Progressed Planets Changing Signs: Big Life Changes

Uranus abstractI  got in a conversation in the Colosseum about how I’ve essentially quit making friends. It’s conscious at this point.  It prompted me to think how this could have come about.

Generally speaking, I’m an extrovert.  So what changed?

I realized, 2014 was key. This is when something rare occurred.  My progressed moon, Jupiter and Uranus all changed signs, all at once.  I knew this would be significant and I could tell a difference, right away… and then I sort of forgot about it.

If you wonder how that could happen – my progressed Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Neptune all wound up in Scorpio created a significant distraction.

Years passed and then in late 2022, I pinned the changes in my worldview to these shifts in my Progressed chart.

Jupiter Uranus: Truth Upended – Changing Worldview

What you believe has great influence on your life direction. It stands to reason my orientation would be altered.  I’ve slowly moved to the what I call “the margins of life”.

Roughly ten years later, while I’m sure I’m still evolving, my new reality is well established. I guess I’m writing this to illustrate how a person can really flip in new directions… especially when Aquarius and Uranus are involved… which they are in this case.  God, but I need a lot of space!

Have you ever had a big life change like this.  Did it show in your Progressed chart?

Curious about your Progressed chart? Check it out here.

27 thoughts on “Progressed Planets Changing Signs: Big Life Changes”

  1. From what I noticed so far, for me the biggest changes in life occur during transits of outer planets to natal outer planets. In 2019, the horrendous year of negative changes I had these going on: tr. Pluto and Saturn conjunct n. Jupiter and tr. Uranus in opposition to n. Pluto.

  2. I will be supremely happy when progressed moon moves out of my 6th house since it’s been in there I’ve had major health issues and that’s all I’m focused on. Progressed moon in Cancer as well stomach issues like Gastritis. Strangely enough I’m normally very emotional and you would think moon in Cancer would be emotional but I don’t have the energy to be emotional. I keep my emotions hidden inside and only my husband truly knows what I’m going through. Progressed sun in 1st house also putting emphasis on my health.

  3. Pisces moon brought me ill health so far that or it can be mixed with transit saturn coming close squaring my sun again this period. I am not looking forward to progressed pisces rising- because I can assume health issues as seen with p moon in pisces and with progressed sun in cancer because it will be conjunct my South Node. I have exactly one week left as a gemini sun. 😕

    1. Drink, drink, drink! Says me not long into p pisces moon- I’m not really drinking in excess by any stretch, but I’ve developed a new like for a glass of red occasionally!😁…could the trine between the progressed pisces and cancer planets begin to help? Would becoming a p pisces ascendant help you get a handle on the pisces journey? To take it up the octaves (again says me who’s had Neptune hanging on my slipped step for 2yrs or so #desperately trying to learn to ‘let go,let God’ and the like! The divine plan …Believing in miracles even if they aren’t showing up yet!and might not for some time! 🥴 … I love Lee Harris’energy updates and his music- think they have uplifted me in some dire times if that helps) …I’ve got p cancer sun coming up down the line …and I have a cancer sun in my life … they need to keep energy moving through them to stay healthy I think …to avoid stagnancy – like all water, keep it moving … I love energy work like bodytalk … found a new practitioner recently that has blown my mind, she integrates other modalities on top of the bodytalk, she does distance sessions, can pass her details on (not sure if she’d want me to post them here or not, especially as in an inbetween stage in her work, old website down, new website not up yet)… she’s very spiritual…if a connection to your south node, she could probably help clear out some past karma? ….sorry if ‘too much’ and if this stuff isn’t your bag, my virgo moon is in overactive ‘how can I be of service mode’ and you know abt my sadge 🤣!!!

      1. Nice! Some wine can be good from time to time but moderation is key. I like water best. With neptune conj rising and moon natal always being in need of hydration, I am always thirsty. Water tastes all different by sources, places, people and emotions. I am earth dominant surrounded by water dominant people with little to no earth. Mud and clay. Sorry but I will have to decline the offer. There’s lots going on in my life and some about to happen. Pisces could be good a little since it will make easy aspects to all my earth but cancer opposing all my capricorn and on south node is a no. So your little one is a cancer sun, 🦀 so cute, he has the same natal sun, moon, venus placements like my mom. Hope you will like your progressions too. Let go, let God, read that a lot on many NN in 12th descriptions. Thanks for the reminder 😊

        1. Liking water sounds good!! We’re all trying to drink more water without extra crap in! … what you say re the differences is very topical atm too, a lot coming out, Pam Gregory interviewed veda Austin recently and was mind blowing… maybe water could be your super power through this?!!! My mum has Neptune conjunct ascendant and is terrible for not drinking water! I can relate to being drowned in water from others with a lot of earth and not much water either! …yes cute and sometimes a bit clingy! Lol!! Think I end up with a load of progressed planets in cancer down the line. Least Pluto getting out of cappy, with the opposition on the axis, will balancing the two be the gig? Like I’ve heard swinging over to the polarity point can help balance the current placement? Could be a balancing act though! I’m just plucking ideas out of air though tbh … Hope you get some good happenings! Xx

  4. Oh yes, sun progressing into Capricorn and then into Aquarius were major shifts, the move into Aquarius nearly crashed my marriage and significantly altered the way we related to each other. Ultimately better…but it was quite a ride.
    2021 my sun entered Pisces and while I was not looking forward to this (quite ambivalent relationships to people with a strong Pisces signature all my life) it’s quite different than I anticipated. I’m also much more aware and prepared.
    Asides from the sun I noticed the biggest influence in retrograde planets changing direction via progression, not so much a sign change. My natal Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn and stationed direct on my late Sag sun in my teenage years. That was a huge influence and super important time. My Aquarius Venus stationed retrograde when I was 20, coinciding with the birth of my daughter- and finally stationed direct in 2022 at 0 Aquarius. Let’s see what comes of this, including Pluto being around the first degrees of Aquarius for some time too…

  5. I am not well versed on this subject but I took a look at my Progressed Chart and saw my Sun is at the Critical degree of 29 Capricorn and my Moon is now at 3 degrees Aquarius opp Uranus and Squaring planets and NN in Scorpio.
    All I can parse from this is: I am struggling to sleep, I have a lot of Earth and Water natally so this also feels very foreign to me – my natal Moon is in Virgo at 0 degrees. I am in a very rude awakening in my life right now and have no idea how things will end up. If I were 25-45 years of age, this could be interesting or fun! But I am not and it’s devastating.

      1. Thanks Elsa. It would help if the last 30 years weren’t that great! It’s staring to feel like being a Stranger in a Strange Land. But maybe Aquarius will lighten up what feels so heavy right now. I do wonder too what aP. Moon in Aquarius opp Uranus (it’s own ruler) and eventually conj my natal Chiron
        will feel like.

  6. What orbs do you assign/recognize for progressed aspects? My progressed Mars is currently conjunct my natal Saturn. Mars is moving along at full speed (I have looked at the ephemeris) so slightly faster than a degree per year. I’m guessing 2 or 3 degrees for a personal planet, 1 or 2 degrees for an outer planet??

  7. I have my North node in Aquarius 12th house.
    Saturn is transiting my 12th house.
    It has turned my world upside down and at a standstill. Lots of loss.
    Thank goddess it ends Jan 8, 2024.
    Any insights

  8. I have noticed I am alone and kind of isolated since those planets were all below the horizon. There was a write up here about how all the planets were on one side of the chart. Mine fell below the horizon. On top of that the pluto transit over my moon in cap the past 5 years or so has all my children growing up leaving the home. Now I have to check where my progresses planets ended up.

  9. Yes. I always fell the change with progressed moon. Now it is in Aquarius and I joined yoga group, few FaceBook groups, feel Like I need more space to do what I want and when etc.
    My Jupiter recently progressed to Sagittarius and my Pluto in two years will progress to libra. Not sure yet about that how it is Changing me and what to expect.

  10. My life changed drastically years ago when my Angles all progressed to 29°-1° in the same year. My P.Sun is now in the last degree of Gemini. Mine are also clustered in the lower half of P.chart. How long does the P.Moon spend in each sign?

  11. When my son was 4 he broke his leg about the time of his p sun moving to 0 Leo, his p venus moving to 0 virgo and his p. Moon moving to 0 aqua! Only realised in hindsight and not fully looked into it,regards the rest of his chart or mine, but it was massive as he’s on the spectrum &’always on the go’, he had to sit!! And learn to be in one place a while (also a sadge rising,lol!!) … well I can say lol now, it was my worst nightmare come true at the time!!! I literally puked out of fear/stress/horror/anxiety as they were wrapping his leg!

  12. Progressd Venus just changed signs, it’s now at 0 degrees Aries, waiting to see the effects. I just saw an amazing apartment and thinking of jumping in and buying it, after 3 years of looking for one.
    Progressed Moon is conjuct Saturn in Cancer and I cant wait to move into Leo at the end of the year.
    I was always wondering is there a huge difference between aspects that progressed planets make with each other and progressed planets to natal planets?

  13. Yes, I feel like perpetual change. I need to have a moment to check your chart to learn more. I’ve been so busy, but I’m trying hard constantly to let go of any worries no worries it takes so much energy. It drains my spirit and puts chains
    On that beautiful energy ,those beautiful gifts from nature the positivity that exists I’m trying to minimize any to a burp size,oops
    Excuse’ that life forces have
    A correction kit built in , deep breaths
    In thru nose out thru mouth
    Eyes wide open chin up smile on
    Chuckles hiding in case of needing
    A disconnect, not now don’t want the energy loss.Faith my ready Freddy !
    Really here for you !feeling of trust that
    I stand as witness no Cape no wand Just
    All on our own best behavior and
    Interior trust in the spirits that watch and protect us All.

  14. Can anyone share their experiences of a progressed Ascendant?

    I will have my Ascendant progress into Pisces next year 2024, after it has been progressed in Aquarius since 2006. I was a toddler when it progressed into Capricorn 😊 so I don’t remember that one!

    I wonder what Pisces Ascendant may bring 🙂

  15. I have a natal moon in Gemini and when it moved from Sag to Cap back in May, it was an overnight change. From bubbly, optimistic, joyful, wanting ALL the friends, extroverted, emotional, wanting to travel everywhere this summer to serious, morose, homebody, “get off my lawn”, business/business, and who has time for vacations/travel?

    Soooo uncomfortable!!! It doesn’t help that the progression immediately opposed my Sun and that t. Saturn changed signs and squared my Natal Moon, activating my own Saturn/Moon square. 😵‍💫😵🫥

    It’s a very stern energy that doesn’t jive with me naturally but after a summer of contemplation, I’m leaning into it now. It’s helped me chop off a lot of superficial connections and is giving me a better emotional fortitude to withstand some really tough things in my life right now.

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