Venus In Scorpio; Venus Conjunct Pluto – Attraction To Taboo

Luncheon on the grass“You know if you pursue this, it will end badly. You can avoid it if you like. If you don’t avoid it; that’s a choice. You’ll have no reason to complain when dominoes fall in a way you don’t like.”

I wrote that for a client with Venus conjunct Pluto.  She was considering embarking on a relationship that would be considered taboo by most anyone’s standards, including her own.

I wouldn’t assume she’ll resist the pull. I’ve got a lot of planets in the 8th house and I know what it’s like to stand next to a vortex.

Have you ever faced a choice like this? What did you do?

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  1. Well, considering I was a delinquent youth 🙂 you know, Uranus was transiting my 1st during my teens, I surprisingly was always in love with “proper boys”; never liked punks much…
    For my peer-group, I presume it was a bit of a taboo 🙂 I have Sagittarian Venus conjunct Neptune, both in 12th.

  2. Would Scorpio Venus count too? Based on my own experience, I’d say yes. Add Uranus to the mix, and there’s a lot of potential for attraction towards someone I really shouldn’t even consider.

    Also, the way this works in Synastry and Composite is powerful too. One of the things I’m proudest about in my life is having said no to someone with whom I have a Venus /Pluto double whammy in synastry, conjunction and trine. Very close ones too. There was no way that would have worked out. No for us, not for the other people involved. I think THAT was ultimately the saving grace. I have Libra, he has Aquarius, and this would have wrecked relationships and friendships too.

        1. I have that too. Pluto in Libra in a T square with Venus and Mars. I have not had a relationship with a normal man yet. I guess I pick the taboo. Im 44 now never married. I thought I was learning my lesson as I got older but now Im with a Venus in Scorpio conjunct Uranus in his 12th. Crazy is being thrown at us from every direction, duck and weave, its every man for themselves lol Maybe I enjoy the crazy after this long, idk maybe Id be bored without it.

    1. Hello Candela,

      Your statement about venus pluto double whammy sparked my interest. I’m currently going thru a very painful saturn return & one of my life’s aspects up for review is this relationship in which I had given up control to him in some ways, we realize now we have a pluto venus double whammy. I cannot understand if going thru the venus pluto double whammy is the ultimate quest I’m on, or if I should actively try to avoid it since it has been challenging (yet deep) & now I have an option to connect with another person with whom I feel a light joyful easy connection. Is easy necessarily boring or unrewarding…or easier is better if I’m thinking of marriage? These are questions I’ve been struggling with for over a year..

  3. Does this also correspond with a transit of Pluto to Venus? How close does a conjunction get before anything manifests?

    What about death? i’ve heard astrologers say that that transit can also mean a death, but i’ve always seen it played out in powerful, obsessive passion or love. Can it also mean money?

  4. Oh yes, yes I have…usually I jump in head first. But just this week I made a decision to walk away from something. I’ve only managed to do that once before. Usually the sh*t has to hit the fan before I let go.

    I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever be interested in a relationship that isn’t taboo.

  5. I’m scared now….Venus is conjunct Pluto in my 1st house for my solar return chart this year 🙁 Does this mean I’ll attract plutonian types? OR I’LL come off as intense this year? should I just start dressing down and avoiding dark alleys? haha

  6. In ST’s case, I see his Venus square Pluto as playing more of a role in his interest in things like horror movies and shows that explore sex (Masters of Sex, Gigolos, etc.) He lovvvves zombie flicks. Some of his fantasies–well okay, all of them–are pretty taboo by most people’s standards. He’s freaked his family out and lost a serious relationship by revealing them. Thankfully I have Uranus in the 11th (hopes and dreams) so I have some pretty weird interests myself! As long as he waves his freak flag with those of us who aren’t scared off by his kinky side, he’s okay.

    He has Venus in Cancer, 5th house.
    Square Pluto in Libra, 8th house.

  7. I seek out taboo. I always have. Double Scorpio, Venus square Pluto in Libra, south node in the 8th. I’ve tried normal, decent, conventional and it viscerally feels like I’m denying part of my soul. Taboo does not necessarily have to equal pain and chaos. If it sits in a place of respect, you maintain healthy boundaries, and take care of yourself, taboo can be just as lovely and perfect as conventional.

    1. sounds like it. great description, Susan. it is a feeling of denying a part of your soul. but it can be healthy,conventional &decent.

      1. Denying your soul. Perfect.
        Thats just what it feels like.
        When I allow it I feel centered and powerful.
        Its a gift and a curse.
        Perhaps it helps us to be more selective. The gift is absolute freedom. Think about it. No boundaries.if you are emotionally healthy you are the perfect lover.
        Thats how I look at it anyway.

  8. I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking and, no, I don’t think I’ve ever refused a taboo opportunity. At least the first time. *grins* The second, third, fourth…? Eh. Whatevs. At that point, it’s been experienced and exorcised so the compulsion is gone. There are some unwise taboo things I want that haven’t been offered. Which is probably good because I probably wouldn’t turn those down, either.

    I was going to say this was all conditional to my interest level, but that’s a big, fat lie. I have Libra. I have Venus conjunct Pluto in Libra. *snorts* I’ve participated in taboo things that held absolutely no interest to me whatsoever, but did it anyway because a friend or partner wanted it.

    It’s ended badly for me before. Not always, but it has happened and I’m sure it will happen again. I don’t recall complaining about that, though. The experience itself is reward enough for me. *smiles*

  9. It just occurred to me that this post could probably apply to the entire Pluto in Libra generation. (Correct me if I’m wrong.) How many of us have tried out relationships with someone old enough to be our parent, or robbed the cradle, or dated several people at once?
    I think back in the 1970’s, when Pluto (and Uranus for a while) was in Libra, there was the whole concept of “swingers”. Key parties, wife swapping and all that.
    Am I off here?

    1. Born in 1969. I have read that Neptune in Scorpio generation (1957-1970) has “loose morals”. Experimentation. Look at how far the free Love 60’s and 80’s Rocky Horror carried us. The saying was “Go Bi, then your never with out a date.” All that taboo caught up to me and my three kids by three different dads. It’s my 21st century post nuclear family. It certainly didn’t help that my south node and 5 other planets are on Virgo/Libra cusp. Add a humanitarian Aquarius freedom loving Moon how could I Not Love everyone. =}

    2. My comment is perhaps 6 years too late but I thought I’d add it, in case you still follow the thread.

      I am not only of the Pluto in Libra generation, Pluto in Libra is my chart ruler. I have progressed Venus conjuncting less than 2 degrees away.

      Unrelated to this, but related to the overall picture, I will have Tr Saturn square Tr Uranus on my IC and DC early next year; Tr Jupiter will be close to Tr Saturn but in my 4th. Soon after I will have my Uranus opposition in my 7th vs 1st.

      I expect this to be a very eventful time. I have never dated anyone 10 years older than me or robbed a cradle. With Uranus on the AC, I’m usually the weird one in relationships. I like intensity and intelligence and it’s a combo that’s hard to come by.

  10. I have venus trine pluto natally…I’ve made some questionable pairings but nothing that was ever tooo taboo. maybe just a little. there could have been really serious disasters, but they were never all that bad…I hope to think I am more mature now and can control myself , but I also have venus neptune issues.

    1. Aha, I have the same thing, and pretty much the same experience. So far it has turned out pretty well, but it took a lot of will power….

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      Hildegarde's Girl

      I have this too. Scorpio Venus trine Virgo Pluto.and venus neptune conjunct. I never liked “normal”
      My sister used to joke and say ,oh no…SHE wouldnt be interested in him. He hasnt suffered enough in his life” lol

  11. I have Venus conjunct Pluto in Scorpio. I can’t keep away from my enemies or people who don’t like me sometimes. I’m just drawn in. I want to turn everyone into my allies. To feel connected to everyone. Even more so the people that push me away. They look so shiny to me.

  12. ahhhhh have been watin for something on pluto in libra. It’s the generation that really confused me when I ran into them in the workplace. I would say that generation are major players in bringin the underbelly into the light. Where I was anyway, I found my young coworkers delighting in the corruption and doing what was necessary to facilitate it. My take only. It was the normal mode of operation. Or maybe it was the way they understood ‘gettin ahead’. Like I said, just my experience where I was at the time. A whole new can of worms for keep it simple virgo. My pluto is at the very end of leo, so pluto in virgo probably was something I was accustomed to working with and why pluto in libra showing up on the scene was a major change for me. It’s just the way it is, I guess. And now we got the gun slingin pluto in scorps out there in the work force which has really got some older folks a scratchin their heads.

    1. I’m totally impressed by the Pluto in Libra generation. These past few years, I’ve spent the majority of my time in relationships with people who have Pluto in Libra. ‘gettin ahead’ Yeah, definitely – in a tireless, aggressive and fair way. I am both inspired and tired out by these relationships because they triggered so much within. They amaze me and they have been my teachers. I’m from the Pluto in Scorpio generation and… I think we need each other. Together, we transform.

      1. What would you say is the main difference between our two generations? I am a girl with Pluto in Libra and I somehow often end up with guys 4-5 years younger who have Pluto in Scorpio. It is always very intense, but it never works out and I can’t really tell why.

        1. Hmm, that’s a really good question… and simplifying is a challenge! The best word I can think of to describe the Libra/Pluto people in my life is pragmatic. As for Scorpio/Pluto… can you think of any similarities between the guys you’ve dated? These relationships (friends/husband) have not been easy. They have been triggers in my life helping me to transform, to move about the world differently… the transformations interestingly enough have been very socially (Libra) oriented. I think we help each other transform and grow. Did your relationships trigger a transformation in you? Maybe the relationships didn’t work out in the long run… but maybe your perspective shifted? I have more questions than answers. : )

          1. Hmm..when you put it that way, yes I changed a lot as a result of those relationships and the transformation has been very painful, deep and emotional. But I would have never attributed it to Pluto, I always pay much more attention to personal planets. Is it really possible that a generational planet has such an impact on personal level? Then it means I would have changed this way with anyone who has Pluto in Scorpio. I am not so sure about that 🙂

            1. well I have heard Pluto rules transformation and the saying u better change or be Pluto will force u too. Im Pluto Libra gen also

  13. Yeah I get the taboo stuff. Venus Sq Pluto natally from what i recall, and my S/O has his Pluto conjunct mine. He’s muslim so theres the first taboo, became involved while he was in a LT relationship, 2nd taboo. Not “out of the closet” yet, 3rd taboo. Part of the macho tough guy set of guys (yet quite sweet when alone lol), 4th taboo. Grew up in the same area, know same people, 5th taboo. Pursued taboo person (and was pursued in turn) and has kept the relationship alive for over 3 years, despite all odds, 6th taboo. FYI pursuing a taboo knowing its a taboo is a taboo all on its own lol.

  14. Gosh, what can I say? If your cursed with Pluto conjunct Venus conjunct Uranus in Virgo (Yes, THAT generation..) and all that sextile Neptune in Scorpio which squares my Mars in Leo in the 8th house… well, all I can say is lucky for me I have a Pisces moon not in opposition to those Virgo planets. I’m able to dream or fantasize away my taboo attractions and fantasies, but for how long?? Untill I find some other interest!… thanks!

  15. It is such a scary and amazingly powerful pull, that conjunction. I think that I will try to resist it the next time it happens, but I hardly regreted it the last time. Plutonian myself, I loved it, inside out. It changed me – a lot, but I think it is the only kind of love I then tought of as – real – or – true- even. Silly and in want of transformation, I may do it eventualy again. Scorpios need it I guess, at least once in a life time.

  16. I go for it every time and I love it, as along as I don’t get too involved. The trick is not to get involved more than you can afford emotionally. Astrology really helps because you can watch the timing. For me it works like this – I feel tremendous pull to a taboo relationship when the aspect starts to form, lets say 7-10 days before it is exact. So, I go for it. I spend several intense days with the taboo and I am fascinated at my own responses to it. Then the next step is that something always happens which threatens to transform the relationship into a power play game, but in a bad way. For example, the partner pulls away, or starts manipulating/controlling/withholding… This starts happening right after Venus separates from Pluto. When this starts, I pick a fight or make a scene, discharge all excess energy and set my boundaries and stick to them. I cut the contact completely. It is just important not stay in it after the first plutonian game. Cut it right away. You can have it again with the next conjunction (it can be with a different person, but it will still be just the kinky stuff you need at that moment) and it will be worth it, but it is not worth the suffering which CAN last for a year (or more) between two conjunctions.

  17. ok, so it’s me with those dominoes just sitting there. I don’t want to justify this…after my third(!!!!) marriage ended I mentally went into a very (dark,depressed place-no soul) I remember being OK thinking that I no longer had a libido. This (very) taboo person for whatever reason re-triggered an almost will-to-live syndrome in me. And that happened nearly 2 1/2 years ago….I have stood on the edge of this vortex for a while

  18. Interestingly, I read an article on the netsite a major newspaper this day – real pity they don’t have the article in their English edition- who stated that, “It’s easier to be faithful once you’ve experienced forbidden passion.” He also says some people can only be genuinly faithful in their mature years.

    Apparently, he has personal experience on this left his then wife for another woman in his 50’s. He also states the most painful part of it was what it did to “bystanders”, especially his children.

    Made me wonder what the astrology is here, because a lot of what was referred made perfect sense to me. This could be one of those anniversary interviews they run, because it’s stated he is 70-years-old. In any case, he is of Pluto in Leo generation, and in case he was born early 1944 possibly has a Sadge Venus trining that Pluto…

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    I have tr. Pluto in 4th sq my nat. Sun in libra. Further, I have moon/Jup in 7th/8th cusp with tr. Uranus in Aries in the mix. I have the underworld type people keeping abreast of my every move… Kinda like boxing me in where I live… I am an artist on the brink of fame and fortune. They want to set me up with one of their hookers… Like a shotgun wedding or suddenly forced relationship. Yippie or yikes!?

  20. I have pluto in libranin the 7th with a sextile to venus in leo… I had to learn to ignore this pattern in my life. You attract people, but it is not good when it gets too much, and triangles appear once and again… it burns you out…and you do not even understandcwhat is the deal with you.

  21. OMG YES! I should go back and look at the transits. I don’t have Pluto conj. Venus. They sextile. I pursued a relationship that was TOTALLY against my normal morals and common sense. It’s exactly like I got sucked into the vortex. And his moon was exactly conj. my Vertex was conj. his Moon in the 8th and his Saturn/Vertex conj. my ASC. At first it was so much FUN!!! Then as time went on it unraveled, slowly until the remainder of it was a pile of crap. I ditched my marriage and just went for it. Live and learn.

  22. I have sun trine neptune in scorpio and jupiter in scorpio in the 6th house (squaring a stellium of leo planets). I also have pluto transiting the 8th house.
    I experience pluto scenarios all day long; people are interesting to say the least. I’m amazed at how far people will go to follow an urge, an attraction.
    I have free will, and align myself with the Phoenix aspect of scorpio.

  23. Such a timely post. Elsa, you are right in tune.

    Just yesterday I was talking on the phone with a man I met online and all was going well. This morning I suddenly had this gut feeling of “Been there. Done that. No need to do it again.” I will heed the warning. 🙂

  24. I have Venus in Capricorn 29 degrees and my Pluto in 28 degrees Virgo conjunct my BF Venus in the same degree. The synastry Pluto conjunct Venus seems to manifest in my relationship as creating a strong physical magnetic pull but it has nothing taboo about it. He’s someone I wouldn’t have gotten together with if I’d known he was a smoker when we met but he hid that and when I found out 3 months later I was too attached to him for it to matter to me that much and he has wanted to quit and is smoking a lot less at least.

    The problem I find with the Venus conjunct Pluto aspect between us is that I feel so obsessed with him that it annoys me sometimes. It’s like when I look at other men’s faces they become his face and I imagine for a second that it’s him but it’s spooky like he’s haunting me wherever I go, always in my thoughts and I feel sometimes like I’m compulsively wasting time and energy constantly thinking about him and I become at times rebellious and feel like I have to show him that he’s not controlling my thoughts or actions but sometimes it seems like he thinks it’s a game and he does the same thing, except I think for him it’s not emotional as much as sexual and for me it’s both.

    He’s from the Venus conjunct Pluto and Uranus in Virgo generation and his Venus is in opposition with his Saturn and he does have issues with his mother and father, and their family is very emotionally distant with one another and arguments between them are normal. His parents divorced when he finished college and his father was an alchoholic who went from being a big robust man to being a shriveled skeletal ghoul.

    My BF seems possibly incapable of much emotional intimacy, and is kind of childish yet he looks so masculine and rugged and is able to be such a survivalist that I admire and empathize with him instead of feeling repelled. So I feel somewhat stuck in the attraction even though emotionally he is unable to be open and connect with me enough to feel like he values the relationship or to feel like it’s going somewhere. He knows he lacks empathy for people and his classmates have told him they recognize that he’s not an empathetic person which is why he doesn’t understand what people feel or why they’re offended when they are, but at the same time my dad told me that’s the quality that makes him a strong leader and he’d make a great manager. So then I switch over to admiration of his strength instead of detaching and looking for a more empathetic man as a partner.

    Physical intimacy with him makes me feel like I’ve found the safest coziest place in the world and the way he smells for some reason reminds me of sweet amber resin, and when he hugs me I feel like that’s what it must have felt like when I was in my mother’s womb except he’s a man, but it’s like nothing in the world can hurt me and I can disappear into the protective embrace like I’m under the downy feathers of a mother bird and I won’t fall out of the nest and I know she’ll teach me to fly and we’ll be free and fly like the birds we are… Seems silly when I read it and it’s hard to explain the feeling. I’ve never felt that with another man, yet it may not be healthy for me since I don’t think he feels I’m as special to him as he is to me, and I feel like his behavior sometimes implies that I’m an after-thought to him, or that he takes me for granted and I feel disrespected so if that puts out the fire in the attraction then I know if we go our separate ways I’ll feel like a part of me has been amputated even if he goes on carelessly and it’s illogical and irrational but that’s love.

    1. Hi Pi_Seas,

      That is an interesting story about the affair you are having with this man, I would also look at the position of Mars in both your natal charts too, both sign, aspects and house placement between both your charts. That would be fascinating to see!
      The Pluto conjunct Uranus sextile Neptune generation was strongest between late 1964 and early 1967. If an individual has personal planets strongly aspect by this config eg. conjunctions. The ongoing development of that particular psychology, characteristic or aspect of personality represented by a planet, say for example in this case – Venus, will have a cataclysmic acceleration of growth that would be deemed outside the “normal” framework of traditional personality analysis.
      In modern astrology thinking, this hasn’t been seen before as these outer trans-saturnian planets (Pluto & Uranus) only conjunct approximately every 120 years. Added to this generation is the sextile from Neptune in Scorpio too. Also, if you consider Chiron in Pisces at the time was in opposition to this Virgo conjunction of outer planets, well.. you can see the complexity and overlay of energies here!

  25. I just can’t keep away from taboos,mainly in relationship pluto is INconjunct venus,sex.moon,opp.mercury,conj.jupiter.I normally dig things down to their bone in a way that only recently I’ve found out to be get beyond people’s secrets is something I need to feel safe about “reality”(I’m also very neptunian and earthless)
    my most important relationship was with a man with sun-aries in 8th and moon-pluto-uranus in 1st, with both our 8th houses strongly activated reciprocally.pure possession, psychic invasion, manipulation,obsession and a sex pull like a magnet.after 3 years I still feel him in my bones.In that case, I went for the taboo, at least it was a (sexual) taboo to me, I got hurt but I also lived something I’ll never regret,that helped me change forever where I needed to.
    in groups, I’m usually the one who stirs up forbidden topics or throws in upsetting comments, I used to realize it afterwards, now I’m containing it.Looks like I never learnt a proper sense of social taboos, I need to make an effort each time.
    After many wounds, I’m developing a sense of red alert when facing limits, my key is if I’m going to meet a necessary pain together with a payoff.
    I don’t gamble with law taboos myself(I’m a lawyer) but I’m always fascinated by the human mind at work behind crimes and perfect law-breakings.

    1. Ridiculous choices are just that. Bringing the heavy 8th house? that’s a bit different. From your quote of your reading…yup, giddyup….that’s sadge. Just do it cuz it feels good and let the chips fall where they may. I guess I feel the 8th house is more profound, more thinking. Lusty, yes. But not rowdy and half ass like my sadge.

  26. Venus in Scorpio conjunct Pluto/5th house. Insurmountable attraction leads to obsessive infatuation that eventually sucks me in and takes over my entire world. My relationships have always been taboo, they have always been forbidden and sometimes never fully conceived.

  27. I’m scorpio sun,& scorpio rising, with both pluto and venus in my 1st house scorpio. my pluto conjunct my venus. and both conjunct my ascendant.

  28. i have venus conjuct pluto in scorpio 12th house. and have venus square saturn aspect too.
    i am biseksual. and all my relatonship ended with tragic lol.
    but the last one. i cut my ex quickly so it will be less drama.
    my relationship is very important to me to change me as a better person.
    it feel like death. i need time to move on, more than other people as usual.
    i always attract younger women or old man. its weird.
    sometimes.. it will be happen very quick. and end badly

  29. Oh God, if the union doesn’t have that Venus/Pluto taboo spice, then I wouldn’t even be attracted to that person at all. I have to have the Venus/Pluto signature or no chemistry. Oh look, a wealthy, handsome guy with a great personality and a stable life …….NOT INTERESTED. Hey look, a guy standing in a corner all by himself with an intense gaze …oh wait, doesn’t he already have a girlfriend? I think I’ve seen him before somewhere, hmmmmmmmm *moth to flame*

  30. I have Venus-Pluto tight together in 7th house, followed by a loaded Libra (core personal planets) in 8th house, and then Jupiter and Neptune in Scorpio.

    Attraction to, and participation in, taboo? Absolutely. Lifelong. Anything else was/is boring.

    Except, with the years, that whole thing has taken its toll. So I’ve been living in limbo for the past many years (while also undergoing a massive Pluto transit).

    Not sure what lies ahead. Ready to activate other energies I think. The taboo-bent part of me will never disappear, I’m sure, but I hope I can live it in a transformed manner, with better results. (The upcoming Saturn in Capricorn transit should help.)

  31. Looking at the comments on here it struck me that maybe many of these aren’t taboos – but just ‘life’ as most of the people I know and myself have encountered a number of these ‘taboos’ throughout our lives but we never thought of them as taboo. For me, taboo means something considered very outside the realms of social norms like having a sexual relationship with your brother or being a paedo or having sex with animals. I’m not sure marrying Muslims, coming out of the closet or having a relationship with a married person is taboo as it’s so common! Right or wrong, I think it’s just life…

    1. I think here taboo is “frowned upon by society/peers/your environment”, not necessarily frowned by you. It complicates things.
      That said, I’ve got Venus conj. Uranus (both Scorpio) natally and yes… I know I like “unconventional” and can be quite open-minded about men I get into. As long as I stay true to my own personal code… I’m good. And I’ll deal with consequences etc.

  32. Yes, I went for it too and got burned, I don’t regret it, I learned so much in life lessons and I have now found equilibrium. Yes, I have pluto trine mercury as well as planets in 8 house. I had to go for it, but I can safely say – once is enough.

  33. BLAHHHHHHHHH… I have venus in scorpio conjunct Uranus 1st house with pluto in Libra (12th).
    One of my many taboo’s is a man that I still love for a reason unknown to me. I hold this tiny flame for him even when I am committed to someone else. 🙁
    He still tells me he loves me, but his words are nothing but words.

  34. I have Venus in Scorpio natally and my love life has been the stuff of novel’s. Ultimately, exactly as Elsa stated, it does not end well leading me to choose to stay single and pursue tranqility over romance for many years now.

  35. The case of if I didn’t know better but damn it I do!

    Have been in this situation a few times and decided differently each event depending on my emotional state and I guess what I had to learn. For me it comes down to what kinda of devastation do I want to deal with. Do I avoid/resist and ultimately be better off, though it maybe initially painful but knowing I’ll be healing quicker or do I just completely give in letting the chips fall, knowing full well the outcome of not resisting is going to bury me deeper.

    Venus conj Pluto in the 8th.

  36. Well I must be some kind of shy, sheltered prude. Lots of things I wanted to do but never ventured. All of it just remained in my curious mind and never got out but never went away, either. If only I’d known about swinger’s clubs, etc, ha ha.

  37. Pluto opposing Venus-couldn’t walk away from the whirling vortex and got burned multiple times in multiple ways.Didn’t really feel I had a choice in the matter, although intellectually I did have a choice. But it didnt SEEM I did at the time.

  38. I am seriously fascinated by this Venus – Pluto Conjunction. I’ve been looking this up since dating a new girl… but I can’t find the taboo aspect about it in us. Both of our venus’s are in the 5th. Both of our venus’s are in scorpio. Both of us are libras, and both of us have cancer ascendants too! My moon is Sag, hers is Libra. And we get along so sweetly! And our Venus – Pluto Conjunction is 0° Exact. I’m so puzzled by everybodys experiences. I’ve had Venus + Venus + Plutos trines and sextiles in the past, and boy oh boy, were they chaos. Never going there again.

  39. I’m in the process of trying to walk away from a Venus (myself) Pluto (him) situation. He made promises he couldn’t keep (Venus and mercury in Libra) which broke my heart more than once(moon in Sag is too trusting, I tell you), and ran off to flirt and chase other women. Right in front of me! Yet the man has a nerve to assume control and to think everything he said was in jest, knowing full well these things threw dirt on our personal relationship. Everyone says that I need to leave, but he just keeps coming back, and I can’t help but feel sorry for him…

  40. If only I was gonna get hurt, I used to go with it. Going through life, carrying the untested vortex along is much harder for some.
    It is the need of trying to work out something about yourself, prove/disprove something, curiosity and not wanting to miss out on something intense and illuminating (about you, the other person, life) that makes most people go with it.
    Which is why, I guess, with age and experience you learn to avoid such experiences that aren’t worth it 🙂

  41. What about when a man has his Moon in Scorpio, and your Pluto is in Scorpio, conjunct his moon, and THEN the transiting Venus shifts over (conjuncts) your Pluto and his Moon, all in Scorpio? What does that spell?

    Would the man with his Moon in Scorpio be the one attracted to the women in Pluto?

    Or, would it be the woman with Pluto scorpio be attracted and magnetized to the Moon in Scorpio?

    Basically my question is, if there is a Moon-Pluto conjunction in synastry between a man and a woman, with the man being the moon and the woman being Pluto…and then Venus just traipses across this situation…what is the result? Will the man be the pulling magnetically pulling the woman or the woman be the one magnetically pulling the man?

  42. A MAJOR ghost from the past appeared back today in my life during this Venus retrogradation. Spot on.
    I even noticed a geopolitical correlation, given that 4 years ago, when I came back to this person, Ukraine riots were starting, same day.
    And now the person is doing what I did 4 years ago, and we have the Crimea – Ukraine shooting.
    I don’ t really trust the maturity of this person, and he’s pushing for attention from me now.
    This was really sudden. We lost contact for a year and a half before today.

  43. Wow reading all this makes me feel boring ,but I must confess
    I am; I am content when with someone, I am currently obsessed with
    Someone who seems strong quiet hardworking , I fantasize a bit
    About what next but here the winds are crazy strong I am thinking
    I should cut wood is winter close? Kinda lonely at times but safe
    Feel with winter coming my biggest relationship is me in nature

  44. I have Cancer Venus and I thought I’d just settle down and live out my domestic housewife bliss with ten children but noooooo, my Venus squares Pluto with Pluto being on the first house. So I’m a magnet for taboo. I, myself, WONT feel an attraction for anyone unless there’s TABOO involved. So whoever I can’t seem to be with due to religion, relationship status, job rules, age gap, etc…I end up being with those people and get terribly burned at the end from rejection/betrayal. LOL someday I believe I will have a normal relationship. Someday….

  45. I have Venus conjunct Pluto, in Virgo, in 7H.

    I used to be attracted to taboo. When I was younger. Not anymore.

    I’m not even sure what I would consider taboo at this point.

  46. I said this shit to a woman going through a Venus Pluto transit..she got together with this guy during her Moon Pluto transit and they broke up doing this Venus Pluto transit.. I’m like.. look, if the Pluto transit wants it over it’s not meant to be.. there’s some not super great Chiron synastry.. but she wasn’t listening to me and was like “should I get back with him though??” I told her, a woman with 6 or so planets in Capricorn, that he’s not a longterm bet and it’s not for life.. also she will need to focus on her own worth and building herself up as a woman and redefining her idea of success (stellium in Capricorn in the 1st 🙁 ) but she was like a dumbass cheerleader..I don’t have much finesse I guess

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