Venus And Mars And A Rat In A Cage

rat-cage-wheel.jpg“Yeah, well this woman is just busting out all over. She is a pure Venus figure. She’s like a goddess and when she’s in the room every woman there knows damned well there isn’t a man on the planet would isn’t going to think about her and yeah. She is very curvy. I think men are subliminally attracted to that – they can’t help if even if skinny is the current fad.”

He agreed.

“Yeah some people out there are archetypes and she’s like that. You’re also like that. You are a Mars archetype, every thought turns to war and war tactics.”

“It does.”

“Well people learn a lot from that. Like the other day you said all these women were be-bobbling their problems and you were right. Women keep their problems, they actually nurture them. Yep, they nurse their problems like a baby on a tit. Here. I’ve got this problem here, I better plug it in and take care of it. It rarely occurs to a woman to just get rid a problem and be done with it. No, hell no. We have to feed these things.”

He had been talking about the idea of making a decision and going with it… not looking back – fight your way through.

“Yeah, I really think women are inclined not only to keep their problems but to feed them like children and hearing your voice cutting through all that is empowering. Well at first it shocks! You say, you’ll kick them out of the Army. Well to hell with you! We don’t want to be in the Army! But then we think, hey. Maybe I can learn something here…”

“Unless you want to be a rat in cage. Why do people go ’round and ’round, P? Why do they do it?”

Why do you think they do it? Also, have you ever just made a decisions, ran with it and not looked back? How did that feel?

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  1. Yes, I make “adventurous” decisions all the time. And stick with them. But I have Moon and Mars in Sagittarius, so maybe that’s why..

  2. feels pretty good.
    i’ve done that a number of times… it’s taught me a lot about self sufficiency. and how adaptable i really am.

    takes a trick to get to the point where i can see my problems clearly enough to realize i need to do something, though…

  3. It’s funny, I definitely see the tendency in myself to “work” at problems (Mars in Taurus, 6th house) which I guess means sometimes they get nurtured. I think there is another way to look at this, though. I think part of what women learn when they absorb the lessons of taking care of others is, necessarily, to take care of problems. Therefore, we’re paying attention to them more and in a way men don’t always. But in some people it definitely becomes a negative nurturing. This seems to be the case for people who have identified this role as the key one in their life (and, to put it negatively, have nothing better to think about!).

    Just making decisions and not looking back? – definitely, but mostly on the really huge ones, like, it’s time to leave this marriage, or, it’s time to sell this house and move to another state kind of thing. It’s the little things that I can’t make up my mind on, like what I’m eating for dinner, or putting on in the morning, maybe because the little things don’t matter so much . . . 😉

  4. I’m kind of at war with this one, on the one hand, I’m very brave in my thinking, mars and mercury in leo, and very urainian, so I make sudden descions, and I stick to them, out of pride(leo) and stubbornness taurus rising, and i think capricorn on my midheaven gives me the feeling that if there is hell to pay, i will go ahead and pay, so I can get where I’m going. On the other hand, my virgo moon isn’t wild about all this, cancer sun has Lots of feelings about it, and I will try to control/map/plan out how to handle what I’ve done, and feel deep intense regret if I feel I was in error.

    People often talk about how fearless I am, and I grew up being really criticized by my mother and brother for taking risks and being what they thought was outragous. I am really trying to let go of that judgement, but it does require some investigation (which I don’t really like to do), but if I don’t look at it deeply my internalized judgment of myself always pops back up. and I have to keep pushing it back so I can relax.
    Interesting lines on this stuff…. what is dealing, and what mothering your problems…

    Good post Elsa!

  5. I agree, great post. Elsa, has the soldier ever worked with women soldiers? Does he think they can lead on the battlefield?

  6. Yes I have jumped on in and made quick decisions and not looked back. Like the time I left on a lunch hour from my hair apprentice job and enrolled in hair school. My boss was a verbally abusive bi-polar diva. That was a great move for me. Most of my life I would get a wild hair and make rash decisions without thinking them through, and regret them over time or not. For example I would break up with a jerk and then immediately think was that a good decision and try to get back with them. Looking back it was the best thing I did,lol.
    Now when I have a decision to make I do think it through and chat about it weighing back and forth the pros and cons. The decisions are harder if I have to call someone on their shit or confront someone. My Mars is in Libra in my 6th house opposite my Saturn in Aries in the 11th. The analysis is prob my Moon in Aquarius in the 9th.

  7. maureen, he has only very VERY briefly worked with women soldiers and REFUSED when asked to. Apparently they (some of them) lie in their bunks naked when you come to inspect them hoping to curry favor…

    He also thinks a man and a woman can’t be together in a foxhole because they will fuck and in short… he just doesn’t like to work with women at all and has managed most his life to have this be the scenario.

    I am thrilled of course. 😉

  8. My tendency, when younger, was to make decisions very quickly based upon very little information. Especially the big decisions! After years of finding myself in unhappy situations as a result, and upon marriage to a slow thinking Scorpio sun who looks deeply and strategically at things before making a move, I have largely changed that habit. For the most part, I think that change has served me well but occasionally it leaves me feeling like a plodder.

    I also think that problem nurturing can be sort of a pleasurable hobby for some, which is probably inconceivable to direct action types! 😉

  9. Same here Omie. I got a lot of flack from my family for taking risks, breaking rules, trying new things, etc. But I love to do it, and accept that criticism is the price I pay for this privilege.

    Making a definite decision and going with it is one of the most exhilarating feelings ever. It brings with it a feeling of sureness and security. You know what you want, you’ve got your map, and now you’re going to go get it 🙂

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