Venus Conjunct Jupiter In Gemini – June into July 2012

Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in Gemini over the next two weeks. Regardless of what you maybe dealing with, or have to juggle, most everyone is going to get a kiss in some area of life.

It might a big (Jupiter) idea (Gemini) that makes you money (Venus).  You may be cheered (Jupiter) by conversation (Gemini) with women (Venus) who may be foreign (Jupiter) to you. Someone may even be talking about you in a way that favorable. Positive gossip! How about that? Check the house in your chart where the conjunction falls (early-mid degrees of Gemini) for insight.

The conjunct falls in  my 5th house. Creative (5th) writing (Gemini) is going well and my husband (Venus) has been exceptionally clever (Gemini) which buoys (Jupiter). The boards here (social / Venus) are also expanding (Jupiter).

If you can identity this thing that is going well in your life, it should give you perspective as well as balance things you’re coping with that are more challenging.

Tell us about your Mercury-flavored kiss!

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  1. Just before coming back here, I had a discussion at FB with a co-worker (for now, he will be assigned to another project) on where he should get his new couch from. I made an ironic comment which somehow turned into my very passionate defense of Italian artisan manufacturing over what’s getting passed as quality here. It reminded me of how knowledgeable and passionate I’m of things related to design and quality.

    I’ve no idea how to turn this into money yet, but yes, I suppose this is significant, since Jupiter/Venus is hitting my natal Jupiter, as well as Ascendant (square) and Sun(trine). Depending on house system, 9th (which could be about education and publishing, right?) or 10th (career) house.

  2. When Venus goes direct, Jupiter will be on the 7th house side of my 8th house cusp, and Venus will be in the 8th house…

    However most of this transit will happen in my 8th house.

    I applied for food stamps, and have been accepted into the program, but my case worker needs to interview me, and confirm my loss of work, which I am worried about, as I didn’t lose my job, there just isn’t any work during the summer/fall. This year was pretty rough on me, so I have nothing saved up for the summer, and my normal summer job doesn’t have room to take me back… I’ve been worried that all of this would sound complicated to my case worker…. Hopefully it will all play out well this week. 🙂

    My boyfriend also lost his job back in April and has been looking for work since then, He has a second job interview before a committee at the church he’s applying for Audio engineer work. I really hope he gets it, because not only would we both be happy that at least one of us is working, but I know he would be happy just working there (Close to where we live) and doing Audio work.

    All of my friends have been helping us both out for the past 6 months as we’ve been dealing with the lact of work. I’ve never had my friends here for me like this before. Every friend uses their personal skills to help us out, like teaching me how to cook more cheaply, clean out my house, organised a yard sale, clean my computer of virus, getting several massages by a Massage Therapist!!!

    It feels really intimate because people usually do things for family. (This is Mars in Virgo in my 11th though, not Venus/Jupiter/Gemini… but still interesting how it all plays out)

    Other than that… I’m looking forward to Jupiter in Gemini in the 8th house (I’m a Sagg sun in 2nd house) I’ve wanted to write and illustrate children’s stories and fariytales for years but never did anything. Since Mars went into Virgo, I’ve been doing more research for *fun*. Last week I answered a ad for someone who wrote a children ‘s story, looking for a illustrator, asking for rates and *time range* to finish the project. I didn’t get the job, but in the process I learned a lot about myself and feel more energized and inspired to actually start and finish my own fairy-tale, so that I will have it in my portfolio.

    Back to Jupiter (my ruler) being in Gemini… I hope that means I actually write more, maybe finish this project within the year. Publish it online when it goes into 9th/Cancer, and then when it goes through 10/11th houses I can generate income from my reputation.

    Or maaaaaybe I’ll just win the lotto… (8th house ) ;P

  3. 10th house. It’d be nice if that kiss came in the form of a job opportunity!

    Then again, Venus and Jupiter’ll be squaring my natal Venus and opposing natal Mars. Yet another T-square activated.

    Maybe I’ll enter a writing contest. I’ve been meaning to for a while now.

  4. Hi y´all there! *waves*

    Looks like Venus and Jupiter will meet on or very close to my descendent. Haven´t checked that yet, since I´ve been so busy and feeling well due to Jupiter hovering around my dc already ;-). So I guess Venus may just be the little extra decorum on my “everybody´s darling” parade? We´ll see…

    *hugs* to all of you, and may your wishes be fulfilled!

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    Frog Princess

    I have natal venus in gemini in the 3rd house! So does this intensify the venus gemini transit themes?.. Im going through a relationship crisis, and also racking my brains to work out what to do to make some money and amuse/challenge myself.. No ideas yet though!

  6. I have this conjunction in Gemini in my natal chart at 12-14 degrees.
    What degrees are they conjuncting in now? Probably in between my Merc and Venus and opposite my Moon in Sag – 🙂
    It’s a blessing.
    This will fall in my 2nd house, sure enough the money is coming in during these weeks. Also hopefully my self-confidence will get a boost as I start my classes.

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    Peace Be With You

    Elsa, what do you mean by, “my husband has been exceptionally clever”? My natal Venus is in my 6th house but the transit Venus and Jupiter is in my 5th house like you. I just had an amazing experience performing in front of a live audience for the first time in my life. I just lived a dream I have always had. It feels so good!

  8. “Elsa, what do you mean by, “my husband has been exceptionally clever”?”

    His Venus is in Gem in aspect to this conjunction. His wit buoys me.
    We’re also getting (re)married under this aspect.

  9. I think I got mine yesterday. 🙂

    It’s something health and diet-related, and will it make it a lot easier to keep track of details and this department. Using it already.

  10. My ‘surrogate son’ was in Denver today to go to orientation for culinary school in the fall. The financial counselor visited with him and ended up handing him a $4000 grant! The Jupiter Venus transit is conjunct his Venus/Mercury in his 12th house! Unexpected(Uranus opp) large amount of money (Jupiter/Venus) from and institution (12th house)just for having a conversation (Gemini).

    The sun is conjuncting his ascendant too! I told him to go buy a lottery ticket!

  11. I have Jupiter and Venus conjunct my Natal Jupiter in the 11th house.

    It’s pretty cool. Both the lesser and greater benefics!

    Some cool things came about because I had an idea to write a post in another city’s online classifieds. Cool things related to Venus and Jupiter!

  12. This aspects my mars in Gemini in the tenth.. Still unsure where my kiss is but perhaps mine is simply a literal kiss , which ain’t bad either 😀

  13. Hi Elsa,

    VEnus conjuncts Jupiter in my 5th house, trine mars in libra in the 8th, and sextile my moon in the 7th. could that mean a beginning of a new relationship with a Gemini?


  14. oh, just found out that his sun is in gemini 6′ nearly exact conjunction with transiting Jupiter and venuss… oh my God! 🙂

  15. This falls in my 7th but so far all I’ve gotten is a big kick in the ass! Well maybe things will change. Gemini is mutable after all.

  16. What does it mean if you have Gemini 8th house
    @ 12 degrees conjunct Saturn, in all of this???
    I’m always afraid of Saturn!! I’ve learned enough
    life lessons!!!

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