I Hate Gemini Season

gemini twins scarfHi, Elsa

I’m an Air sign (Libra) who dreads the onset of Gemini season. Why is this, since air signs are technically compatible? Every year, like clockwork, the end of May / beginning of June finds me physically exhausted, racing to stay afloat, and hating the heat. I feel shorter on time, money, energy, and patience. I can’t stand the to’ing and fro’ing with all of the errands that seem more onerous than usual. And the constant chattiness and “communication” wear me out. Friends tell me not to speak as if I expect this to come about, yet it happens every.single.year. Only I always, always am! I feel like I hold my breath until the sun goes into Cancer. Is there any hope for a better Gemini season?

Venus-ruled in the United States

Hi Venus-ruled.  The only way to diagnose something like this is to see how the dreaded thing, aspects your chart.  In this case, the problem is obvious.

You mentioned, you are a Libra but you have your moon and Mars in Sagittarius, opposing Gemini. You also have three planets in Virgo and Chiron in Pisces, which all clash with Gemini. I’m not surprised you’re overstimulated and even overwrought when faster moving planets transit Gemini. Also, FYI, the Gemini planets land in your third house. Super busy.

That said, it does not make sense you suffer every year.  This makes me think of APRIL.  My husband and I moved across the country. The first time, April, rolled around I thought I’d faint. It’s tax time, but also, I registered all our cars and bought house and car insurance… everything due in APRIL.  It freaked me out the first year, bothered me the second year, but then I was in the same situation you are. I know April is coming and what that means?  It’s not bothered me since.

So in your case, rather than dread and suffer, take this into your own hand.  Block these weeks out on your calendar – don’t make extra or excessive plans, and just deal with the chaos.  Bottom line, knowledge is power, but you have to act on what you know!

Good luck!

2 thoughts on “I Hate Gemini Season”

  1. Gemini transits make me so overstimulated. I can’t focus. It’s like my mind goes into multitasking mode, and that drives me nuts. I like to feel grounded.

  2. Good advice to own your knowledge of this recurring annual overwhelm, instead of trying to escape it or trying to convince others how stressful it is. I relate to this person who says he/she hates Gemini season, and I also have Mars (and the nodes) in Sagittarius, in the sixth house.

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