How to Handle Pluto in the 7th House – Video

Pluto in the 7th house can be an explosive situation. There’s potential for drama, manipulation, and betrayal, to name a few. So how on earth do you deal with it?

Do you project your shadow? What’s in your 7th house? 

25 thoughts on “How to Handle Pluto in the 7th House – Video”

  1. I had this placement through my teen years, all the way to college, I was a victim of bullying, the teachers and the principal didn’t do anything about it because my family was poor, and the families of the bullies were rich people with influences.

    I just had to endure it all to graduate and go to college, where the situation was somewhat better, but still I was rejected due to my looks, and that I simply didn’t fit.

    Dropped out and started my own business, thankfully with the help of God it has been successful.

    1. Haha, I’m glad you like it! It is so scary to put my face out there like that, but I should have known that you guys would be awesome. You always are! 🙂

  2. I have Mars conjunct DSC square Uranus at 5 degrees . Mars sextiles Pluto.
    That s so damn difficult with current URANUS transit in Taurus.

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    Southern Cross

    Ha!’Impenetrable protection around relationships.’ I love it. Have Pluto transiting 7th. Who’s to say you don’t become a very powerful person yourself? Enabled, empowered?

  4. I’m so glad it helped! I have Pluto on the descendant myself and I’ve had to learn more than my share of hard lessons. Good luck to your both!

  5. I’m having my Venus opposition Pluto transit (and Mars conjunct).. is it weird that I get “connection” experiences mostly? Particularly when I’m inactive. I collide with people less when I am doing stuff? Seems like the universe goading me to be more active or maybe my secret desire to be more like these people.

  6. Really enjoyed the video. Pluto will cross my descendant for good, after some back n forth retro action, in 2023. It will be the first time I have no outer planets in the bottom half of my chart.

    As I get more real on a daily basis with Pluto in my 6th I’m working to bring my shadow to the light. I’d like to call in a relationship for my 60th year where we can work together on transformation & depth.

    1. Yes! You’ll find yourself working through Pluto issues such as power, the shadow, etc. via your relationships.

  7. I can tell many of the comments on the blog are appreciative of the fact that you and Elsa are putting up more videos lately! And I think it’s great that people who enjoy the video format are getting theirs 🙂 but I just wanted to say that hopefully you won’t leave “the readers” behind! Personally (and I’m probably in the minority!) I dislike astrovideos because I prefer reading things in my own time and having the knowledge at ”my fingertips”.. having to listen puts someone else in my head while I’m busy reflecting and digesting you know?

    In any case I’m grateful for all the content here at ElsaElsa, no matter the format. Just a little feedback, that’s all!

    (Ps wow my fixad natal mercury retrograde is really showing isn’t it…)

    1. Rest assured, there will still be plenty of writing! I’m more of a reader as well, and I can’t imagine abandoning that medium. I’ll make sure there’s something for everyone. 🙂

  8. I’ve got Pluto in the 7th and have had a lot of “rock’n roll” relationships, with a lot of drama, excitement but also fights and the darker stuff. Great comments Midara! I completely agree, the only way to go is to own my shadow, one day at a time, as best I can. This involves seeing through my potential for manipulative behavior, for example, and putting it on the table as a subject to be discussed and laughed about. Having humor about it helps defuse crises.

  9. I love the video! And Elsa’s, too. This was great information and I love how you explained it. I don’t have Pluto in the 7th but it was interesting. I have Chiron there so I will be looking out for more videos! Thanks!

  10. I really love reading your articles but am not a video person. My husband enjoys audio books so I understand that some really love this format. Also my hearing is not great. Anyway I too hope you and Elsa aren’t going to do all video now.

  11. Good video Midera!

    I knew someone who went through a Pluto in the 7th House transit-he cut off everyone in his life that was a threat to his new relationship (which had just kept morphing from friends to romance to friends and finally back to romance) and in the process was shown some pretty nasty stuff about himself as well as secrets got out to the partner that must have de-stabilized them both to some degree. I don’t know if they are still together but I think they are. I am sure it was a drama-rama though. She was kind of a “bad girl” and he was definitely a “bad boy” and I think they found their own shadows in each of the other.

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    James Slattery

    I have Pluto conj my Desc by 20′ and found this infor to ring true for me. You live, learn and evolve and the compensations of this placement are like gold as you age. Knowing your own shadow is key for sure since sometimes the other is dominant and then you are.

  13. I have a 7th house Pluto in Libra. I’m a Gemini Sun/Venus with an Aqua moon so I think it gives me depth in my relationships. I don’t really go through drama but I do become very devoted and do develop this sense of “I am here for you through thick and thin till forever”. Unless you do something to make me question your loyalty. LOL That’s where I draw the line. I’ve been with my husband for half my life. He has Scorpio ruling most of his 7th. “Impenetrable protection around relationships” sounds pretty accurate.

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