simply have no desire to put up with BS. It’s challenging enough to deal with my own much less someone else’s. lol
      Uranus being in Taurus ?
      I’m quite curious about how it will touch me..

  3. I had a Taurean acquaintance give me the “you don’t exist” treatment one time so I returned the favor, Scorpio style. Happened upon them once after that and was given the most evil, angry look. Never saw them again. Don’t know if that’s snapping but I sure stepped on a nerve.

    1. That’s interesting but I would not consider it “snapping”.

      If you snap (like a twig), you are detached. You are no longer part of the tree.

      This exchange sounds a lot more “seething”, maybe on both sides, I don’t know.

      I don’t anger. I feel snapped off.

      I do have Uranus in my 7th house…

      I have been deleting mails… back fifteen years.

      I recognize the names; some I still know, others not.

      It’s like a theme. But it isn’t an anger thing.

      1. I’ve been resisting that urge to purge though it’s still tugging. I no longer have any Taurus folks in my circle. Wish I did because I love Taurus’ to pieces!

  4. I was persevering and takin g a lot of work and service and challenge for years. And now under Uranus in Taurus I am beginning to be very impatient.i have enough. Uranus is going to be conjunct my whole stellium in Taurus one by one from 11 degrees to 29.
    I was totally transformed when Pluto opposed this stellium for years when I was a kid/teen. I had even changed my religion and broke free from violence.
    Uranus shaked my stellium when he transited Aquarius and my Asc, later came Neptune whose sneaky mesmerising force made me susceptible for being a victim or someone who loves too much. These Neptune squares to personal planets and asteroids seem to me the worst of all compared to other harsh transits.
    Neptune – being unconscious that I am unconscious, wrong or just ignorant believer, follower etc..

    1. I agree with your assessment of Neptune, Alice. Currently, Tr Neptune is squaring my Sag Saturn and opposing my Virgo Venus. It’s blurring the lines in my personal relationship.

  5. 12thHouseMars

    My Taurus is on the 4th house. My life has been pretty stable, but that might change with Uranus. I have nothing here except Sedna and Pholus.

    1. 12thHouseMars – are you thinking of unexpected, serious responsibilities (Sedna) in your family where you need to take the lead (Pholus) where you might feel victimized (Sedna) by these additional duties?

  6. I dont even got the words to express how that feels! I have now Uranus just a bit ahead of my sun conj asc. 1st house! Opp Pluto. The snapping actually throws me through a loop. Todays aspect of Mars sq Uranus just triggered a deja vu. TR Mars conj uranus sq pluto back in 2015 timed the end of an important relashionship. What a clash it was…and today these bad guys meet again and replay a (mild) verbal (merc rx?) flash splash boom of the said episode…and the pluto loop…gee… i know as taurus my final snapping for good is coming. It’s just im stubborn has fck. ☺ actually i really feel good just letting this thought out 🙂

    1. Michele: we love to snap dont we? Its like delayed gratification. We are stubborn just so as to make the snapping a big explosion and virtually irreversible ^^
      Its like that in everything i guess. We can fast for weeks then eat the equivalent to 7 dinners in just one night hahaha 🙂

  7. With Sun, Ascendent, Jupiter, Venus, & Ceres in Taurus, I have always found myself too adept at amputating relationships. It’s not always painless, although often it is, but it is the imperative when I am in that zone. Keeping a hairball down my throat would be easier. I’ve gotten that sensation in interviews before and known in an instant, “nope, false”. And as Jess infers, it’s a one-way street…forever. If this is a snap of distinction we’re dicussing, it has not happened yet!

    NN in Aquarius, Uranus in Ca 2nd H.

    1. That doesn’t sound a lot like Taurus and those placements. Very strong Taurus tends to lead to very strong attachments, and having a hard time letting go of people or things. Strong Jupiter can let go of unhelpful/unnecessary ties, but contrary to popular portrayals about Jupiter, the waters of Jupiter tend to run deep, with strong feelings. (Unfortunately, many in astrology, overly equate Signs and Planets when there often notable differences. And in Jupiter’s case, many seem to forget that it’s still very much a ruler of the very deep feeling sign of Pisces).

      1. Justin: The stronger the attachment a bull feels, the more irreversible the snapping will be. With jupiter there also in the first i believe it gives Carly42 an edge on not taking so long to amputate. It might just enhance the bulls aptitude at getting fed up quicker?!

  8. With my moon in Taurus in the 8th house Im deep and steadfast. But with my Saturn in 5th coming a 2nd time next year, I am, again, ready for a deep heartbreak. I can hear the cracking already…
    Hoping it being an Aquarius Saturn, Im hoping to finally release hopes of something deep and lasting and to just settle quietly to a life of dedication to humanity as a whole. In my case, keeping everything surface level and global is less painful.

  9. Yup! On July 4th, no less. I un-invited a friend for a show when he decided to postpone our meeting and take a later flight (like 6 hours later) when the airline offered him $500 (“..and now it’s a $600 voucher..) and a first class ticket. It was time.
    Natal Uranus in Virgo…and Aquarius sun. “Rungli-Rungliot” – thus far and no further.

  10. 100% I’ve been breaking (snapping) since Uranus has reentered Taurus. Only because I keep making the wrong choices I guess.

    1. Hey Tara. Don’t beat yourself up. It’s probably not like you’re making the wrong choices, you are going through trial and error until you find what exactly you’re looking for, maybe? Or maybe what you thought you were looking is just outdated and your unconscious is sending you that signal you interpret as wrong? Im in the boat, so im just brainstorming ideas really ^^ with uranus on my sun (1st) i find myself wanting to free myself from old expectations of who i should be, what i should choose, which basically are expectations projected onto me by parents family society, even partners and bosses, from a very young age. Lets braeak the mold!

      1. Ps: ive always liked that old motto i think from the us marines “be all that you can be”. No more pretending or downplaying me just to keep everyone else happy…

  11. Sag sun, Libra moon, Taurus rising here. Sometimes I feel like a walking, talking contradiction, LOL. All my life, I’ve been one of those people who can endure just about anything until I decide I’m done, and then I don’t look back.

    Right now, I think my Taurus is activated because I’ve got a serious case of compassion fatigue. My Libra moon gives me a “bartender’s ear” and because I’m a good listener, people come to me to tell me their troubles, want me to offer advice, guidance, direction, whatever. I’m at the point where I just don’t want to hear it/go away/get bent. I’m not sure I’ll actually use those exact words, but I feel it coming. 🙂

  12. Avatar
    Francis Mwanyule

    When will Uranus in Taurus impact virgo born on 01/09/1970 @5:30am in Malindi Kenya? Since the transit i have never see the difference.Just the same as it was in Aries. No job,no money and life is doomed just like the last 7years.

  13. Fuming too much to understand this whole post and comments. Taurus man has always been detached, arrogant and loves to blame. No self/inner work but picking me as his scapegoat. Reacts too quickly with his horns aiming at me and making no sense. Doesn’t listen. Thinks he’s right. Starts to lecture and boss me. Just like my Taurus father. I love the groundedness of Taurus, as I’m Air, but they are dicks. I can’t.
    I guess I have to find my own ability to ground and if I can’t, so be it. Because all the Earth signs are pretty arrogant and cold. I don’t like lecturing people who think they are perfect and angels. They can’t listen to anyone but themselves.

    1. Fuming is me too. Taurus man is the same, no inner work, detached, blames me for anything, everything. Reacts instantly with sharp horns. This sensitive Pisces/Cancer retracts in her crab shell to escape the horns. I know I will eventually swim away.

  14. Really try to avoid Sun sign over generalizations as good lord are they over done constantly. Two of the only consistent Sun sign patterns that I have noted is that people with really strong Aries to tend to be self focused at best, and that people with really strong Taurus tend to be rather stubborn/fixed in nature.

    But for the most part, have tended to like and get along people with really strong Taurus (Venus in the 7th and strong Capricorn and Virgo trine same), but have learned that living with them is a constant exercise in patience. We rent a couple rooms in our house, and have had a few Taurus Sun housemates. They have been so fixed in their habits and so unwilling to change, that is has worn on my patience and I have a lot of same.

    Uranus is currently starting to conjunct my Taurus Mid Heaven. Since Uranus is all about extremes and up and downs in a bi polaresque manner, oh gee, I guess “fun” is in store for my career, public perception, etc.

    1. I was married to a Taurus. Agreed on the stubbornness, whoo boy. ? The doctor will tell them “Go to the ER, NOW!!!!!” and they’ll refuse until they’ve had a chance to eat a full dinner! And take their sweet ol’ time chewing each bite!

      1. @ NotMyCircus, funny! Though, also sounds like it was difficult too.

        Just to make clear though, there are plenty of fin,e and even plenty of old Souls out there born under Taurus Sun, Rising, Moon, etc.

        One of my closest friends in a spiritual/wavelength sense, is a Taurus Sun. And I also rather like Bono from U2.

        1. Even for all his stubbornness, I loved him. 🙂
          As for old souls, yep. Taurus is a wise sign. My Taurus Rising/Sun sister is the first person I turn to for guidance and advice these days. She’s very down to earth and a good listener.
          Taurus has a calming, grounding influence on me. Has anyone noticed how soothing they are? That’s one thing I miss about Shiny Taurus. That and the cuddles.

          1. I figure that there is probably about an equal proportion of immature, middle aged, and old Souls amongst the different signs. At least that’s roughly been my experience. That’s more what I meant, rather than focusing on this or that sign.

            Truly old, old Souls though are somewhat rare ime.

            My friend, who happens to be born under Taurus Sun, is one of the oldest and most pure Love attuned people that I have met. Taurus doesn’t really relate to it. Signs have more to do with personality and outer stuff. Planetary stuff does though and relates more to our Soul and to nonphysical consciousness levels/dimensions.

            In his case, his very strong Sun, Arcturus, Jupiter, and Neptune combo is the primary pattern. His moderate Pisces contributes a bit too.

            I’ve gotten guidance about his past, which funny enough, matched up in ways to what he has received from his own guidance. For example, in the Edgar Cayce readings, his guidance hints that the Soul who was known as John the Beloved would literally reincarnate as an important messenger type in our times.

            My friend is not into Cayce, and not that familiar with his work. Anyways, I had been wondering for some reason, if my friend was this person (partly because of how loving and patient he was in interaction with others, even when other railed at him). I didn’t say anything though.

            Out of the blue one day, my friend confided in me that his guidance would sometimes refer to him as John even though that is not his earthly name now. He didn’t understand why, though he figured that it likely has something to do with other lives.

            Now, I have a half sister who is also Taurus Sun, and who is a very wounded, and very immature person. Definitely narcissistic, and perhaps borderline, borderline personality disorder. Her father, my step father is a true blue psychopath. I think my sister does have a little empathy and conscience though, but not much.

            Same Sign, but radically different Soul attunement. Signs just don’t seem to matter as much in this area. The only time I’ve noticed it, is when both the predominant Planet and Sign patterns match up strongly.

            For example, when someone has a very strong Arcturus, Sun, Jupiter, and/or Neptune and also simultnaeously has a very strong focus on the Universal Signs (last 4 Signs), then they are often, obviously and overtly rather old Souls in attunement.

            Conversely with someone with a very strong Mars, Saturn, Pluto, and/or Moon with a predominant focus on the personal signs (first 4). These are often obviously rather immature Souls.

            The “middle aged” Soul often have their predominant focus on Venus, Mercury, and/or Uranus, and again, most noticeable and overt when the interpersonal signs are also strong at the same time.

      2. Lol. I grew up in a family with Sun Taurus (me), Aquarius (mother), and Scorpio (father & brothers)…all fixed. My youngest brother, with a Taurus natal moon & Asc in Leo…forget about it!

  15. ive met alot of taurus influences through this transit strangely enough lol more than usual, and even from friends they meet them and tell me about them. I have actually witnessed a young “dictator” type of taurus lol who has these strong values even as a teenager, who tells other teenagers how to live their lives; especially when it comes to money LOL about how they should not accept gifts unless they are meaning to “use” them or else it’s just complete waste. lol they are super adamant about their “values” too. THere are even more relaxed tauruses too, they have alot of gemini and aquarius influence, and i notice they always go for the air suns lol Also my mother is taurus rising, i see now when i see other taurus influence peeps how they are so into “values” and how people should live, (usually for the good of course) that i was really shocked how strong taurus is. i mean i knew…but wow. lol stubborn really describes it. i dont want to see them snap though. it sounds really scary.

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